Does coffee bean have sugar free vanilla?

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is a popular coffee shop chain that offers a wide variety of coffee and tea drinks. One of the questions that customers often have is whether Coffee Bean carries sugar free vanilla syrup that can be added to drinks. Sugar free syrups are important options for people who are avoiding sugar for health reasons like diabetes or weight management. Knowing what sugar free flavors are available allows customers to customize their drinks.

Quick Answer

Yes, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf does offer sugar free vanilla syrup that can be added to any of their hot or iced drinks. The sugar free vanilla syrup has 0 grams of sugar per serving. This allows customers to get the delicious vanilla flavor without any added sugar.

Exploring Coffee Bean’s Sugar Free Syrup Options

Coffee Bean has made an effort to provide more options for health-conscious customers by offering several different sugar free syrup flavors. In addition to sugar free vanilla, Coffee Bean also offers sugar free hazelnut, caramel, cinnamon dolce, and classic. All of these popular syrup flavors are available in a sugar free version that uses artificial sweeteners like sucralose instead of sugar.

The sugar free vanilla syrup is a popular choice for customers who want to reduce their sugar intake but still enjoy the sweet, rich taste of vanilla. Coffee Bean’s sugar free vanilla syrup tastes quite similar to the regular syrup, providing the same fragrant vanilla scent and flavor but without the added sugar.

One serving of the sugar free vanilla syrup contains:

Calories Total Fat Sodium Total Carbs Sugar
15 0g 15mg 4g 0g

As you can see, the sugar free vanilla syrup has just 15 calories and 0g of sugar per serving. The regular vanilla syrup contains 50 calories and 12g of sugar per serving in contrast.

Drink Options with Sugar Free Vanilla

The sugar free vanilla syrup can be added to any hot or iced Coffee Bean drink for a sugar free flavor boost. Here are some popular options:

– Iced coffee – Add a few pumps of sugar free vanilla to iced coffee for a chilled, lightly sweetened treat. The vanilla pairs nicely with the cold coffee flavor.

– Vanilla latte – Espresso with steamed milk and sugar free vanilla is a delicious lower sugar option. You still get the sweet creamy vanilla latte experience.

– Vanilla cold brew – Slow-steeped cold brew coffee served over ice and flavored with sugar free vanilla is refreshing. The vanilla smooths out the coffee’s bitterness.

– Ice blended drinks – Adding sugar free vanilla to any ice blended drink like a mocha or caramel blended gives you plenty of sweet flavor. Just skip the whipped cream topping to keep it sugar free.

– Tea lattes – Sugar free vanilla complements the flavors of black or green tea for a cozy, comforting latte.

So whether you prefer hot or iced drinks, the sugar free vanilla opens up many low sugar possibilities at Coffee Bean. You can also combine it with sugar free options of other syrup flavors to create custom sugar free drinks.

Ordering Drinks With Sugar Free Vanilla at Coffee Bean

Ordering a drink with sugar free vanilla at Coffee Bean is an easy process:

1. Choose your drink base – Any hot, iced, or blended Coffee Bean drink can be made with sugar free vanilla. Consider options like brewed coffee, espresso, tea, etc.

2. Select size – Choose from small, medium, large or an extra large for an additional charge.

3. Ask for sugar free vanilla syrup – When you order, request sugar free vanilla syrup instead of regular vanilla or other regular syrups. You can ask for as many pumps of sugar free vanilla as you want based on your preferred level of sweetness. 3-4 pumps is a good starting point.

4. Specify hot or iced – Let the barista know if you want the drink made hot or poured over ice.

5. Customize with milk and toppings – Choose options like milk, alternative milks, and coffee toppings like whipped cream or drizzle to finish your drink. Skip sugary toppings to keep it sugar free.

6. Pay – Expect to pay $0.50 to $0.75 extra for adding the sugar free vanilla syrup to your coffee drink.

7. Enjoy your customized sugar free drink!

The baristas at Coffee Bean should have no problem accommodating your request for sugar free vanilla, but it helps to be specific when ordering just in case. You can even ask them to read back your order to confirm they have noted “sugar free vanilla.”

Nutrition Info for Drinks with Sugar Free Vanilla

Adding sugar free vanilla syrup won’t significantly affect the nutrition info of your Coffee Bean drink. With 0g of sugar per pump, the sugar free vanilla allows you to eliminate most of the sugar you’d get from regular syrups and whipped toppings.

Here are some nutrition estimates when adding 3 pumps of sugar free vanilla syrup:

Drink Calories Total Fat Sodium Total Carbs Sugar
Small Iced Coffee (12 oz) 15 0g 15mg 4g 0g
Small Vanilla Latte (12 oz) 100 5g 100mg 9g 0g
Small Vanilla Cold Brew (12 oz) 45 0g 15mg 11g 0g

As you can see, sticking with sugar free vanilla allows you to enjoy delicious coffeehouse flavor while avoiding the sugar that’s typically added to these drinks. It lets you control the sugar content to suit your dietary needs.

Tips for Enjoying Sugar Free Vanilla Drinks

Here are some tips to help you enjoy coffee drinks flavored with sugar free vanilla:

– Start with less pumps of sugar free vanilla at first to prevent it from overpowering the coffee. You can always add more.

– Request extra ice for iced drinks to dilute and mellow the sugar free vanilla sweetness.

– Try stevia or monk fruit packets to balance out the vanilla flavor instead of extra syrup pumps.

– Opt for a splash of milk or cream to mellow the sweetness of the sugar free vanilla.

