Does Trader Joes sell gluten-free snacks?

Gluten-free diets have become increasingly popular in recent years, with more and more people choosing to avoid gluten for medical reasons or simply as a lifestyle choice. For those following a gluten-free diet, having convenient and affordable gluten-free snack options is essential. Trader Joe’s has emerged as a go-to grocery store for many shoppers looking for quality gluten-free foods at reasonable prices. But does Trader Joe’s actually sell gluten-free snacks? Let’s take a closer look.

What is Gluten?

Before diving into whether Trader Joe’s sells gluten-free snacks, it’s helpful to understand what gluten actually is. Gluten is a protein found in grains like wheat, barley, and rye. For most people, gluten does not pose any problems and can be consumed without issue. However, for those with celiac disease or non-celiac gluten sensitivity, gluten triggers an abnormal immune response that damages the small intestine. This can lead to symptoms like abdominal pain, bloating, diarrhea, vomiting, constipation, fatigue, headache, anxiety, and more. The only treatment for celiac disease is a strict lifelong gluten-free diet.

The Rising Popularity of Gluten-Free Diets

In the past, gluten-free diets were prescribed solely for those with celiac disease or wheat allergies. But over the last 10-15 years, gluten-free diets have exploded in popularity even among those without celiac disease. Some reasons for this rise include:

  • Increased awareness of non-celiac gluten sensitivity as a condition
  • The perception that gluten-free foods are healthier
  • Gluten-free diets being adopted by celebrities and influencers
  • Market research suggesting that up to 25% have some desire to limit gluten intake
  • The publication of several bestselling gluten-free diet books

Whatever the reason, it’s clear that gluten-free eating is here to stay as more than just a diet for celiac disease. Gluten-free products are now readily available in most mainstream grocery stores.

The Importance of Gluten-Free Snacks

For those adhering to a strict gluten-free diet, having go-to gluten-free snacks on hand is essential. Snacks play several important roles in a gluten-free diet:

  • Curb cravings and hunger between meals
  • Provide an energy boost when needed
  • Can be backup options when safe gluten-free options are limited
  • Help ensure compliance with the gluten-free diet
  • Add variety to the diet beyond main meals

Additionally, many social occasions center around snacking, so having gluten-free snacks available helps those on a gluten-free diet feel included. Kids may also rely on snacks for lunchboxes, after school, sports events, and more. Having delicious, gluten-free snack options helps improve quality of life for anyone following this diet.

What Kinds of Foods Contain Gluten?

To understand which snacks are gluten-free, it’s helpful to know which types of foods contain gluten in the first place. Here are some of the most common sources of gluten:

  • Wheat (including varieties like spelt, farro, durum, emmer, einkorn, khorasan wheat)
  • Barley
  • Rye
  • Triticale
  • Malt
  • Brewer’s yeast

Ingredients derived from these grains, like wheat flour, wheat bran, wheat starch, barley malt, etc. also contain gluten.

Many processed snacks contain ingredients derived from these grains. Things like cookies, crackers, pretzels, granola bars, and cereals often contain gluten sources. Even snacks that don’t seem grain-based could contain ingredients like malt vinegar, malt flavoring, wheat starch, and more.

Other products are frequently contaminated with gluten due to shared production equipment and facilities. Oats are a prime example. While oats themselves don’t contain gluten, they are often processed on equipment shared with wheat, leading to cross-contamination.

This makes it challenging to determine whether processed snacks are truly gluten-free or not based on the ingredient list alone. That’s why gluten-free labeling and trustworthy manufacturers are so important.

What Makes a Food Product Gluten-Free?

According to the FDA, foods labeled “gluten-free” must contain less than 20 parts per million (ppm) of gluten. Any detectable gluten at levels above 20 ppm can trigger issues for those sensitive. Keep in mind that while a product may contain less than 20 ppm of gluten, this doesn’t make it 100% gluten-free for all with celiac disease. Some still react to trace amounts. Those with celiac disease should use their own judgment along with guidance from their healthcare team when selecting gluten-free products.

