Does Cirkul count as water intake?

Cirkul is a popular flavored water brand that offers customizable flavors through interchangeable flavor cartridges. With the rising popularity of flavored waters like Cirkul, many people wonder if drinking flavored water counts towards daily water intake recommendations.

What is Cirkul?

Cirkul is a flavored water brand launched in 2016. Their main product is a reusable water bottle that comes with interchangeable flavor cartridges. To use Cirkul, you fill up the water bottle and snap in a flavor cartridge of your choice. There are over 60+ flavors to choose from, all certified vegan and free from artificial sweeteners or calories.

Some of the most popular Cirkul flavor cartridge options include:

  • Citrus Zest
  • Mixed Berry
  • Peach Mango
  • Dragonfruit
  • Strawberry
  • Watermelon Mint
  • Cucumber Lime

The flavor cartridges contain non-GMO natural flavorings and electrolytes. According to Cirkul, each cartridge has less than 1 gram of sugar and only 10 calories per serving.

How much water should you drink daily?

Most health authorities recommend drinking around 6-8 glasses of water per day or about 1.5-2 liters. This recommended water intake varies based on factors like age, gender, activity levels, and health status.

Here are some standard daily water intake recommendations:

  • Adult men: 3.7 liters per day
  • Adult women: 2.7 liters per day
  • Pregnant women: 3 liters per day
  • Breastfeeding women: 3.8 liters per day
  • Children ages 1-3 years: 1.3 liters per day
  • Children ages 4-8 years: 1.7 liters per day
  • Adolescents ages 9-18 years: boys 2.4 liters per day, girls 2.1 liters per day

For healthy adults, the Institute of Medicine recommends getting at least 2.7 liters for women and 3.7 liters for men of total fluid intake per day. This total fluid intake includes water, other beverages and food moisture.

So getting in 6-8 glasses or 1.5-2 liters of water from combined beverage and food sources is a good target for most adults. Athletes, people who exercise regularly, and those living in hot climates may need even higher water intakes.

Does flavored water count as water intake?

Yes, drinking flavored water like Cirkul can absolutely count towards your daily water intake goals.

The main ingredient in Cirkul is water. The flavor cartridges add natural flavors and trace electrolytes, without any added sugars or artificial sweeteners.

While plain water is ideal, flavored waters like Cirkul provide a tasty alternative to help people stay hydrated, especially those who don’t enjoy drinking plain water.

Studies show that flavored waters, like hint water and sports drinks, are just as effective as plain water for proper hydration:

  • A 2016 study found no significant differences between the hydration levels of people who drank plain water versus flavored water. Both plain and flavored water adequately increased hydration levels.
  • Another study gave athletes plain water or a flavored sports drink after exercise. Researchers found no major differences in hydration markers – both the plain water and flavored sports drink rehydrated the body effectively.

So based on the research, flavored waters like Cirkul provide similar hydration benefits as regular water. The natural flavors and trace electrolytes can make it easier to reach daily water intake goals.

Benefits of staying hydrated

Getting enough water every day provides many important health benefits:

  • Regulates body temperature – Water helps regulate your core body temperature to prevent overheating.
  • Moisturizes skin – Adequate water intake keeps your skin supple and moisturized.
  • Boosts physical performance – Drinking enough water is linked to increased athletic performance, endurance, and motor coordination.
  • Facilitates digestion – Water helps digest food properly and prevents constipation.
  • Flushes out toxins – Staying hydrated supports kidney function to filter waste and excess fluids.
  • Prevents headaches – Dehydration is a common cause of headaches. Drinking enough water can help prevent headaches.
  • Improves cognitive function – Even mild dehydration negatively impacts concentration, alertness and short-term memory.

By drinking enough water from fluids and foods daily, you can reap all these beneficial effects for your body and mind.

Does Cirkul water count as part of your daily intake?

Yes, Cirkul flavored water does count towards your daily water intake requirements.

The main ingredients in Cirkul are water and natural flavorings. The trace electrolytes and flavor extracts they add are negligible when it comes to hydration.

