Does MOD Pizza make gluten free crust?

MOD Pizza offers gluten-free crust as an option for customers who need to avoid gluten due to allergies or sensitivities like celiac disease. For those who need to steer clear of gluten, it can be tricky finding pizza places that provide safe options, so MOD Pizza aims to make pizza inclusive with its gluten-free crust.

What is MOD Pizza?

MOD Pizza is a fast casual pizza restaurant chain that lets customers build their own artisan-style individual pizzas and salads. Founded in Seattle, Washington in 2008, MOD Pizza has expanded across the United States and into Canada, the UK, and Germany. The restaurant allows customers to choose from over 30 toppings to create their perfect custom pizza or salad. Toppings are included in one set price, no matter how many toppings you add.

In addition to original creations, the menu also features signature MOD pizzas and salads. The restaurants focus on making pizza an inclusive option by offering gluten-free crust, vegan cheese, and other dietary restriction-friendly ingredients.

Does MOD Pizza have gluten-free crust?

Yes, MOD Pizza provides the option to build your custom pizza on a gluten-free crust, making the restaurant an accessible choice for those with gluten sensitivities or celiac disease. The gluten-free crust is prepared separately from the regular crusts to prevent cross-contamination.

The gluten-free crust is MOD’s most popular specialty crust option. It is specially formulated to give a pleasant chewy texture while being free of gluten-containing grains like wheat, barley, and rye.

MOD Pizza clearly labels and separates all its gluten-free ingredients and prep areas in the kitchen to give customers with celiac disease peace of mind in the gluten-free status of their pizza. Employees change gloves and wash hands thoroughly when preparing gluten-free orders.

Nutritional information on MOD Pizza’s gluten-free crust

MOD Pizza provides complete nutrition facts for the gluten-free crust on its website so customers can see the ingredients and nutritional profile. Here are the key nutrition facts for a MOD 11-inch gluten-free pizza crust:

Serving Size Calories Carbs Protein Fat
1 crust (11-inch) 260 41g 4g 5g

The gluten-free crust is higher in carbohydrates and calories compared to MOD’s regular original crust. This reflects the use of grains like rice flour instead of wheat flour in the gluten-free version.

Ingredients in the crust include rice flour, water, tapioca starch, high oleic sunflower oil, potato starch, and xanthan gum. It does not contain any gluten-containing grains.

How to order gluten-free crust at MOD Pizza

Ordering a gluten-free crust pizza at MOD Pizza is easy. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Ask the staff for a gluten-free crust when placing your order. You can select this instead of the original 11-inch crust.
  2. Build your custom pizza by choosing gluten-free-friendly toppings. Be aware that ingredients like the meatballs contain gluten.
  3. Pay the same price as you would for a pizza on an original crust. There is no upcharge for gluten-free at MOD.
  4. Check with staff to ensure toppings and preparation practices avoid cross-contamination.
  5. Enjoy your gluten-free MOD pizza! Be sure to let staff know if any special precautions are needed in your case.

MOD Pizza is careful to avoid cross-contamination when preparing gluten-free pizzas. Employees change gloves, use separate cutters and serving dishes, and take other precautions. However, the restaurant does warn that the open kitchen environment means trace gluten exposure is possible.

What else can you order gluten-free at MOD Pizza?

In addition to the gluten-free pizza crust, MOD offers various other gluten-free menu items. You can build a salad on a base of gluten-free greens and then add various gluten-free toppings like chicken, bacon, and vegan cheese.

Select locations of MOD Pizza also serve gluten-free cookie dough balls, called MOD Balls. These feature cookie dough free of gluten-containing ingredients and come in flavors like chocolaty Tribeca. Availability may vary.

Some of the restaurant’s sauce options are also gluten-free, like the garlic rub and BBQ sauce. Oil and vinegar are also safe gluten-free choices for salad dressing at MOD.

It’s important to note that while MOD has gluten-free menu options, the restaurant kitchen is not 100% gluten-free. Cross-contamination is possible from shared equipment and preparation areas. Customers with celiac disease or severe gluten intolerances should use caution and communicate any special requests to staff.

What do customers say about MOD Pizza’s gluten-free crust?

