Does Smoothie King use fresh strawberries?

Smoothie King is a popular smoothie chain with over 1,300 locations worldwide. They offer a variety of fruit and vegetable smoothies, many of which contain strawberries as a main ingredient. For health-conscious customers, an important question is whether Smoothie King uses quality ingredients like fresh, whole fruits in their smoothies. Specifically, people wonder if Smoothie King uses fresh strawberries or frozen and pre-processed strawberries in their smoothie recipes.

What is Smoothie King’s Stated Use of Strawberries?

According to Smoothie King’s website, their smoothies are made with real fruit and vegetables, including strawberries. They state that they use “whole fruits and organic vegetables” and mention strawberries specifically as one of the fruits they use.

On their strawberry smoothie recipes, like the Strawberry Surf Rider, they consistently mention using “strawberries” or “fresh strawberries” without specifying whether they are frozen or fresh. Their menu also advertises their smoothies as containing “real fruit” and “no syrups or sugary purees.”

Based on Smoothie King’s marketing language, they indicate that they use real, fresh strawberries in their smoothie recipes, rather than frozen, processed or artificial strawberries. However, the company does not outright state on its website whether the strawberries are fresh or frozen.

Are the Strawberries Actually Fresh or Frozen?

The consensus from Smoothie King employees seems to be that locations do use frozen strawberries rather than fresh in their smoothies. On forums and review websites, current and past Smoothie King employees have repeatedly stated that frozen strawberries are used.

Employees mention that each location receives deliveries of large bags of frozen, pre-cut strawberries that they thaw and use to make smoothies. They state that using frozen strawberries makes it easier to maintain consistent inventory and smoothie flavors compared to relying on fresh produce deliveries. It also has a longer shelf life compared to fresh strawberries.

A few employees also mention that while chopped, frozen strawberries are used primarily, some locations may occasionally supplement with fresh strawberries depending on availability and cost. However, most smoothies appear to be made using the standard frozen strawberry ingredient.

Based on these employee reports, the indication is that while Smoothie King advertises using “strawberries” and “fresh strawberries,” in reality most of their smoothies are made using frozen, pre-cut strawberries rather than fresh.

Why Does Smoothie King Use Frozen Strawberries?

There are a few potential reasons why Smoothie King appears to rely largely on frozen rather than fresh strawberries for their smoothies:

– **Consistency** – Frozen strawberries allow Smoothie King to maintain consistent inventory and smoothie flavor across all locations. Fresh strawberries can vary in taste and availability based on season, crop quality, and other factors.

– **Convenience** – Pre-chopped frozen strawberries are easier and faster for employees to use compared to having to hull, wash and chop whole fresh strawberries. This allows employees to assemble smoothies quicker.

– **Shelf life** – Fresh strawberries last only a couple days once picked, while frozen strawberries are good for months frozen. This makes frozen strawberries more practical for a chain with hundreds of locations.

– **Cost** – Frozen strawberries can be cheaper to buy in bulk compared to fresh strawberries, keeping ingredient costs lower. The year-round availability of frozen strawberries also keeps pricing more consistent compared to fluctuating fresh strawberry costs.

While frozen strawberries may provide advantages for a smoothie chain, some customers may still prefer knowing their smoothies contain fresh ingredients. Fresh strawberries provide a more authentic, less processed option.

How Can Customers Know For Sure if Their Smoothies Contain Fresh Strawberries?

Since Smoothie King does not openly disclose their use of frozen strawberries, the only way for customers to know if their smoothie contains fresh strawberries is to ask at the specific location. Customers can inquire if the location has fresh strawberries on hand and request that their smoothie is made with those instead of frozen strawberries.

However, there is no guarantee smoothie locations will honor customer requests for fresh strawberries. Customers’ best indication is observing employees adding whole, fresh strawberries vs. pre-portioned frozen strawberries to smoothies. Visiting locations multiple times and tasting smoothie consistency may also help determine if frozen or fresh strawberries are used.

Some consumer tips for identifying fresh strawberry smoothies:

– Whole, fresh strawberries should add tiny seeds to the texture, unlike frozen pre-cut strawberries.
– Fresh strawberry smoothies have a sharper, more tart taste versus frozen strawberries.
– Fresh strawberries add inconsistent chunk sizes compared to uniform frozen chunks.
– Colors may appear brighter red and less evenly blended with fresh strawberry chunks.
– Ask employees to add whole strawberries and observe them washing and slicing them.

Without explicit confirmation from the specific Smoothie King location, customers cannot know absolutely whether their smoothies contain fresh strawberries or frozen ones. But using observational and tasting skills can help make an educated guess.

Should Customers Complain to Smoothie King About Frozen vs Fresh Strawberries?

The use of frozen strawberries rather than fresh is not necessarily a reason for customers to complain to Smoothie King corporate. Since the company does not claim that only fresh strawberries are used, they are not deceiving customers with their frozen strawberry use. And frozen fruit is still real, nutritious fruit containing vitamins and antioxidants.

However, if customers strongly prefer smoothies made with fresh, whole strawberries, it is reasonable to provide feedback to your local Smoothie King and to corporate HQ requesting that option. Smoothie King advertises “real” and “whole” fruits, so some customers may expect that implies fresh. Phone, email, mail, and surveys are ways to politely share your preference for fresh strawberry smoothies.

Some points customers can make when providing feedback about fresh strawberries:

– Preference for flavor and consistency of fresh strawberry smoothies.
– Interest in Smoothie King using more local, seasonal fresh produce.
– Desire for Smoothie King to improve transparency on use of fresh vs. frozen.
– Willingness to pay slightly more for smoothies made with fresh strawberries.
– Feedback that fresh ingredients may attract more health-conscious customers.

Smoothie King is likely aware of customer demand for fresh ingredients. Providing courteous, constructive feedback may influence their decisions on fresh strawberry usage in the future. Just keep expectations reasonable, as sourcing fresh produce year-round for hundreds of locations has significant logistical challenges.

Pros of Fresh Strawberries Pros of Frozen Strawberries
Better taste Consistent taste and availability
More natural Longer shelf life
No preservatives Pre-chopped for efficiency
Can see, smell quality Typically cheaper costs
Some prefer texture Easier storage and inventory


Smoothie King implies the use of fresh strawberries through its marketing language, but in reality most locations primarily use frozen strawberries. This likely gives Smoothie King advantages in cost, efficiency, and consistent inventory. Customers who prefer fresh strawberries can check at their local store or provide feedback to request fresh strawberry smoothies. While Smoothie King isn’t deceiving customers, increased transparency would be beneficial. In the meantime, customers can use clues like texture and taste to determine if their smoothies are made with fresh strawberries or not.

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