Does White Claw still make 70 calorie?

White Claw Hard Seltzer is an alcoholic seltzer water beverage owned by the company Mark Anthony Brands. It contains 5% alcohol by volume and was introduced in 2016. White Claw quickly became one of the most popular hard seltzers on the market and a leading brand in the alcoholic seltzer category.

When White Claw was first released, one of its lower calorie options was the White Claw 70. This had only 70 calories per 12 oz can. For health-conscious consumers watching their calorie intake, the 70 calorie White Claw became a popular choice. This leads to the key question we will explore in this article:

Does White Claw still make a 70 calorie hard seltzer option today in 2023?

Brief History of White Claw

To understand if the 70 calorie variety still exists, it’s helpful to first cover a brief history of White Claw and their product lineup:

– 2016 – White Claw is launched by Mark Anthony Brands. The first flavors are Black Cherry and Lime.

– 2017 – Additional flavors like Raspberry, Mango, and Pure are introduced. The 70 calorie option launches.

– 2018 – White Claw becomes the top-selling hard seltzer brand in the U.S. Their 70 calorie option grows in popularity.

– 2019 – Massive growth year for White Claw. They gain nationwide distribution and their sales triple. The slim can White Claw 70 does very well.

– 2020 – White Claw introduces flavor variety packs. They discontinue the 70 calorie slim can due to capacity constraints.

– 2021 – Peak year with over $2.5 billion in sales. White Claw introduces higher alcohol “Surge” line.

– 2022 – Sales decline but White Claw remains the #1 hard seltzer. No sign of the 70 calorie variety returning.

So in summary, White Claw did introduce a popular 70 calorie seltzer in 2017, which sold very well for a few years. However, it was discontinued in 2020 during a period of accelerated growth and has not made a return since.

Nutrition Facts of Current White Claw Flavors

Now that we understand the history of the White Claw 70 calorie variety, let’s examine the nutrition facts for their current products on the market in 2023:

Flavor Calories Carbs (g) Sugar (g)
Black Cherry 100 2 0
Mango 100 2 0
Lime 100 2 0
Watermelon 100 2 0
Tangerine 100 2 0

As we can see, the current White Claw products are all 100 calories per 12 oz serving. There is no 70 calorie option listed. This applies to all their current single flavor and variety pack options.

Comparison to Original White Claw 70

For reference, here were the nutrition facts for the discontinued 70 calorie White Claw:

– Calories: 70 per 12 oz can
– Carbs: 2g
– Sugar: 0g

So compared to the current 100 calorie flavors, the old 70 calorie White Claw did have 30 fewer calories and the same 2g of carbs. For calorie counters, those 30 “saved” calories per can added up. But that option is not available today.

Why Was White Claw 70 Discontinued?

Based on the history summarized earlier, White Claw 70 was discontinued in 2020 during a massive growth period for the brand.

Specific reasons why White Claw likely discontinued the 70 calorie variety include:

– **Capacity constraints** – As demand skyrocketed, the company focused on their core flavors in 12 oz cans. The specialty slim cans for the 70 calorie line were likely discontinued to maximize production of their highest sellers.

– **Streamlining product line** – Rather than having different can formats, White Claw streamlined around 12 oz cans for all flavors. This improved efficiency.

– **Developed variety packs** – White Claw pivoted to pushing variety packs, which didn’t leave room for specialty 70 calorie cans. Their recent Surge pack is an example.

– **Sales still strong without it** – Even with no 70 calorie option, White Claw maintained its position as the top hard seltzer, indicating there wasn’t a strong need to reintroduce it.

So in summary, a combination of maximizing production, boosting efficiency, growing variety packs, and already strong sales enabled White Claw to discontinue its 70 calorie offering as the brand rapidly expanded. The company likely saw an opportunity to simplify operations during a period of huge demand growth.

Could White Claw 70 Make a Comeback?

While unlikely in the near term, there are reasons why White Claw could consider re-introducing a 70 calorie product in the future:

– As the hard seltzer category matures, there may be a need for more differentiation through specialty offerings like a lower calorie line. This could help White Claw appeal to health-conscious drinkers looking to cut back on calories or watch their weight.

– If capacity and production challenges are no longer an issue, White Claw may look to diversify their lineup again. A 70 calorie variety could fill a positioning need.

– Consumer demand for lower calorie and lower carb alcoholic beverages continues to grow. A 70 calorie White Claw would align well with these diet trends.

– As competition increases, a 70 calorie line could help White Claw stand out against the growing number of hard seltzer brands.

That said, White Claw still dominates the hard seltzer category without a low cal offering. The brand may see no compelling reason to complicate operations or deviate from their successful 100 calorie products. But the possibility remains that a 70 calorie White Claw could return at some point to capture health-conscious consumers and broaden their portfolio.

Current Low Calorie Hard Seltzer Options

While White Claw no longer offers a 70 calorie product, consumers still have plenty of low calorie hard seltzer options:

Bon & Viv Spiked Seltzer

– Flavors: Grapefruit, Lime, Pear Elderflower, Cranberry, Pineapple, Clementine Hibiscus

– Calories: 90 per 12 oz can

Truly Hard Seltzer

– Flavors: Lime, Wild Berry, Citrus, Tropical Punch, Rosé

– Calories: 100 per 12 oz can

Natty Light Seltzer

– Flavors: Catalina Lime Mixer, House Rules, Aloha Beaches, Zesty Tangerine

– Calories: 100 per 12 oz can

Michelob ULTRA Organic Seltzer

– Flavors: Cucumber Lime, Peach Pear, Grapefruit Pomelo

– Calories: 80 per 12 oz serving

Other Strategies to Reduce Calories

In addition to choosing low calorie seltzer options, some other tips to reduce calories when drinking hard seltzers include:

– Opt for seltzers with under 100 calories per can

– Alternate seltzers with water to pace consumption

– Avoid variety packs with higher calorie flavors

– Pay attention to serving size – some cans are 16 oz

– Skip added juices, sugars, syrups, or fruit purees which boost calories

– Be mindful of mixers when adding to cocktails or mocktails

So in summary, there are still ways to enjoy hard seltzers while limiting calorie intake, even without the 70 calorie White Claw as an option.

The Bottom Line

To answer the original question, no, White Claw does not currently offer a 70 calorie hard seltzer variety in 2023. They discontinued their lower calorie slim can line in 2020 during a period of massive demand growth for the brand.

Today, White Claw’s flavors are all 100 calories per standard 12 oz can. The company may consider re-introducing a 70 calorie product in the future to appeal to health-conscious consumers. But for now, drinkers looking for lower calorie spiked seltzers can find 90 to 100 calorie options from brands like Bon & Viv, Truly, and Michelob ULTRA.

While not as low as the original 70 calorie White Claw, these other hard seltzers along with strategies like alternating drinks with water and avoiding higher calorie mixers can help reduce calorie intake. White Claw’s decision to streamline to 100 calorie options has not slowed the brand’s success. But the door is still open down the road for specialty lower calorie offerings to emerge in the evolving hard seltzer market.

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