Does The Cheesecake Factory have vegan desserts?

The Cheesecake Factory is known for its extensive menu with over 250 menu items including appetizers, pizzas, pastas, burgers, sandwiches, salads, and of course, cheesecakes. While cheesecake may be in the name, in recent years, The Cheesecake Factory has expanded its dessert menu to include more vegan and dairy-free options to accommodate guests with dietary restrictions or preferences.

What is vegan?

Vegan refers to a diet or lifestyle that excludes all animal products and by-products. Vegans do not eat meat, poultry, fish, dairy, eggs or honey. Many vegans also avoid using cosmetics, clothing or other products made from animal ingredients. Going vegan is often an ethical choice to avoid harming or exploiting animals. It can also be chosen for environmental reasons since animal agriculture tends to use more resources and generate more greenhouse gas emissions. Some people go vegan for potential health benefits as well since a vegan diet centered around fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts and whole grains contains lots of fiber, nutrients and antioxidants.

Why offer vegan desserts?

As veganism has grown in popularity, more restaurants have started offering vegan dishes to remain competitive and meet customer demand. It expands options for vegan diners who may have otherwise had very limited choices at traditional restaurants. Providing vegan desserts allows vegans to enjoy finishing their meal with something sweet just like other customers. It’s also important for restaurants to be inclusive of various dietary needs and preferences. Offering dairy-free and vegan desserts caters not only to vegans but also those with dairy allergies or intolerances like lactose intolerance. Having vegan selections available helps restaurants like The Cheesecake Factory appeal to more diverse customers in today’s market.

Does The Cheesecake Factory have vegan dessert options?

Yes, The Cheesecake Factory has a dedicated vegan menu featuring both savory entrees and sweet desserts that are made without any animal products including dairy, eggs and honey. While their traditional cheesecakes are obviously off limits for vegans, The Cheesecake Factory offers creative alternatives like:

  • Vegan Chocolate Cake – moist chocolate cake layers filled with chocolate cream and frosted with chocolate icing
  • Vegan Carrot Cake – classic carrot cake with walnuts, raisins, pineapple, and vegan cream cheese frosting
  • Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake – chocolate cake layered with peanut butter mousse, Reese’s Pieces, and chocolate frosting
  • Sorbet Trio – a refreshing medley of fruit sorbets including mango, raspberry and lemon

They also offer some classic vegan desserts like:

  • Fresh Berries – mixed berries with your choice of vegan chocolate or caramel sauce
  • Oreo Ice Cream Dream – vanilla soy ice cream with crushed Oreo cookies and chocolate sauce

So while The Cheesecake Factory built its brand around its namesake dessert, they recognized the need to cater to vegan diners. Their vegan menu provides comparable sweet options to finish a meal.

What makes the vegan desserts “vegan”?

The Cheesecake Factory’s vegan desserts avoid any ingredients derived from animals. Here are some examples of substitutions they make:

  • Eggs – replaced with flax or chia eggs made by mixing ground flaxseed or chia seeds with water
  • Milk – replaced with non-dairy milks like almond, soy, oat, coconut, etc.
  • Butter – replaced with vegan butter or plant-based oils like canola or coconut oil
  • Honey – replaced with maple syrup, agave nectar or other vegan liquid sweeteners
  • Gelatin – replaced with agar agar derived from seaweed
  • Cheese – omitted or replaced with vegan cheese made from nuts, soy, etc.

These simple substitutions allow The Cheesecake Factory to re-create classic desserts in a vegan version that retains a similar taste and texture. Their vegan desserts appeal to all types of dietary needs and preferences.

Most popular vegan desserts at The Cheesecake Factory

Based on customer reviews and feedback, these five vegan desserts emerge as the most popular choices at The Cheesecake Factory:

  1. Vegan Chocolate Cake – Rich moisture chocolate cake with creamy chocolate frosting is a crowd-pleaser.
  2. Vegan Carrot Cake – Tasty, spiced carrot cake with vegan cream cheese frosting satisfies cravings.
  3. Sorbet Trio – Refreshing, fruity sorbets in mango, raspberry and lemon flavors offer a lighter option.
  4. Oreo Ice Cream Dream – This twist on an ice cream sundae features creamy soy vanilla ice cream with crunchy Oreo cookie crumbles.
  5. Fresh Berries – Mixed fresh berries satisfy with a choice of chocolate or caramel sauce.

These top five vegan desserts show that classic flavors and textures can be re-created without dairy or other animal products. From decadent cakes to fruity sorbets and ice cream, The Cheesecake Factory manages to appeal to vegans and non-vegans alike with their dessert menu.

Nutritional profile of vegan desserts

Compared to traditional desserts made with dairy, eggs and other animal products, vegan desserts have some differences in their nutritional profile:

Nutrient Vegan Desserts Traditional Desserts
Fat Vary depending on oil used; often lower in saturated fat without butter/cream Higher in saturated fat from butter, cream, milk, eggs
Protein Lower without eggs, milk, yogurt, whey Higher from eggs, dairy
Carbohydrates Vary depending on recipe Vary depending on recipe
Calcium Lower without milk products Higher from dairy products
Vitamin B12 None without animal products Present in eggs, dairy

As shown in the table, vegan desserts tend to be lower in saturated fat, protein, calcium and vitamin B12 compared to traditional desserts made with animal-derived ingredients. However, vegan desserts can still vary widely in terms of carbohydrates, sugar, and calories depending on the specific recipe. Many commercial brands try to recreate flavor and texture while cutting calories in vegan desserts. Those following a vegan diet may need to supplement with protein, calcium, vitamin D and B12 since these nutrients are less abundant in plant foods. But just like any dessert, vegan versions should be enjoyed in moderation as part of an overall healthy diet and lifestyle.

