Does Costco have syrup?

Yes, Costco does sell syrup in its stores and online. As a warehouse club retailer, Costco offers a wide variety of syrup options at bulk pricing to meet the needs of both individuals and businesses. Some quick answers to common questions about Costco and syrup include:

What types of syrup does Costco sell?

Costco sells many popular syrup varieties including maple syrup, pancake syrup, chocolate syrup, caramel syrup, fruit syrups like strawberry and blueberry, flavored coffee syrups, and more. The selection focuses on larger volumes and bulk pricing. For example, you may find a 33.8 ounce bottle of maple syrup or a 128 ounce jug of aunt Jemima pancake syrup.

What brands of syrup does Costco carry?

Some major syrup brands available at Costco include:

  • Kirkland Signature – Costco’s premium private label brand. Offers organic maple syrup and flavored coffee syrups.
  • Aunt Jemima – Known for their pancake syrup and lite syrup options.
  • Log Cabin – Carries original, lite and sugar free pancake syrup varieties.
  • Mrs. Butterworth’s – Stocks their classic pancake syrup and sugar free options.
  • Hidden Valley – Ranch maker also sells chocolate and strawberry syrup.
  • Hershey’s – Chocolate and assorted flavored syrup offerings.
  • DaVinci – Extensive line of sugar free flavored syrups for coffee and other beverages.
  • Torani – Popular for flavored coffee syrups, sauces and fruit smoothie mixes.

Where in the warehouse is syrup located?

Syrup is generally located in the grocery section of Costco warehouses. More specifically:

  • Pancake syrup and maple syrup are usually in the aisle with maple syrup, honey, jelly and other sweeteners.
  • Chocolate and fruit syrups tend to be shelved in the baking aisle near ice cream toppings.
  • Coffee syrups are found by the coffee, tea and beverage selections.

Does Costco sell syrup in bulk or multi-packs?

Yes, Costco does offer syrup in larger, bulk sizes and multi-packs. For example:

  • Gallon jugs of Aunt Jemima or generic pancake syrup.
  • Multi-packs with 2-4 bottles of maple syrup.
  • Larger #10 cans of chocolate or strawberry syrup for restaurants.
  • Cases of small DaVinci or Torini coffee syrup bottles.

The bulk options provide savings for buyers who go through a high volume of syrup. Households, restaurants, coffee shops and food service businesses can benefit from the larger quantities at lower per ounce pricing.

Does Costco sell organic, sugar free or other specialty syrups?

Costco does carry some organic, reduced sugar and sugar free varieties to meet different dietary needs and preferences:

  • Organic: Kirkland and other brands of USDA certified organic maple syrup. Some organic agave nectar options too.
  • Sugar free: Sugar free syrups like DaVinci and Torani for beverages, plus Mrs. Butterworth’s and other sugar free pancake syrups.
  • Reduced sugar: Some low sugar/no high fructose corn syrup pancake syrup varieties.
  • Allergy friendly: Maple syrup is generally gluten free. Some kosher options as well.

Check your local Costco for availability of specialty syrups, as organic and sugar free selections vary by location.

Does Costco sell syrup online?

Costco sells many syrup varieties on its website Options include:

  • Maple syrup from various regions like Vermont and Canada.
  • Pancake syrup from Kirkland, Aunt Jemima and others.
  • Chocolate, caramel, strawberry and other flavored syrups.
  • Coffee syrups from DaVinci, Torani and Jordan’s Skinny Mixes.
  • Bulk #10 cans of commercial syrup for food service.

The advantage of ordering syrup online from Costco is delivery directly to your home or business. Many syrups qualify for free shipping or two-day delivery with a Costco membership.

Does Costco have any promotions or sales on syrup?

Costco does offer some promotions on syrup from time to time. For example:

  • Coupon books with $1-3 off various syrups.
  • Instant savings or rebates when you buy a specific brand or size.
  • Seasonal promotions around holidays like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Christmas.
  • Clearance sales to rotate inventory of less popular flavors.

Check the monthly Costco coupon book for any current deals. The Member Only Savings section on will list any online promotions on syrup as well.

What are Costco’s return policies for syrup?

Like all products at Costco, syrup is covered by their general return policy. Key points include:

  • Full refund if returned at any time for any reason.
  • No time limit or receipt required.
  • Refund will be given in the original payment form.
  • Policy applies to both in-warehouse and online purchases.

Costco’s generous return policy makes it easy to get your money back if you are unsatisfied with any syrup purchase for any reason. Even partial bottles can be returned.

Does Costco sell syrup dispensers or carafes?

In addition to syrup itself, Costco stocks some accessories and serving items for syrup. This includes:

  • Glass syrup dispenser bottles – ideal for pancake breakfast bars or brunch buffets.
  • Pump tops – lets you easily dispense from gallon jugs.
  • Syrup carafes – stainless steel and glass bottles to serve syrup at the table.
  • Commercial dispensers – for cafeterias and restaurants to self-serve syrup.

The selection of syrup carafes, dispensers and pumps varies by location and season. Be sure to check your local Costco warehouse for availability.

Does Costco do syrup taste testings or demonstrations?

Unfortunately Costco does not routinely offer syrup tastings or demonstrations in warehouse locations. However, exceptions may include:

  • Seasonal pancake breakfasts – some warehouses host a pancake breakfast for holidays like Fourth of July or Labor Day and give samples of their syrup.
  • Roadshows – Brands like Coombs Family Farms do maple syrup demonstrations as part of the roadshow program.
  • Local events – Costcos may partner with a maple syrup producer at certain regional events or festivals.

So while not found daily, be on the lookout for special events where Costco hands out syrup samples or hosts a pancake breakfast. This offers a great chance to taste test different syrups they sell.

Does Costco sell syrup in a variety of sizes?

Costco stocks maple syrup, pancake syrup, and other varieties in an array of sizes, including:

  • 128 oz and gallon jugs – For large households or restaurants/cafeterias.
  • 42-64 oz bottles – Great for families, smaller businesses.
  • 12-33.8 oz – Affordable sizes for individuals.
  • 2 oz single serve cups – Portion control packs for hospitality businesses.

They offer value sized volumes for any need, from a single guest room waffle to a hotel banquet. The availability of specific sizes can vary.

What tips does Costco have for buying and storing syrup?

Here are some best practices from Costco for buying and storing syrup:

  • Read the label – Check ingredients, nutritional info, any allergy warnings, etc.
  • Mind the price per ounce – Larger sizes are not always the best deal.
  • Take advantage of sales/promotions – Buy extra when it’s on coupon or rebate.
  • Store in cool, dry place – Avoid heat and humidity which can cause mold.
  • Keep refrigerated after opening – Extends shelf life of maple syrup especially.
  • Use clean bottles – Sanitize commercial dispensers to avoid contamination.

These tips will help buyers maximize value and safety when purchasing syrups sold at Costco.


In summary, Costco is a great source for buying syrup with their wide selection, bulk sizing, savings opportunities and generous return policy. From Aunt Jemima and maple syrup to Hershey’s chocolate and DaVinci coffee flavors, they have options for any use. Check your local Costco store or to find the perfect syrups to satisfy your household, restaurant, or food service business needs.

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