How many calories are in a pollo asado bowl from Chipotle?

Quick Answer

A pollo asado bowl from Chipotle contains approximately 670 calories without any added ingredients. This number can vary depending on which ingredients you choose to add to your bowl. The pollo asado meat itself contains around 210 calories.

Calories in Each Ingredient

Here is a breakdown of the approximate calories for each standard ingredient in a Chipotle pollo asado bowl:

Ingredient Calories
Pollo asado chicken 210
Brown rice 210
Black beans 120
Tomato salsa 20
Cheese 110

As you can see, the pollo asado chicken and brown rice contain the most calories at 210 each. The black beans have 120 calories, while the tomato salsa is just 20 calories. A standard serving of cheese adds 110 calories.

This totals up to 670 calories for a pollo asado bowl with just these core ingredients and no extras.

Calories with Extras

You can customize your Chipotle bowl with various add-ons that will increase the total calorie count. Here are some common extras and how many additional calories they contain:

Extra Item Calories
Guacamole 230
Sour cream 115
Chips 370
Queso 120

As you can see, guacamole and chips add quite a bit of calories at 230 and 370 respectively. Sour cream adds 115 calories, while a side of queso contributes 120 additional calories.

Some other extras not listed that can further increase your calorie count include:

– Fajita veggies (20 calories)
– Lettuce (5 calories)
– Extra meat (about 110 calories per scoop)
– Hot salsa (5 calories)
– Corn salsa (10 calories)

So in summary, while a basic pollo asado bowl clocks in around 670 calories, adding extras like guacamole, queso, and chips can quickly add 500+ extra calories to your meal.

Tips for a Lower Calorie Bowl

Here are some tips to keep your Chipotle bowl around or under 600 calories:

– Stick to just chicken, rice, beans, salsa, and maybe a bit of cheese
– Skip extras like chips, guacamole, and queso
– Choose tomatillo green salsa (5 calories) instead of red salsa
– Get fajita veggies (20 calories) instead of cheese
– Ask for lettuce (5 calories) to add some bulk if needed
– Order a kids size portion if available
– Use half the rice and double the veggies

Following these guidelines can help you enjoy Chipotle while keeping your bowl around 600 calories or less. Portion control is key when ordering a burrito bowl.

Nutrition Information

In addition to calories, here is the nutrition information in a standard pollo asado bowl from Chipotle:

Nutrient Amount
Total Fat 13g
Saturated Fat 4.5g
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 60mg
Sodium 830mg
Total Carbohydrates 93g
Dietary Fiber 12g
Total Sugars 3g
Protein 37g

As you can see, while a Chipotle bowl provides a good amount of protein, it can also be high in sodium, saturated fat, and carbohydrates without careful ingredient choices. Load up on veggies while limiting extras like cheese, chips, and sugary drinks to make it a healthier option.

Pollo Asado Bowl vs Other Menu Items

How does a pollo asado bowl compare calorie-wise to other Chipotle menu items? Here is a quick comparison:

Menu Item Calories
Pollo Asado Bowl 670
Carnitas Bowl 850
Barbacoa Bowl 700
Burrito with Chicken 870
Chicken Soft Tacos 700
Chicken Salad 440

The pollo asado bowl is one of the lower calorie entree options, compared to beef and pork bowls or burritos which can top 800-900 calories. Going vegetarian with sofritas instead of meat can further reduce the calories. Chicken soft tacos and salads are other lighter choices.

Pollo Asado Nutrition

Specifically looking at the pollo asado grilled chicken, here is the nutrition information per 4oz serving according to Chipotle:

Nutrient Per Serving
Calories 210
Total Fat 4g
Saturated Fat 1g
Cholesterol 100mg
Sodium 470mg
Carbohydrates 0g
Fiber 0g
Sugars 0g
Protein 44g

The pollo asado is a lean source of protein, with 44g per serving. It has minimal carbs and sugar. The sodium content is moderately high at 470mg per serving. Overall it provides a good amount of protein with relatively low calories and fat compared to meat options like steak or carnitas.

Grilled Chicken vs Chicken Sofritas

How does Chipotle’s grilled pollo asado chicken compare to the spiced tofu sofritas option? Here’s a quick nutrition comparison:

Nutrient (per serving) Pollo Asado Sofritas
Calories 210 140
Total Fat 4g 6g
Sodium 470mg 430mg
Protein 44g 14g
Carbs 0g 6g

The sofritas has fewer calories and carbs, but also less protein compared to the chicken. Both are relatively low in saturated fat and have no sugar. For vegetarians or those looking to reduce meat intake, sofritas makes a good plant-based substitute.

Ways to Reduce Calories

Here are some tips for lowering the calorie count in your Chipotle bowl:

– Get a salad instead of a bowl or burrito. This eliminates the tortilla carbs.
– Opt for sofritas, veggie, or half and half protein options.
– Load up on salsas, tomatoes, onions, lettuce, and other veggies instead of cheese, guac, and sour cream.
– Ask for a light scoop of rice or beans to reduce portion size.
– Choose chicken, barbacoa or carnitas instead of steak which is higher in calories and saturated fat.
– Skip the chips and drink water instead of soda.
– Use hot sauce instead of high-cal dressing.
– Order a kids meal for smaller portions.

With the right customizations and swaps, you can enjoy Chipotle while still watching your daily calorie intake. Building your bowl with lots of vegetables and plant-based proteins is key.


In summary, a basic Chipotle pollo asado bowl contains around 670 calories. This number increases with added extras like cheese, guacamole and tortilla chips. The pollo asado chicken itself packs 44g of protein in just 210 calories per serving. It provides a lean protein option that is lower in calories than beef or pork choices. Sofritas is even lower calorie at just 140 per serving. To reduce your total bowl calorie count, load up on veggies, salsa, lettuce and skip the tortilla, cheese and chips. With smart customizations, you can keep your bowl around 600 calories or less. While not the healthiest choice, Chipotle bowls can be a reasonable option when eating out if ordered mindfully.

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