Is DaVinci vanilla syrup good?

DaVinci Gourmet Syrups have been a staple in many coffee shops and restaurants for years. Their syrups come in a variety of delicious flavors like hazelnut, caramel, and of course, vanilla. But is DaVinci’s vanilla syrup actually good? Let’s take a closer look at this popular coffee syrup.

What is DaVinci vanilla syrup?

DaVinci Gourmet vanilla syrup is an artificially flavored syrup that baristas use to add sweet vanilla flavor to coffees, lattes, cappuccinos, and other drinks. It’s made with sugar, water, natural and artificial flavors, potassium sorbate, and citric acid. The vanilla syrup has a sweet, creamy, and rich vanilla taste that complements both hot and cold coffee drinks.

DaVinci offers their vanilla syrup in a few different sizes including 25 oz, 1 gallon, 2.5 gallon, and 5 gallon containers. It’s economical for coffee shops to buy the syrup in bulk sizes. The syrup can be purchased online as well as in some grocery stores and warehouse clubs.


The first thing to evaluate in a vanilla syrup is the taste. DaVinci’s vanilla syrup has a very sweet, pronounced vanilla flavor. Some describe it as an intense vanilla custard or vanilla frosting taste. The flavor is bolder than you’d expect from vanilla beans or extract.

The strong vanilla sweetness can be polarizing. Some coffee drinkers love the bold blast of sweet vanilla. Others find it to be artificial tasting or overpowering. The syrup is certainly very sweet compared to plain sugar or simple syrup. Just a few pumps can satisfy any sweet tooth.

When added to coffee, the DaVinci vanilla syrup mellows slightly. It blends with the coffee’s natural bitterness to create a delicious sweet and creamy flavor. It brings out the coffee’s vanilla and caramel notes. The syrup sweetness cuts through milk and masks any burnt coffee flavors.

Keep in mind the DaVinci vanilla syrup contains both natural and artificial flavors. While pure vanilla extract offers an authentic flavor, DaVinci uses other flavorings to reinforce and standardize the taste. The artificial flavors are likely where the “fake” or chemical taste comes from for some palates.

Overall the flavor profile of DaVinci vanilla syrup is quite sweet and intense. Some love it while others don’t care for the artificial taste. It certainly adds plenty of vanilla flavor to coffee drinks and baked goods.


Another important quality of a coffee syrup is its consistency and texture. DaVinci’s vanilla syrup has a nice viscous, smooth, and creamy texture. It’s thick enough to add body and texture to drinks without being overly sticky or syrupy.

The thickness comes from the high sugar content. The syrup easily incorporates into liquids like coffee, milk, and cocktails. It blends smoothly without clumping or separating. The consistency remains smooth whether the syrup is hot or chilled.

Some coffee syrups are too thin and watery. They drain straight through drinks rather than adding flavor and richness. The DaVinci vanilla syrup has an ideal syrupy texture. It sticks to the sides of cups and glasses adding residual flavor and aroma with each sip.


DaVinci vanilla syrup is extremely sweet since sugar is the number one ingredient. Just an ounce or two can satisfy a sweet tooth. The sweetness pairs perfectly with bitter espresso shots and strong black coffee.

A little syrup goes a long way. More than 4 pumps in a standard drink size may be overkill. For reference, DaVinci’s website states their vanilla syrup contains 71 grams of sugar per 1/4 cup. That’s nearly 3 times the sugar content of the same amount of Hershey’s chocolate syrup!

The intense sweetness is welcomed by some coffee drinkers who want a sugary, dessert-like beverage. However those watching their sugar intake may want to use a lighter hand with the DaVinci vanilla syrup. The high sugar content is where most of the calories in the syrup come from.


DaVinci vanilla syrup is extremely versatile for use in hot and cold coffee drinks, teas, baked goods, cocktails, and more. Here are just a few of the most popular ways to use DaVinci vanilla syrup:

  • Add to lattes, cappuccinos, macchiatos
  • Mix into iced coffees, frappes, and cold brews
  • Sweeten up teas, hot chocolate, and chai tea
  • Use in milkshakes, smoothies, soda fountain drinks
  • Drizzle over ice cream, crepes, waffles, pancakes
  • Fold into cake batters, frostings, puddings
  • Mix into cocktails like vanilla vodka, rum, or bourbon

The options are endless for using the versatile vanilla syrup. It dissolves easily into hot and cold liquids. A pump or two can quickly flavor up any drink or food.


DaVinci vanilla syrup represents a good value for coffee shops. It’s more economical than buying real vanilla beans and extracting flavor. The syrup yields far more servings per ounce compared to vanilla extract.

For home use, DaVinci vanilla syrup costs around $7-$9 for a 25 oz bottle. This breaks down to about $0.28-$0.36 per ounce. Compared to store-bought vanilla extract that can cost $0.50 per ounce or more, the syrup is quite affordable. Buying larger gallons or multi-gallon sizes can further reduce the cost per ounce.