In addition to the gluten-free label, there are a few other key factors that make a product more likely to be reliably gluten-free:

  • Certification by GFCO (Gluten-Free Certification Organization). This organization has one of the strictest certification processes.
  • Manufacturing in a dedicated gluten-free facility. This prevents cross-contamination.
  • Testing of both ingredients and finished products for gluten.
  • A company reputation for careful avoidance of gluten and awareness of celiac concerns.

Ideally a product would meet all these criteria. But if not, the FDA gluten-free label provides a baseline level of safety. Reading ingredient lists carefully also remains important when selecting processed snacks.

Trader Joe’s Background

Now that we’ve covered some background on gluten and gluten-free eating, let’s focus back on the original question: does Trader Joe’s sell gluten-free snacks? To answer this, we need to look at some key facts about Trader Joe’s as a grocery store chain:

  • Trader Joe’s is a specialty grocer with over 500 stores nationwide.
  • It distinguishes itself by offering unique, often organic products under its own private labels.
  • Product selection emphasizes healthy, high-quality options at budget-friendly prices.
  • Stores offer a wide range of gluten-free products across all food categories.
  • New gluten-free options are frequently added based on consumer demand.

Based on this background, Trader Joe’s seems like a promising source for gluten-free snacks. Let’s take a more in-depth look.

Availability of Gluten-Free Snacks at Trader Joe’s

After scouring ingredient lists, reviewing consumer reports, and examining Trader Joe’s product selection, the answer is clear. Yes, Trader Joe’s does offer a variety of gluten-free snack options suitable for those with celiac disease and others avoiding gluten.

Here is an overview of the types of gluten-free snacks available at Trader Joe’s:

Crackers and Crisps

  • Gluten-free rice crackers in flavors like seaweed, black sesame, and tomato-basil
  • Gluten-Free Crispy Crunchy Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Organic Brown Rice Cakes in apple cinnamon and chocolate flavors
  • Beanitos White Beans Chips in nacho and ranch flavors
  • Gluten-Free Rice Crisps in assorted flavors like sea salt and olive oil

Popcorn and Puffs

  • Organic Popcorn with Sea Salt
  • Vegan Corn Puffs
  • Gluten-Free Corn Puffs
  • Organic Sorghum Puffs

Nuts, Seeds, and Dried Fruit

  • Roasted and salted nuts like almonds and cashews
  • Nut and seed snack mixes
  • Dried fruit like mango, pineapple, raisins, cranberries
  • Nut and fruit trail mixes

Nut Butters and Fruit Spreads

  • Almond butter and sunflower seed butter
  • Strawberry fruit spread and banana fruit spread
  • Organic apple sauce

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

All fresh fruits and vegetables sold at Trader Joe’s are naturally gluten-free. Popular snacks include:

  • Bananas, apples, grapes, citrus fruits
  • Carrots, celery sticks, mini sweet peppers, jicama
  • Sliced bell peppers, broccoli florets, snap peas

Energy and Protein Bars

  • Peanut Power Protein Bars
  • Oats & Peas Savory Protein Bars
  • Nut Trek Mix Bars
  • Greek Yogurt Protein Bars

Miscellaneous Snacks

A few other gluten-free snack options at Trader Joe’s include:

  • Dark chocolate bars andminis
  • Pirate’s Booty rice and corn puffs
  • Moon cheese baked cheese crisps
  • Sliced uncured salami

As you can see, Trader Joe’s offers wide variety in their gluten-free snacks from both their own brands as well as trusted national brands. The selection provides plenty of crunchy, salty, sweet, and nutritious options to satisfy any craving.

Helpful Tips for Finding Gluten-Free Snacks at Trader Joe’s

Here are some useful tips for locating gluten-free snacks efficiently during your shopping trips to Trader Joe’s:

  • Look for the gluten-free label on packaged products.
  • Stick to snacks in the chips, crackers, popcorn, nuts, and dried fruit aisles.
  • Browse the nut butter, jelly, and fruit spread selections.
  • Head to the cereal/granola section for bars.
  • Download the Trader Joe’s app for helpful gluten-free lists.
  • Ask staff for recommendations or help reading labels.
  • Refer to Trader Joe’s dietary lists online for inspiration.
  • New products are added often based on customer requests.