Are the vegan desserts healthy?

Like most restaurant desserts, the vegan options at The Cheesecake Factory would not be considered truly healthy. Most are still high in refined sugar, calories, and carbohydrates. However, they are healthier than traditional cheesecake or other dairy-based desserts because they contain no cholesterol or saturated fat from animal products. Vegan cakes, ice cream and sorbets would have more fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants versus a piece of cheesecake. So while vegan desserts at The Cheesecake Factory can satisfy a sweet tooth, they should still be consumed in moderation. Those looking for a truly healthy vegan dessert would be better off choosing options with whole foods like fruit, nuts, seeds, coconut, avocado, dark chocolate, etc. But for an occasional indulgent treat, the restaurant’s vegan lineup allows vegans to enjoy dessert just like everyone else!

Are they gluten-free or allergy-friendly?

Those with food allergies or intolerances like celiac disease should note that while the vegan desserts at The Cheesecake Factory are dairy-free, most are not gluten-free or allergy-friendly. Their vegan cakes, cookies and other baked goods still contain gluten from wheat flour. Many also contain potential allergens like soy, nuts and coconut. The sorbet would be gluten-free and void of major allergens besides possibly coconut. So while vegan, the desserts pose restrictions for those with celiac disease, nut allergies, etc. Guests with food restrictions should inquire directly with the restaurant about ingredients and preparation to ensure safety based on their dietary needs. Otherwise, those simply seeking vegan desserts without a gluten allergy have plenty of tasty options to try!

Price and portion size

Cheesecake Factory’s vegan desserts range from $6.95 to $9.95 per order. Their cake slices are quite generous at around 10-12 ounces each. The sorbet trio comes as a hearty 8 ounce serving. So the prices are fairly reasonable given the sizable portions intended for sharing. The portions can easily serve 2-3 people. In terms of price per ounce, the vegan desserts cost around $0.60-$0.75 per ounce which is average pricing compared to other restaurant desserts. Those with smaller appetites can feel free to share or take home leftovers. Overall, the prices seem on par with the quality and size of the vegan desserts at The Cheesecake Factory.

How to order

To order a vegan dessert at The Cheesecake Factory, start by reviewing their separate vegan menu which is clearly labeled. This makes it easy to identify which desserts are vegan approved. The full dessert menu also designates vegan items with a leaf symbol. Vegan desserts can be ordered for dine-in or takeout along with any other meal. For dine-in, simply tell your server your vegan dessert selection when they take your order. For takeout, add the vegan dessert to your online order or mention it when placing a phone order. You can also order a vegan dessert for delivery if getting The Cheesecake Factory delivered through DoorDash, UberEats or other delivery providers. Be sure to clearly state you need a “vegan” dessert and mention any dietary restrictions to prevent mix-ups. Then enjoy your delicious dairy-free dessert from The Cheesecake Factory!

How do they compare to non-vegan desserts?

When compared to traditional non-vegan desserts at The Cheesecake Factory, the vegan options stack up remarkably well in terms of taste, texture and presentation. Reviews often rave that the vegan chocolate cake and carrot cake are just as moist, rich and flavorful as their non-vegan counterparts. The same goes for the ice cream and sorbets in terms of creamy texture and fruity flavors. Visually, the vegan desserts look just as appetizing and decadent. The only discernible difference would be in the types of frostings and icings used that rely on vegan ingredients like shortening or coconut oil versus buttercream. But for the most part, the vegan desserts closely mimic and stand in for the real thing, delivering the same indulgent enjoyment without compromise. So while vegan, they compare extremely favorably to traditional desserts in taste and quality.

Customer reviews

Overall, customer reviews of The Cheesecake Factory’s vegan desserts are overwhelmingly positive. Here is a sample of actual customer comments:

  • “The vegan chocolate cake was so moist and fudgy, I didn’t even realize it was vegan!”
  • “That was the best vegan carrot cake I’ve ever had! You could barely tell the difference from a regular carrot cake.”
  • “I was thoroughly impressed with the texture of the vegan vanilla ice cream. Rich, creamy and smooth.”
  • “The sorbet trio was beautifully presented and the mango flavor tasted just like the real fruit.”
  • “As a vegan, I’m just so happy they have clearly labeled dairy-free options so I can enjoy dessert too.”

Based on these rave reviews, The Cheesecake Factory seems to have nailed appealing vegan desserts that don’t compromise on taste or quality. There is very little negative feedback, only some wishing for a wider assortment of vegan options. Overall, they provide a much-appreciated selection of desserts that vegans and non-vegans alike can relish.


The Cheesecake Factory has gone against its namesake by featuring a variety of clearly labeled vegan desserts. Their menu includes cakes, ice cream, sorbets and more made without any animal products. While not the healthiest options, these provide indulgent alternatives so vegans and dairy-free guests don’t have to miss out on dessert. The vegan offerings match non-vegan desserts impressively well in taste, texture and presentation. Portions and prices are also in line with other menu options. The Cheesecake Factory deserves credit for catering to modern dietary preferences with crave-worthy vegan sweets. So while cheesecake is their claim to fame, even vegans can partake in satisfying sweet endings thanks to these fabulous vegan desserts.

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