Does Great American Cookies have a gluten free cookie?

Gluten free diets have become increasingly popular in recent years, with more and more people choosing to eliminate gluten from their diets for health or lifestyle reasons. This rise in gluten free eating has led many food companies and restaurants to expand their gluten free offerings to meet growing consumer demand. One such company is Great American Cookies, known for their signature cookies baked fresh in store.

What is gluten and gluten free?

Gluten is a protein found in grains like wheat, barley and rye. For those with celiac disease or non-celiac gluten sensitivity, consuming gluten can cause a range of unpleasant symptoms, so following a strict gluten free diet is essential. A gluten free diet eliminates foods and ingredients that contain gluten, like bread, pasta, cereals and baked goods made with wheat, barley or rye.

Gluten free does not necessarily mean wheat free, despite the fact that wheat contains gluten. Some gluten free baked goods and mixes do contain small amounts of wheat starch, which has had the gluten removed. Many people who follow a gluten free diet can tolerate these small amounts of gluten-removed wheat starch without issue. For those who need to avoid all forms of wheat, a wheat free and gluten free diet would be required.

Availability of gluten free cookies at Great American Cookies

For many cookie lovers, one of the biggest challenges of following a gluten free diet is saying goodbye to beloved traditional cookie varieties. The good news is that Great American Cookies, a nationwide chain known for its signature giant cookies, does offer some gluten free cookies that can satisfy any sweet tooth.

Great American Cookies has a section of their menu dedicated to gluten free and allergy friendly options. They offer three different gluten free cookie varieties:

  • Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookie
  • Gluten Free Sugar Cookie
  • Gluten Free Double Chocolate Cookies

The bakery notes that all of their gluten free cookies are prepared in a common kitchen with the risk of gluten exposure. They recommend that customers with celiac disease or sensitivity proceed with caution when consuming.

Ingredients and nutritional information

Great American Cookies does not provide a full ingredient list or nutritional information for their gluten free cookies on their website. However, their standard chocolate chip cookie ingredients include enriched bleached flour (wheat flour, niacin, reduced iron, thiamine mononitrate, riboflavin, folic acid), chocolate chips (sugar, chocolate liquor, cocoa butter, butterfat (milk), soy lecithin (emulsifier), vanillin (artificial flavor), sugar, palm oil, eggs, butter (cream (milk), salt), water, salt, artificial flavors, soybean oil, sodium bicarbonate, sodium aluminum phosphate, potassium sorbate (preservative), soy lecithin.

It’s likely that the gluten free chocolate chip cookie contains many of the same ingredients, minus the wheat flour. Typical gluten free flour replacements like rice flour, tapioca flour or potato starch may be used instead. The nutritional profile is also likely similar, though slight variations are probable.

Those who need to avoid dairy in addition to gluten should note that Great American Cookies’ gluten free options do contain milk ingredients like butter and chocolate chips made with milk. There are no dairy free or vegan gluten free cookies currently offered.

Taste and texture

Online reviews indicate that Great American Cookies’ gluten free cookies are comparable in taste and texture to their traditional gluten-containing cookies. Many reviewers say the gluten free chocolate chip and sugar cookies are very sweet, soft and chewy – similar to the signature Great American Cookie style.

Some reviews mention the gluten free cookies being slightly more dense or drier than the originals. This is common with many gluten-free baked goods due to the differences in gluten free flour blends compared to wheat flour. But most customers seem very pleased with the taste and texture of the gluten free options.

Allergy protocols

On their website, Great American Cookies states that all of their products may come into contact with peanuts, tree nuts, soy, milk, eggs and wheat during production. They note that the gluten free cookies are made on shared equipment so cross-contamination with gluten is possible.

They do not have specific allergen-free zones in stores for safely preparing gluten free items. Employees follow basic protocols like changing gloves and washing hands when preparing gluten free cookies, but there are no designated workspaces.

Those with celiac disease or severe gluten intolerances may want to exercise caution when consuming, as trace amounts of gluten may be present. The brand recommends their gluten free cookies for those simply avoiding gluten in their diet, not for customers with diagnosed conditions requiring diligent allergen avoidance.


Gluten free cookies can be ordered for takeout or delivery through the Great American Cookies website or app. They are available for nationwide shipping as well.

In-store availability may vary by location. You can use the online store locator and call your closest Great American Cookies store to check if they carry the gluten free options before visiting. Availability is higher in their newer locations, as the gluten free offerings were added more recently.


On the Great American Cookies website, their gluten free cookie varieties are priced the same as their regular classic cookies. As of November 2022, each regular-sized gluten free cookie is $1.79. Giant 5-6 inch cookies are $3.99 each. Pricing may be slightly different in-store.

This puts their gluten free options right in line with competitors like Insomnia Cookies, who also charge the same price for gluten free and regular cookies.


Great American Cookies offers online coupons and promotions frequently. Most of their special offers include the gluten free cookie varieties.