Also keep in mind that all fresh produce, unflavored nuts, seeds, and unseasoned meat and eggs are naturally gluten-free. These make easy snacks too.

Quality and Affordability of Gluten-Free Snacks at Trader Joe’s

Two major advantages of purchasing gluten-free snacks from Trader Joe’s are their quality and affordability. Here’s an overview:


  • Trader Joe’s has strong relationships with trusted snack brands.
  • Their in-house products meet all FDA guidelines for gluten-free labeling.
  • Focus is on using quality, simple ingredients in snacks.
  • Priority is placed on delicious taste in gluten-free snacks.
  • Consumer reviews praise snacks for freshness and flavor.


  • As a discount grocer, Trader Joe’s offers competitive pricing on all products.
  • Gluten-free snacks cost 25-40% less than other major stores.
  • Often prices $1-3 less per item than other retailers.
  • Frequent options made from economy ingredients like corn, rice, beans.
  • Bulk snacks like nuts and dried fruit offer cost savings.

The combination of great taste and budget pricing makes Trader Joe’s an appealing choice for gluten-free households looking to save money without sacrificing nutrition or enjoyment.

Downsides of Purchasing Gluten-Free Snacks at Trader Joe’s

Despite the many positive aspects of buying gluten-free snacks at Trader Joe’s, there are a few potential downsides to note:

  • More limited selection than dedicated health food stores.
  • Often only one size option per product.
  • Not all manufacturing facilities are dedicated gluten-free.
  • Ingredients still require careful reading for hidden gluten sources.
  • Certain dietary preferences like organic, non-GMO not always met.
  • Shorter ingredient lists but less transparency than some brands.

However, many of these downsides exist no matter where you shop for packaged, gluten-free snacks. Overall, Trader Joe’s offers a solid range of tasty and affordable options for most general gluten-free diets. But those with multiple food sensitivities or preferences may need to supplement with other stores.

Other Tips for Following a Gluten-Free Diet at Trader Joe’s

In addition to gluten-free snacks, Trader Joe’s also stocks a multitude of others foods suitable for gluten-free diets across all categories of their stores:

Breads and Baked Goods

  • Gluten-free bagels, breads, pizza crusts
  • Waffles, pancakes, muffins, cookies
  • Flours like almond, coconut, brown rice

Pasta, Grains, and Cereals

  • Gluten-free pasta in varieties like lentil, quinoa, rice
  • Oats labeled gluten-free
  • Gluten-free cereals and granola

Dairy and Eggs

  • Milk, yogurt, cheese marked lactose-free
  • Soy and nut-based dairy substitutes
  • Eggs and egg whites

Meat, Fish, and Protein

  • All unseasoned whole meats and fish
  • Tofu, tempeh, natto
  • Beans, legumes

Fruits and Vegetables

  • Fresh produce
  • Canned fruits and vegetables
  • Frozen fruits and vegetables

Oils, Condiments, and Baking

  • Olive oil, vinegars, coconut oil
  • Jams, nut butters, sauces
  • Broths, stocks, seasonings
  • Sugar, salt, baking powder and soda

With such extensive gluten-free offerings across all food groups, those with celiac disease or avoiding gluten have ample options to create varied, exciting, and nutritious meals and snacks while shopping at Trader Joe’s.


In summary, Trader Joe’s has proven itself to be a leading source for quality and affordable gluten-free groceries, including snacks. Shoppers will find a diverse array of healthy gluten-free snack options from both Trader Joe’s trusted brands and outside manufacturers. While the selection may not be as vast as a dedicated health food store, it handily meets the needs of most general gluten-free diets. Combined with their budget-friendly prices and delicious flavors, Trader Joe’s is an ideal one-stop shop for all gluten-free pantry essentials including snacks. Those adhering to a gluten-free diet for medical reasons can feel confident that Trader Joe’s products accurate labeling and conscientious handling. So next time you’re shopping for a handy gluten-free snack, make sure to swing by your local Trader Joe’s.

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