Does Deku fight Class 1a?

This is an important question for fans of My Hero Academia, the popular manga and anime series. In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into analyzing whether Izuku “Deku” Midoriya fights against his classmates from UA Class 1-A.

Quick Summary

The quick answer is yes, Deku does end up fighting some of his Class 1-A classmates as part of training exercises and tournament battles. However, he has not fought all of Class 1-A and has no malicious intent when battling them. The fights are done in a sportsmanlike manner as part of UA’s curriculum to prepare students to become pro heroes.

Detailed Analysis

While Deku and his Class 1-A peers generally have a cooperative and friendly relationship, they have clashed against each other in combat scenarios on a few occasions. Here is an overview of some key fights:

Deku vs Kacchan

One of the most iconic rivalries in My Hero Academia is between Deku and his childhood friend/bully Katsuki Bakugo, known as “Kacchan.” They have an antagonistic history and their Quirks are natural counters for each other, with Kacchan’s Explosion Quirk being weakened by Deku’s One For All Quirk.

Deku and Kacchan have fought each other during the following notable events:

  • Battle Trial training exercise at UA – This is the first time Deku and Kacchan properly fight to test their Quirks. Kacchan is enraged at having to team up with Deku.
  • Heroes vs Villains training exercise – Multiple Class 1-A students team up but Kacchan singles out Deku to beat during their exercise battle.
  • UA Sports Festival tournament – During the finals bracket, Deku and Kacchan battle one-on-one in a dynamic fight that pushes both to their limits.
  • Class training exercise – Kacchan challenges the class and Deku steps up to fight him.
  • Pro Hero Arc – When Deku faces the villain Gentle Criminal, an enraged Kacchan shows up and ignites a clash with Deku.

From their earliest days to their high school education at UA, Deku and Kacchan have a long history of explosive battles. Their rivalry pushes both to improve their skills and Quirks.

Deku vs Todoroki

Another major clash happens during the UA Sports Festival tournament when Deku is paired up against Shoto Todoroki in the semifinals bracket. This battle highlighted the contrast between Deku’s inherited One For All Quirk against Todoroki’s hybrid fire and ice Quirk.

Their sportsmanlike battle pushed Todoroki to use his full power and make peace with his abilities. For Deku, it was another chance to demonstrate his growing mastery over One For All inherited from All Might. This remains one of Deku’s most memorable battles against a talented Class 1-A peer.

Deku vs Iida

Longtime friend and class representative Tenya Iida battled Deku during the Sports Festival tournament as well. Their battle demonstrated their physical Quirks, with Iida’s Engine Quirk giving him speed and Deku relying on his strength, agility and mental strategy.

While not as emotionally charged as Deku’s fight with Todoroki or Kacchan, it allowed Deku and Iida to push each other competitively and bond as friends. Iida even takes inspiration from Deku’s refusal to give up during this fight.

Joint Training Exercise

During a joint training session between Class 1-A and Class 1-B, the students had to team up and battle against peers from the other class. For one of these joint battles, Deku teamed up with Uraraka, Asui and others from Class 1-A to take on Iida, Yaoyorozu, Tokoyami and others.

This exercise demonstrate how Deku and his friends have to work together and coordinate their diverse Quirks against classmates with strong abilities. While not a true one-on-one fight, Deku does get to battle Iida once more during this training and put what he’s learned into practice against friends.

Other Examples

In addition to these major training exercises, tournament battles and story arcs, Deku has crossed attacks with other Class 1-A students in minor events:

  • Deku spars against Kirishima to practice hardening his One For All attacks and both improve their techniques.
  • Ashido and Sero team up to challenge Deku, Iida and Uraraka during a training exercise.
  • During a training camp, Deku responds to a surprise attack by Tokoyami’s Dark Shadow Quirk and counterattacks.

While not at the emotional level of Deku’s rivalries against Kacchan and Todoroki, these smaller clashes help the entire class learn teamwork and prepare for real battles against villains.


In summary, Deku has battled against Kacchan, Todoroki, Iida and other members of Class 1-A over the course of his UA studies. These fights and training exercises are done in the spirit of testing their skills, not out of animosity.

Deku approaches these battles as opportunities to improve his mastery of One For All and draw out the full potential of his classmates. His fights against hot-headed rivals like Kacchan do have personal history behind them, but overall Deku maintains his heroic spirit even when clashing with friends.

While some training exercises pit him against all of Class 1-A at once, he has not yet had a proper one-on-one fight against every individual class member. As Deku continues his journey to become the world’s greatest hero, he will surely get more chances to spar against his talented classmates and learn from those clashes.

In the context of My Hero Academia’s story, these battles represent growth for Deku and his friends. They are tests of skill and character that prepare UA’s students to save lives in the future. Deku’s clashes with his cherished friends are done in a sportsmanlike spirit to push one another to higher heights.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Deku fight Kacchan to the death?

No, Deku and Kacchan have never battled each other to the death and there is no evidence Deku harbors lethal intent towards his explosive rival and friend.

Who won the most battles between Deku and Kacchan?

In their major clashes, Kacchan won their initial UA battle training while Deku has won most of the direct one-on-one fights such as at the UA Sports Festival and in later training exercises.

Does Deku hate fighting Class 1-A?

No, Deku values Class 1-A and sees battling them as necessary training to improve his skills. He treats his classmates with respect and fights them in a sportsmanlike manner.

Did Deku fight Mirio?

No, Deku and Mirio Togata have not battled each other directly in the story so far. Mirio was initially planned as All Might’s successor before passing the power to Deku.

Key Takeaways

  • Deku battles some of his Class 1-A classmates during training exercises and tournaments but he does not fight all of them.
  • His major fights are against rivals Kacchan and Todoroki along with friend Iida.
  • These clashes are done sportsmanlike as necessary training and growth experiences.
  • Deku values all his talented Class 1-A peers even when forced to spar against them.
  • The fights represent growth for Deku’s mastery of One For All and draw out Class 1-A’s potential.

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