– For hot drinks, ask for an extra shot of espresso to complement the strong vanilla flavor.

– Skip the whipped cream and sugary toppings to prevent added sugars.

– Savor your sugar free vanilla drink slowly so you can enjoy all the subtle flavor notes.

With some experimenting, you’ll find the perfect balance of coffee and sugar free vanilla that satisfies your craving for a lightly sweetened drink.

Potential Health Benefits

Choosing sugar free vanilla syrup from Coffee Bean offers several potential health advantages:

– Provides flavor without unwanted added sugars – For people monitoring sugar for diabetes, weight loss, or other health reasons, sugar free vanilla allows flavor customization without excess sugars.

– Avoids blood sugar spikes – The artificial sweeteners in sugar free vanilla won’t cause your blood sugar to spike like regular syrups. This helps keep blood sugar steady.

– Can reduce calorie intake – Eliminating sugary bottles syrups and toppings removes a significant source of “empty” calories from your coffee drink.

– Helps reduce risk of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease – Research shows artificial sweeteners like those in sugar free vanilla may help lower these disease risks compared to regular sweeteners.

– Promotes dental health – Sugar free syrup won’t feed oral bacteria that cause tooth decay like regular syrup does. This improves dental hygiene.

For those looking to cut back on sugar without sacrificing the delicious flavors they enjoy, sugar free vanilla from Coffee Bean is an excellent option with measurable benefits.

Potential Drawbacks

While sugar free vanilla has advantages, there are also some potential drawbacks to consider:

– Artificial sweetener aftertaste – Some find sucralose and other artificial sweeteners leave an unpleasant chemical-like aftertaste. This may take some adjusting to.

– Gastrointestinal issues – Consuming too many artificial sweeteners could lead to bloating, gas, or diarrhea in sensitive individuals. Moderation is key.

– Lack of nutrients – Sugar free syrups provide flavor without nutrients like antioxidants found in natural sweeteners like honey or maple syrup. Lack of fiber from natural sugars may also impact gut bacteria.

– Promotes cravings – Artificially sweetened drinks could still stimulate appetite and cravings for other sugary foods. The sweet taste may make you hungry for more carbohydrates overall.

– May not help weight loss – Despite having 0 calories, some research indicates that consuming artificial sweeteners does not appear to promote weight loss compared to regular sweeteners.

While sugar free vanilla has some drawbacks, many find the benefits outweigh any downsides, especially for those seeking to manage health conditions affected by sugar intake.

Comparison to Other Sugar Free Syrup Brands

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is far from the only provider of sugar free vanilla syrup. Several brands create their own sugar free vanilla coffee syrups as well. Here’s how Coffee Bean’s syrup compares:

Brand Calories Sweetener Used Flavors Available Price Per Bottle
Coffee Bean Sugar Free Vanilla 15/serving Sucralose Hazelnut, Caramel, Cinnamon Dolce, Classic $11.95
Torani Sugar Free Vanilla 0 Sucralose Hazelnut, Caramel, Almond, Other $8.99
Jordan’s Skinny Syrups Sugar Free Vanilla 0 Stevia Caramel, Cinnamon, Other $8.99
Monin Sugar Free Vanilla 15 Acesulfame K Caramel, Amaretto, Irish Cream, Other $9.99

As you can see, Coffee Bean’s sugar free vanilla is comparable to other brands in calories, sweeteners used, and price. The availability of additional sugar free flavors gives Coffee Bean an edge over some competitors. But any of these would provide you with a quality sugar free vanilla coffee syrup option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about getting sugar free vanilla syrup from Coffee Bean:

Is sugar free vanilla Keto-friendly?

Yes, sugar free vanilla syrup is keto-friendly, containing 0g net carbs and no sugar. This allows it to fit into a ketogenic diet. Avoid adding milk or toppings that contain carbs/sugar when ordering a keto drink.

Does Sugar Free Vanilla have aspartame?

No, Coffee Bean uses sucralose as the artificial sweetener in its sugar free vanilla syrup, not aspartame. People who need to avoid aspartame due to phenylketonuria can safely consume this syrup.

What can I add to sugar free vanilla drinks to boost nutrition?

Options to add nutrients to sugar free vanilla drinks include a splash of milk for calcium and vitamin D, cinnamon for antioxidants, cocoa powder for flavonoids, brewed coffee for polyphenols, and matcha powder for compounds like L-theanine.

Can kids have sugar free vanilla syrup drinks?

Yes, but in moderation. The artificial sweeteners are considered safe for children but too much can lead to GI issues. Limit kids to one small sugar free vanilla drink a day at most. Always check with your pediatrician.

Does the sugar free vanilla syrup ever sell out or get discontinued?

Coffee Bean keeps their sugar free vanilla regularly stocked but high demand can occasionally lead to temporary shortages. The syrup has remained a menu staple for many years with no signs of being discontinued. Check with your local shop about current availability.


Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf carries sugar free vanilla syrup that allows customers to enjoy the classic vanilla flavor in their drinks without any unwanted sugar. The syrup can be customized into both hot and cold beverages using the no-sugar vanilla sweetness.

While artificial sweeteners like sucralose have some drawbacks, sugar free vanilla remains a popular option for those looking to closely monitor their sugar and calorie intake. When used in moderation, it can be a helpful tool for certain health goals.

So if you love the taste of vanilla in your coffeehouse drinks but not the added sugar, be sure to take advantage of Coffee Bean’s sugar free vanilla on your next visit. Asking for it in your drink is a simple way to lighten it up.

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