Many gluten-free diners are thrilled that MOD Pizza offers an in-house gluten-free crust option at no extra charge. Online reviews indicate the chain has won over fans with its commitment to accommodation and inclusive menu.

Positive feedback for the gluten-free crust at MOD Pizza includes:

  • The texture strikes a good balance between crispy and chewy.
  • The taste and quality rivals wheat-based crusts.
  • The crust gets nice and browned in MOD’s oven.
  • The crust has a pleasant light flavor on its own.
  • The crust holds up well when loaded with lots of toppings.

Some gluten-free diners say MOD Pizza has the best gluten-free pizza crust they’ve found at a restaurant chain. Many appreciate having an affordable fast casual dining option that can accommodate their dietary needs.

However, there are also some mixed reviews on the gluten-free crust. Some customers report the crust is too thick and bready or that it gets soggy if overloaded with toppings and sauce. Others wish it were thinner and crisper.

While not universally loved, most reviews suggest the gluten-free crust is a tasty option for the gluten-free pizza lovers MOD aims to serve.

What food safety practices does MOD Pizza have?

MOD Pizza has extensive food safety training programs and protocols in place to protect customers, especially those with allergies and intolerances.

For gluten-free customers, that includes:

  • Gluten-free ingredients stored separately from gluten-containing items
  • Color-coded boards, cutters, and dishes used only for gluten-free pizzas
  • Employees change gloves and wash hands for gluten-free orders
  • Gluten-free pizzas go on aluminum trays through the oven separate from other pizzas
  • Gluten-free items kept separate until served to customers

However, MOD Pizza does acknowledge that the open kitchen workflow means there is a possibility of trace exposure to gluten from airborne particles or shared surfaces and equipment. The restaurant cannot guarantee a 100% gluten-free environment.

Customers with severe celiac disease or gluten issues should use their own judgment on whether MOD Pizza works for their individual tolerances and sensitivities. Those with questions on the restaurant’s safety practices can contact the MOD location directly for details.

Is MOD Pizza safe for people with celiac disease?

MOD Pizza states its gluten-free pizzas and food preparation practices are designed to accommodate gluten sensitivities including celiac disease. However, because the kitchen is not an entirely gluten-free environment, the risk of trace exposure exists.

Most people with celiac disease can tolerate small amounts of cross-contact with gluten. The MOD Pizza approach of separate storage, preparation, and cooking should keep exposure well below the FDA-defined threshold of less than 20 parts per million (ppm) for labeling foods ‘gluten-free’.

However, MOD Pizza does not guarantee 0 ppm and acknowledges the potential for trace contamination in its facilities. Customers with celiac disease or wheat allergies should assess their own tolerance levels and comfort based on MOD’s disclaimers.

Overall, MOD Pizza’s significant steps to avoid cross-contamination plus transparent policies on its gluten-free process enable most customers with celiac disease to enjoy the pizza with confidence. But it may not work for those with only extremely high sensitivity.

Does MOD Pizza have vegan and dairy-free options?

Yes, MOD Pizza offers several vegan and dairy-free topping choices to accommodate various dietary needs and preferences.

For vegan and dairy-free pizzas, MOD suggest choosing these gluten-free-friendly toppings:

  • Classic red sauce or BBQ sauce
  • Any vegetables like mushrooms, onions, olives, etc.
  • Daiya vegan cheese substitute

The Daiya vegan cheese provides the stretchy, melty texture of real dairy cheese with no animal products. Made from tapioca and chickpea ingredients, it comes in mozzarella and cheddar styles.

For a dairy-free salad at MOD, choose a green salad base and add any of the vegan toppings along with extras like chickpeas or sunflower seeds. Opt for oil and vinegar instead of creamy dressings.

Let staff know your order needs to be prepared vegan or dairy-free to ensure proper handling. With the customizable platform, it’s easy to get pizza and salads suited to vegan and non-dairy diets.

Where are MOD Pizza locations?

As of October 2022, MOD Pizza has over 550 locations spread across 30 U.S. states and 3 countries. The restaurant chain continues expanding each year since its founding in 2008.

