Does Smoothie King accept Apple Pay?

Smoothie King is a popular smoothie and health food chain with over 1,300 locations across the United States and internationally. Many customers wonder if Smoothie King accepts mobile payment methods like Apple Pay to make purchasing smoothies quick and convenient. Here is a quick answer:

Yes, Smoothie King does accept Apple Pay as a payment method in their stores. Customers can pay using Apple Pay through an iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, or MacBook with Touch ID enabled.

How Apple Pay works at Smoothie King

To use Apple Pay at Smoothie King, simply hold your enabled iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, or MacBook near the contactless reader during checkout. A subtle vibration and beep will confirm your payment has been accepted. There is no need to open an app, unlock your device, or show your credit card. Your default card will be charged via Apple Pay.

The process is designed to be simple, secure, and fast. Transactions typically take just a few seconds. Apple Pay uses device-specific encrypted security codes so your actual credit or debit card numbers are never shared with the store during payment.

Which Smoothie King locations accept Apple Pay?

All corporate-owned Smoothie King locations accept Apple Pay. Franchise locations are also able to accept Apple Pay payments if the franchise owner has chosen to enable it.

You can identify Apple Pay acceptance by looking for the universal contactless payment symbol at the register. This symbol indicates the store can accept mobile wallet payments from Apple, as well as Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and other contactless payments.

What you need to pay with Apple Pay at Smoothie King

To use Apple Pay at Smoothie King, you’ll need:

  • An iPhone 6 or newer model
  • Apple Watch paired to an iPhone 5 or newer
  • iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, or iPad mini 3 or newer
  • A MacBook Pro with Touch ID or MacBook Air with Touch ID

Your device will also need to be running a compatible version of iOS, watchOS, macOS, or iPadOS.

In addition, you’ll need to have a credit or debit card added to your Apple Wallet. The card must be from a participating bank or card issuer. Most major U.S. banks and card issuers support Apple Pay.

The benefits of using Apple Pay at Smoothie King

There are several benefits to using Apple Pay for your Smoothie King purchases:

  • Speed – Checking out takes seconds. No need to fetch your wallet or dig out your physical card.
  • Convenience – Works with iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, and Mac. Just hold your device near the payment terminal.
  • Security – Your card details are never shared or stored. Each transaction uses a unique secure token.
  • Rewards – Apple Pay works with your existing credit/debit rewards and benefits programs.
  • Contactless – No need to touch payment terminals in the age of COVID-19.

For grab-and-go smoothie purchases, Apple Pay is often the fastest and most convenient payment method accepted at Smoothie King locations.

Other payment methods accepted at Smoothie King

In addition to Apple Pay, Smoothie King also accepts:

  • Physical credit, debit, and prepaid cards with a magnetic stripe or chip
  • Android Pay and other contactless payments like Samsung Pay
  • Smoothie King gift cards and loyalty rewards cards
  • Mobile app payments through Smoothie King’s official app (where available)
  • Cash payments

So you have several options if you don’t have Apple Pay set up. However, Apple Pay does provide the fastest and most secure experience when paying in-store at participating Smoothie King cafes.

Tips for using Apple Pay at Smoothie King

To ensure a smooth Apple Pay experience at Smoothie King, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Check for the contactless payment symbol at the register before paying.
  • Have your iPhone, Apple Watch, or other device ready before reaching the cashier.
  • Hold your device within an inch of the payment terminal when prompted.
  • Wait for vibrations and a beep sound – this means your payment was accepted.
  • Leave your device near the terminal for a few seconds for confirmation.
  • Add your Smoothie King rewards card to Apple Wallet if available for seamless rewards redemption.

Always confirm the payment amount on the terminal screen before holding your Apple device to the reader. Let the cashier know you’ll be paying with Apple Pay.

Is Apple Pay safe to use at Smoothie King?

Yes, Apple Pay is very safe to use at Smoothie King. Every Apple Pay transaction generates a unique, one-time security code that is securely exchanged between the store’s payment terminal and your device.

Your actual credit or debit card number is never shared, stored, or made accessible. This makes your payment information far more secure compared to paying with a physical card.

Even if your iPhone or Apple Watch is lost or stolen, your payment information and money remain protected thanks to encryption technology and biometric authentication like Touch ID or Face ID. You can easily cancel lost or stolen devices remotely.

Smoothie King also safely handles Apple Pay data in compliance with payment industry standards. So you can feel confident using Apple Pay both at Smoothie King and virtually anywhere contactless payments are accepted.

Is Apple Pay cheaper than other payment methods at Smoothie King?

No, paying with Apple Pay does not save you money compared to other payment methods accepted at Smoothie King. You’ll pay the exact same total price for your smoothies regardless of whether you pay with Apple Pay, physical card, or cash.

Smoothie King sets standard menu pricing that does not change based on your selected payment method. Taxes and total costs remain the same. There are no Apple Pay discounts.

That said, Apple Pay does provide conveniences and rewards potential that other payment methods may lack. The speed and ease of Apple Pay is hard to beat when ordering in-store. And you still earn any credit card points, airline miles, or cash back from your Apple Pay card.

Can I use Apple Pay discounts or coupons at Smoothie King?

Yes, you can take advantage of available Smoothie King coupons, deals, and specials when paying with Apple Pay. For example:

  • You can load digital Smoothie King coupons to Apple Wallet and automatically apply them at checkout when using Apple Pay.
  • If Smoothie King is offering a percent or dollar discount promotion, it will be applied to your total when using Apple Pay.
  • You can scan or enter reward codes from the Smoothie King app and redeem them using Apple Pay.

So Apple Pay works seamlessly with Smoothie King’s discounts, coupons, and promotions. Be sure to look for special deals in their app or subscribe to promotional emails. These can all be used together with Apple Pay for maximum savings on your smoothies.


Smoothie King accepts Apple Pay as a fast, convenient, and secure payment method at participating store locations. Customers can pay using an iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, or MacBook in just seconds for grab-and-go smoothie purchases.

Apple Pay is easy to set up if you have a compatible device and an eligible debit/credit card added to your Wallet app. It works seamlessly with Smoothie King’s rewards programs and applicable coupons for a streamlined checkout experience.

So next time you visit Smoothie King, consider leaving your physical wallet behind and paying with Apple Pay instead. The smooth checkout experience matches perfectly with Smoothie King’s smoothie creations.

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