Keep in mind the DaVinci vanilla syrup is very concentrated. Just a small amount like 1/4 oz is needed per drink. Each bottle holds enough to flavor hundreds of servings. This offers great value compared to many other coffee flavoring options.


The main nutrients found in DaVinci vanilla syrup are carbohydrates and sugar, with 70 calories per 2 tablespoon (1 oz) serving. Since it is primarily sugar and water, the nutritional value of vanilla syrup is fairly minimal.

Nutrition Facts Per 1 oz (2 Tbsp) serving
Calories 70
Total Fat 0g
Sodium 0mg
Total Carbohydrates 18g
Sugars 18g
Protein 0g

As you can see, a single serving provides 70 calories, all of which come from carbohydrates. There are 18 grams of sugar per ounce, which is a substantial amount. There are minimal contributions to your daily nutritional needs.

The main drawbacks of the DaVinci vanilla syrup from a nutritional standpoint are the high sugar and calorie contents. Diabetics and those limiting sugar intake may want to use the syrup sparingly.

Compared to flavored creamers

DaVinci vanilla syrup differs from coffee creamers like Coffee-mate and International Delight. Creamers contain milk/cream, sugar, and natural or artificial flavors. Syrups are mainly sugar, water, and flavorings without dairy.

Here’s a basic comparison of DaVinci vanilla syrup versus flavored coffee creamers:

  • Creamers – Contain dairy like milk, cream, or hydrogenated oils. Higher in fat and more creaminess.
  • Syrups – Dairy-free, fat-free, and vegan. Provide sweetness without heavy creaminess.
  • Creamers – Pre-mixed convenience. Just pour and stir.
  • Syrups – Must be pumped and blended into drinks.
  • Creamers – Contain fewer calories per serving.
  • Syrups – Higher in sugar and carbohydrates.

The choice between flavored creamer vs. vanilla syrup comes down to personal preference. Those seeking convenience, creaminess, and lower calories may prefer creamers. For dairy-free, bold sweet flavor, syrups are the better option.


Here are some of the benefits and positives of using DaVinci vanilla syrup:

  • Adds very sweet, rich vanilla flavor
  • Versatile for use in many hot and cold drinks
  • Smooth, creamy texture
  • Dissolves easily into liquids
  • Affordable cost per ounce
  • Available in bulk sizes for cafes
  • Shelf-stable after opening
  • Dairy-free and vegan
  • No refrigeration required until opened


Some potential downsides of DaVinci vanilla syrup include:

  • Very high in sugar and carbs
  • Artificial tasting to some
  • Adds calories without nutrition
  • Not pure vanilla extract flavor
  • Easy to over-pour due to thin viscosity
  • Contains potassium sorbate preservative
  • Must be refrigerated after opening
  • Not as creamy as flavored creamers


Here are some reviews of DaVinci Gourmet vanilla syrup from people who have tried it:

“This syrup is dangerously delicious! It’s sweet and smells just like fresh vanilla frosting. A little goes a long way to give drinks tons of flavor without overpowering them. I always keep a bottle on hand.”

“I wanted to love this syrup but the flavor is just too artificial for me. It reminds me of suntan lotion rather than vanilla. Maybe I got a bad batch. I do like that the consistency is thicker than other syrups I’ve tried.”

“This has become my go-to vanilla syrup for lattes and iced coffees. It’s rich and sweet without being cloying. I still prefer Torani for hazelnut but DaVinci does vanilla best in my opinion. It’s not at all bitter like some syrups.”

“Awful chemical taste. I could barely get through my coffee after adding just a small amount of this syrup. Tossed the rest of the bottle. I’ll stick to flavoring drinks with pure vanilla extract from now on.”

As you can see from the reviews, responses are mixed. Some praise the bold sweet vanilla flavor while others find it too artificial. It comes down to personal preference.


If you find DaVinci vanilla syrup too artificial or sweet, here are some alternatives to consider:

  • Torani or Monin vanilla syrup – Milder vanilla flavor
  • Jordan’s Skinny Syrups – Lower sugar and calories
  • Vanilla paste or extract – All natural flavor
  • Homemade vanilla simple syrup – Control sweetness level
  • Vanilla powder – Sprinkle on without extra liquids
  • Vanilla beans – Steep in drinks for bolder flavor
  • Flavored coffee creamers – Contain dairy and less sugar

Experiment to find your favorite vanilla coffee flavoring. The options range from syrups to real vanilla beans.


DaVinci Gourmet vanilla syrup offers an intensely flavored artificially enhanced vanilla taste. It dissolves easily into beverages and baked goods with a smooth, creamy texture. The syrup is versatile for use in coffees, cocktails, desserts and more.

On the downside, some find the taste to be overly sweet and artificial. The nutrition content is primarily refined sugar. Despite these drawbacks, DaVinci vanilla remains a popular flavor choice for coffee shops and home use.

Your preference for DaVinci vanilla syrup vs. other options ultimately comes down to your tastebuds. If you like a very sweet, bold vanilla punch of flavor, DaVinci delivers. For a more delicate and natural vanilla taste, alternatives like vanilla bean paste or extract may suit your needs.

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