Cirkul water fits the criteria for “total water intake” as defined by major health organizations. As long as you drink it to quench thirst and stay hydrated, it contributes to your daily fluid requirements just like plain water.

Some tips for getting enough water daily with Cirkul:

  • Carry your Cirkul bottle with you and sip throughout the day.
  • Drink a glass of Cirkul before and after workouts.
  • Set reminders to drink Cirkul water at regular intervals.
  • Infuse your Cirkul water with fruits and herbs for extra flavor.
  • Drink Cirkul water with meals to aid digestion.

Having a reusable Cirkul bottle on hand makes it simple to drink flavored water regularly and meet your daily hydration goals.

Potential drawbacks of excessive Cirkul consumption

While Cirkul can absolutely count as daily water intake, there are a few potential drawbacks to consider with excessive consumption:

  • Dilutes electrolytes – Drinking high volumes of any liquid, including plain water, can potentially flush out electrolytes from the body.
  • Blood sugar spikes – Some of the Cirkul flavors contain sucralose or other artificial sweeteners that may spike blood glucose levels in sensitive individuals if consumed excessively.
  • Tooth decay – Constantly sipping on sweet drinks, even unsweetened ones, exposes teeth to acids that promote erosion and decay over time.
  • Low nutrient profile – While hydrating, plain water is more nutrient-dense than low-calorie flavored waters.
  • Plastic bottle waste – The plastic used in disposable Cirkul bottles or cartridges creates environmental waste if not recycled properly.

Moderation is key with any beverage. Stick within recommended daily intake limits and opt for reusable bottles to minimize any potential downsides of overconsuming flavored waters like Cirkul.

The bottom line

Here is a quick summary on whether or not Cirkul counts as water intake:

  • Cirkul is a flavored water brand that makes drinking water more enticing with natural flavors and added electrolytes.
  • Drinking 6-8 cups of total fluid intake per day from beverages plus foods is recommended for adequate hydration.
  • Research shows flavored waters effectively hydrate the body, similar to plain water.
  • Cirkul provides hydration value and can absolutely count as part of your daily water intake.
  • Moderate your Cirkul intake and opt for reusable bottles to minimize health and environmental impacts.

Overall, yes – flavored waters like Cirkul do contribute to daily hydration needs. Cirkul makes it easier to meet water intake goals thanks to its appealing flavors and portability. Drink it consistently throughout your day as a tasty way to stay hydrated.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Cirkul have electrolytes?

Yes, Cirkul flavored water does contain added electrolytes from mineral sources like potassium, magnesium and sodium. Electrolytes help your body absorb water more effectively. The trace electrolytes in Cirkul provide a light way to replenish electrolytes lost through sweat and activity.

Can you drink too much Cirkul?

It’s unlikely drinking too much Cirkul will cause major health problems. However, excessive intake – more than 2-4 liters per day – could potentially leach electrolytes or cause insulin spikes from artificial sweeteners for sensitive individuals. As with any beverage, moderation is key.

Is Cirkul better than drinking plain water?

Plain water is the gold standard for hydration, but Cirkul offers benefits including added flavor, portability and electrolytes that may enhance daily intake for some people. Ultimately, either plain water or Cirkul can contribute to daily fluid requirements. Choose whichever you prefer and ensures you meet hydration needs.

Does Cirkul promote weight loss?

Cirkul is unlikely to directly cause weight loss, but it may support weight management efforts in some ways:

  • Low/zero calories – With under 10 calories per serving, it’s a lower-calorie option than sugary fruit juices or soda.
  • Increases satiety – Drinking water before meals can temporarily help fill you up.
  • Boosts metabolism – Adequate hydration enhances metabolism and fat burning.

So drinking Cirkul in place of higher calorie beverages and meeting hydration needs may aid weight management to some degree. But solely drinking Cirkul will not directly result in weight loss without an overall healthy lifestyle.

Should you drink Cirkul while pregnant?

Staying well hydrated is essential during pregnancy, so Cirkul can help pregnant women reach the 3 liter per day fluid intake recommendation. However, it’s best to moderate consumption of all flavored beverages during pregnancy. Speak to your doctor about appropriate hydration sources and how much Cirkul you can safely enjoy while expecting.

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