Currently, there is a coupon for $1 off any regular cookie purchase, no minimum quantity. This discount applies to the gluten free cookies as well. For larger orders of a dozen cookies, they periodically offer promotions like 20% off or buy one dozen, get one half off.

New email subscribers get 15% off their first order online. Great American Cookies also announces seasonal specials and gift packs on their website around holidays like Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Easter. These frequently include gluten free options.

Gluten free cookie options from competitors

For those seeking gluten free cookies, Great American isn’t the only nationwide bakery chain offering options. Here are some other places to check for satisfying gluten free sweets:

Insomnia Cookies

Like Great American, Insomnia Cookies offers a few dedicated gluten free cookie flavors, like chocolate chunk and snickerdoodle. Their gluten free cookies are priced the same as the regular cookies. Locations may vary in terms of gluten free availability and allergy protocols, so check with your local store.

Crumbl Cookies

This viral bakery chain rotates their menu weekly, often featuring unique specialty flavors. Crumbl frequently includes gluten free options, like their gluten free chocolate chip or cornflake cookie. Availability can vary by location and week. Check their app or website for the current gluten free offerings.

Cheryl’s Cookies

Cheryl’s is known for their signature frosted cut-out cookies. They ship cookies nationwide and offer several gluten free cookie flavors, including chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin and more. Most are made with a rice flour base.

Davide’s Cookies

This shop based in New York ships their soft gluten free cookies nationwide. Flavors include chocolate chip, chocolate chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin and more. Davide’s cookies are certified gluten free and made in a dedicated facility.

Gluten free cookie dough brands

Grocery store refrigerated cookie dough brands like Nestle, Pillsbury and Annie’s all offer gluten free cookie dough options for baking at home. Flavors are usually limited to chocolate chip or sugar cookie varieties.

Are the gluten free cookies vegan or dairy free?

Those requiring both gluten free and vegan treats will have to keep looking. Currently, none of Great American Cookies’ gluten free flavors are vegan or dairy free.

The gluten free chocolate chip and double chocolate chip varieties contain milk chocolate chips, so they are not dairy free. The sugar cookie likely contains butter. There are no explicitly vegan or dairy free options noted on their site.

Some competitors do offer vegan as well as gluten free cookies, like Cheryl’s Cookies and Davide’s Cookies. But Great American Cookies has not expanded their gluten free selection to include vegan offerings yet. Those with both dietary needs unmet by their current selection can try reaching out to the company to provide feedback.

Are Great American Cookies gluten free cookies nut free?

Great American Cookies does not make any claims that their gluten free cookies are guaranteed nut free. However, a review of the standard ingredients shows no nuts or coconut used in the recipes. So the gluten free varieties are likely nut-free by default, though cross-contamination risk may still exist in store.

Those with nut allergies would need to check with their individual location on protocols to avoid contact with nut products. Some reviews from nut allergy customers indicate positive experiences purchasing the gluten free cookies without reaction. But policies likely vary by store, so calling ahead is advised.

Should celiacs consume Great American Cookies gluten free products?

Those with celiac disease or very high sensitivity should use caution when consuming Great American Cookies’ gluten free options. The brand itself recommends their products for those simply avoiding gluten, not for customers requiring strict gluten free protocols.

Since Great American Cookies does not have dedicated allergen-free preparation areas in their stores, there is a risk of cross-contamination from flour or other gluten sources. Employees attempt to follow protocols to avoid contact, but the setup is not fully gluten free.

Some celiacs report eating the cookies without illness, while others have reacted to the same products. Individual tolerance levels vary quite a bit. Those newly diagnosed or highly sensitive may want to avoid the potential for trace gluten exposure.

Other dessert options for celiacs

For safer options, celiacs or those avoiding trace gluten may want to check dedicated gluten free bakeries in their area. These kitchens typically only use gluten free ingredients and have stricter protocols in place. Gluten free grocery items that are certified or labeled gluten free to under 10-20ppm may also be a better alternative.

Of the national chains, Insomnia Cookies may have slightly better allergen procedures in place compared to Great American. But local gluten free bakeries are still the ideal choice for stricter gluten free needs.

Verdict: are Great American Cookies’ gluten free options worth trying?

For those simply avoiding gluten in their diets, Great American Cookies provides a solid gluten free cookie option worth tasting. Their gluten free chocolate chip, sugar and double chocolate cookies satisfy most cravings at an affordable price point.

The taste and texture hold up well compared to their signature non-gluten free varieties. Those with celiac disease or wheat allergies will need to exercise more caution due to the risk of cross-contamination in store. But for general gluten free diets, the brand offers a tasty alternative for enjoying a classic American treat.

Give their gluten free selection a try to mix things up on your next cookie craving. Or explore your area for dedicated gluten free and allergy friendly bakeries to sample for fuller flavor profiles and stricter safety protocols.

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