Does sprouts have elderberry syrup?

Elderberry syrup has become an increasingly popular natural health product in recent years. Made from the berries of the elderberry plant, this dark purple syrup is touted for its immune-boosting properties and ability to help fight colds and flu. With the growth of the wellness industry and interest in functional foods, many consumers are looking for elderberry syrup and other natural remedies at their local grocery stores and markets. This raises the question – does Sprouts Farmers Market carry elderberry syrup?

About Sprouts Farmers Market

Sprouts Farmers Market is a specialty grocery store chain based in Phoenix, Arizona. Founded in 2002, Sprouts aims to offer fresh, natural and organic foods at affordable prices. The store emphasizes produce, bulk foods, vitamins and supplements, meat and seafood, baked goods, dairy products, frozen foods and more. Sprouts has over 360 locations across 23 states, predominantly in the southwest, southeast and mid-Atlantic regions of the U.S. The stores have a farmers market feel, with colorful displays of fruits and vegetables, barrels of nuts and grains, and reflection of local flavors and interests. As a health-focused grocer, Sprouts carries a wide range of natural remedies, supplements and vitamins.

Elderberry Syrup Products at Sprouts

After examining the Sprouts website, weekly ad circulars, and visiting local stores, it appears that Sprouts does carry elderberry syrup products at many locations. The selection, brands and specifics may vary somewhat by region and store. Some of the elderberry syrup products that can be found at Sprouts include:

Gaia Herbs Black Elderberry Syrup

This is a rich, concentrated black elderberry extract, with added organic echinacea, cinnamon and ginger. It contains vitamin C and zinc. Gaia Herbs is a leading herbal brand sold at many natural grocery stores like Sprouts.

Nature’s Way Sambucus Elderberry Syrup

Nature’s Way Sambucus syrup combines elderberry fruit extract with echinacea purpurea. It’s a popular option for immune support and is gluten-free, kosher and non-GMO.

Oregon’s Wild Harvest Elderberry Syrup

Made with organic black elderberries, this syrup has a delicious, tart flavor. It provides antioxidants and bioflavonoids.

YumEarth Organic Elderberry Syrup

YumEarth’s syrup is organic, vegan and rich in vitamin C. It’s made with elderberry extract, cherry juice concentrate for flavor, and slippery elm and ginger.

Bach Original Flower Remedies Elderberry Syrup

This is a homeopathic elderberry syrup made with flower essences and natural black elderberry. The Bach brand is known for flower remedies.

Planetary Herbals Full Spectrum Elderberry Syrup

Containing extracts of elderberry, lonicera, isatis and baikal skullcap, this syrup blends complimentary herbs. It’s kosher, vegan and free of gluten, wheat, nuts, soy and dairy.

Truvani Elderberry Syrup

Truvani makes supplements and superfoods. Their elderberry syrup contains 500mg per serving of European organic black elderberry extract, plus organic echinacea, ginger and cinnamon.

Availability of Elderberry Syrup at Sprouts

Based on an informal survey, elderberry syrup appears to be stocked at most Sprouts Farmers Market locations. However, there can be variability in the specific brands carried. For example, some stores may have 2-3 options while others may have 5-6 varieties. The above list contains common brands sold at many Sprouts stores, but it’s not exhaustive. Local product availability depends on factors like regional supply and demand.

Elderberry syrup is typically located in the vitamins and supplements section at Sprouts. It may be found both the shelves with other herbal supplements as well as the cough and cold remedies area. Checking both sections can help locate it in store.

Online, Sprouts has a fairly limited selection of elderberry products available for purchase or delivery compared to what can be found in physical stores. But some syrup options can be shipped.

How Elderberry Syrup Prices Compare at Sprouts

Elderberry syrup prices at Sprouts are quite competitive and affordable. They are comparable to other major grocery stores carrying these products, and often lower than drug store or pharmacy chains.

Here are some example elderberry syrup prices at Sprouts:

Brand Price
Nature’s Way Sambucus $12.99
Gaia Herbs $14.99
Oregon’s Wild Harvest $13.99
YumEarth $12.99
Truvani $19.99

These prices can vary a dollar or two between regions, but generally run from $12-$20 per bottle. Sprouts often has sales on elderberry syrup bringing the costs down further. So price-wise Sprouts is very affordable for these beneficial supplements.

How to Find Elderberry Syrup at Sprouts

Here are some tips for locating elderberry syrup options at your local Sprouts Farmers Market store:

– Head to the vitamins and supplements section. This is where most immune supplements are sold.

– Check lower shelves where cough/cold remedies are found. Elderberry syrup is often placed here even though it’s preventative.

– Scan the herbal supplements area including remedies like echinacea, black cohosh, milk thistle etc.

– Look for signs or shelf tags that say “Elderberry.” These call out the syrup location.

– Ask at the customer service desk if you’re still unable to find it.

– Try searching “elderberry” on to see online availability for delivery.

– Call your local store directly to check if they carry it and see if they can hold a bottle for you.

– Be aware that stock can fluctuate. Try again in a week or two if it’s initially out of stock.

Benefits of Buying Elderberry Syrup at Sprouts

There are many advantages to purchasing elderberry syrup from Sprouts Farmers Market:

– Wide selection of top brands like Gaia Herbs, Nature’s Way, Oregon’s Wild Harvest

– Competitive pricing that beats many pharmacies and big box stores

– Frequent sales and deals mean you can save money on high-quality products

– In-store purchase allows you to inspect, compare options and flavors

– Supporting a company focused on natural, health-promoting foods

– Satisfaction guarantee provides peace of mind with purchases

– In-store experts can assist you with selection and answer product questions

– Reputable retailer you can trust for safety, quality and reliability

How to Use Elderberry Syrup

Elderberry syrup can be taken daily for immune support during cold and flu season. The standard dosage for adults is 1-2 teaspoons per day. For children, give 1/2 to 1 teaspoon according to age and weight. Elderberry syrup has a tart, fruity taste that is often enjoyed as is, but can be mixed into water, tea, smoothies or food. During illness, take the doses recommended on the bottle. Look for a product standardized for anthocyanins, tannins and flavonoids, the compounds responsible for benefits. People with certain health conditions or taking medications should consult their doctor before using elderberry products.


To summarize, Sprouts Farmers Market does carry elderberry syrup at most locations. The selection includes reputable brands like Gaia Herbs, Nature’s Way, Oregon’s Wild Harvest and others. Sprouts offers competitive pricing on elderberry syrup, often running sales on these popular products. The immune-supporting syrup can be found in the vitamin aisle or cough/cold section. Checking at your local Sprouts store is the best way to find elderberry options in stock. Their affordable prices, frequent sales and health-focused approach make Sprouts a great choice for natural products like elderberry syrup.

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