States with the highest concentration of MOD Pizza locations include:

  • California
  • Washington
  • Texas
  • Florida
  • Pennsylvania
  • Illinois

Use the MOD Pizza location finder to search for the nearest one in your state. If not available yet in your area, you can request MOD Pizza consider your city for a future location.

Does MOD Pizza have nationwide availability?

MOD Pizza does not have locations in every state currently. As of October 2022, these states have no MOD Pizza restaurants yet:

  • Hawaii
  • Idaho
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky
  • Mississippi
  • Montana
  • Nebraska
  • New Mexico
  • North Dakota
  • South Dakota
  • Vermont
  • West Virginia
  • Wyoming

However, MOD Pizza is continually growing its footprint. The restaurant notes it looks at factors like population, real estate availability, and proximity to existing locations when selecting areas for new MOD Pizza shops.

Even if MOD Pizza is not in your state yet, you may find locations in neighboring states when traveling. Check the locator map to search a wider area.

Does MOD Pizza offer delivery?

Yes, most MOD Pizza locations offer delivery in partnership with third-party services like DoorDash, Uber Eats, Grubhub, or Postmates. The MOD Pizza website and app allow online ordering for delivery.

MOD Pizza provides instructions for delivery drivers to help ensure gluten-free and other specialty-diet orders maintain integrity in transit. Bags are sealed and labeled, and tamper-proof stickers applied.

However, cross-contamination from transportation is always a minor risk customers assume with pizza delivery involving multiple orders. As usual, those highly sensitive should exercise caution.

In areas near a MOD Pizza shop, ordering takeout for quick pickup is the best option to get your gluten-free pizza from MOD’s ovens to your own oven or dinner table.

Does MOD offer catering?

For groups, MOD Pizza provides catering options with customizable pizza, salads, and build-your-own meal kits. To feed large gatherings, you can order catering trays with up to 25 MOD personal pizzas plus salads.

For the gluten-free and others with dietary needs, MOD also offers catering packages where each guest can build their own MOD pizza or salad. Choose the number of gluten-free crusts needed for the group.

MOD Pizza recommends a catering order minimum of 4 pizzas for delivery. Lead times vary by location and size of order. Contact your desired location to inquire about catering services and placing an order.

Is MOD Pizza affordable?

One big perk of MOD Pizza is the value pricing. Every MOD pizza or salad is one flat rate, no matter how many toppings you order. As of October 2022, MOD Pizza prices are:

  • MOD Pizza: $9.48
  • MOD Mini: $7.48
  • MOD Caesar or Green Salad: $8.28
  • MOD Lil’ Salad: $7.08

The 11-inch MOD Pizza is extremely affordable for a generously topped artisan pizza you customize. And there is no upcharge to make it gluten-free.

MOD Pizza also offers deals like promotional discounts, rewards through the MOD app, and specials for military members and students. Coupons are sometimes available as well.

Overall, MOD Pizza provides solid value for high-quality, custom pizzas with premium toppings. Gluten-free diners can enjoy personal pizzas at wallet-friendly prices.

Does MOD Pizza accept EBT SNAP payments?

Many MOD Pizza locations do accept EBT SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) payments. The EBT benefit card works similar to a debit card for approved grocery purchases.

Whether or not EBT is accepted varies by state and municipality regulations. MOD Pizza aims to provide EBT payment whenever feasible according to local laws. The website’s location finder shows which stores currently accept EBT for prepared meals.

For low-income customers that rely on SNAP EBT food assistance, this payment option makes MOD Pizza’s meals much more accessible and affordable.


For those who need to go gluten-free, MOD Pizza provides an excellent option for enjoying customized personal pizza without fear of cross-contamination. While not an entirely gluten-free environment, the restaurant takes commendable steps to offer a safe experience through dedicated ingredients, equipment, and preparation procedures.

TheMOD crust earns praise for its texture and flavor. Top it with any of the fresh gluten-free toppings for an indulgent meal supporting special dietary needs. Vegan and dairy-free diners can also craft pizzas and salads aligned with their eating guidelines.

With the ongoing expansion of locations, MOD Pizza brings its inclusive mission for customized pizza to more communities each year. For an affordable and tasty gluten-free pizza experience, look for a MOD Pizza restaurant near you.

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