Do Disney do refillable drinks?

Quick Answer

Yes, Disney does offer refillable drinks at their parks and resorts. They have several refillable mug and cup options that allow guests to get unlimited soft drink refills during their visit.

Overview of Refillable Drink Options at Disney

Disney offers a few different refillable drink options for guests to purchase and use during their visit:

Refillable Mugs

– Disney Resort Refillable Mugs – Can be purchased by guests staying at a Disney World resort hotel. Provides unlimited refills at self-service beverage islands at the resort food courts and pool bars during length of stay. Cost is around $20-25 depending on length of stay.

– Disney Dining Plan Refillable Mugs – Included with some Disney Dining Plans that are added to Magic Your Way packages. Can be used at quick service locations in the parks. Valid for length of ticket.

Refillable Drink Cups

– Coke Freestyle Cup – Can be purchased at quick service locations in the parks for around $15. Provides unlimited Coca-Cola Freestyle soda refills at Freestyle machines around the parks for the entire day.

– Souvenir Cups – Special themed plastic refillable cups can be purchased for around $12-15. Provide unlimited refills at self-service beverage islands around the parks for the entire day.

Bottled Beverages

– Bottled water and soft drinks can be purchased individually, but there are no refillable options.

Details on Disney Resort Refillable Mugs

Disney Resort refillable mugs can be purchased only by guests who are staying at a Disney-owned and operated resort hotel at Walt Disney World. The cost is around $20-25 depending on the length of hotel stay, and the mugs are valid for the entire length of stay.

The refillable mugs can be used to get unlimited refills on fountain soft drinks, coffee, tea, and hot chocolate at the resort’s food courts, pool bars, and other specified locations. Each person on the reservation can get one resort refillable mug.

The mugs feature RFID technology and must be tapped on a sensor to activate refills. Only the person who originally purchased the mug can use it. The locations where the mugs can be refilled are subject to change and availability.

Some tips for using Disney resort refillable mugs:

– Activate your mug as soon as possible at the resort to get the most use out of it
– Only original purchaser can use the mug due to RFID technology
– Keep your receipt in case you need to exchange a damaged mug
– Refills cannot be shared or split with non-mug holders
– Mugs can only be refilled at participating locations at your specific resort

The resort refillable mugs provide great value for multi-day Disney resort guests who plan on drinking several beverages a day at their hotel. With locations spread throughout the resorts, it’s convenient to get a quick refill.

Details on Disney Dining Plan Refillable Mugs

Disney Dining Plan refillable mugs are included with the regular Disney Dining Plan that can be added to Magic Your Way Walt Disney World packages. The mugs allow for unlimited soda refills at self-service beverage islands at quick service restaurants around the Walt Disney World theme parks.

The Dining Plan mug costs around $17-$20 if purchased separately without the Dining Plan. With the regular Dining Plan, it is included at no extra cost.

The Dining Plan mug features RFID technology, so only the original purchaser can use it for refills by tapping it at the sensor. It can only be used at participating quick service locations around the four Walt Disney World theme parks. Refills are not available at Disney hotels or Disney Springs.

Some tips for using the Dining Plan refillable mug:

– Activate as soon as possible on arrival at the parks
– Keep your receipt in case the mug is damaged and needs to be exchanged
– Only can be used by original purchaser
– Refills not available at Disney resorts or Disney Springs
– Locations subject to change, check guide maps for latest list

The Dining Plan mug offers great value for guests who plan on drinking several soft drinks each day while in the parks. With quick service dining locations spread around each park, it’s easy to get a quick refill as you tour the parks.

Details on Coke Freestyle Cup

The Coca-Cola Freestyle souvenir cup is a plastic refillable cup that can be purchased at quick service dining locations around Walt Disney World for approximately $14.99-$15.99.

The cup has an RFID chip that allows the purchaser to get unlimited Coca-Cola Freestyle drink refills throughout the day at any Freestyle machine location across Walt Disney World. Freestyle machines allow you to create customized fountain drinks with over 100 different Coca-Cola branded beverage options.

The Freestyle cup can only be used by the person who originally purchased it for that day. To use it, you simply tap the cup on the Freestyle machine sensor, customize your drink, and it will be activated for unlimited refills anywhere Freestyle is available all day long.

Some tips for using the Coke Freestyle cup:

– Must be used by original purchaser only
– Activates by tapping cup on Freestyle machine sensor
– Refills only available from Freestyle machines
– Locations are indicated on park maps
– Unlimited refills for one day only, expires at midnight

The Coke Freestyle cup is a great option for people who want to be able to create customized Coca-Cola drinks all day around Walt Disney World. With locations around each park, it makes it easy to get refills.

Details on Souvenir Refillable Cups

In addition to the main refillable mug and cup options, Walt Disney World sells a variety of plastic souvenir refillable cups at quick service locations around the parks.

These reusable cups feature fun Disney character designs and scenes. They typically cost around $12-$15, depending on size, style, and current offerings.

The souvenir refillable cups can be used for one day of unlimited refills at self-service Coca-Cola Freestyle machines and beverage islands at quick service restaurants around the Walt Disney World theme parks.

To use them, you just show your cup at the register or tap it on the Freestyle machine sensor. Refills are only valid on the day of purchase and expire at midnight.

Some tips for using souvenir refillable cups:

– Available seasonally, options vary
– Can be used by anyone, not linked to specific person
– Only valid on date of purchase
– Check guidemaps for list of eligible locations
– Great inexpensive souvenir option

The souvenir cups allow you to get refills at locations across Walt Disney World while also getting an inexpensive themed cup. With their fun designs, they make great budget-friendly souvenirs too.

Do the mugs and cups save money?

The Disney refillable mugs and cups can provide great value depending on your drinking habits. To determine if they are worth the cost, consider:

How much soda/coffee/tea you typically drink per day at Disney

The more beverages you consume per day, the more value you will get out of a refillable mug or cup. Review what you drank on your last Disney trip.

Which locations you plan on visiting

Only certain quick service dining locations participate in the refillable programs. Check that the places you plan to eat and drink will accept the mug or cup.

Number of days you will use it

The one day souvenir cups only make sense if you will drink a lot of refills in one day. Multi-day mugs like the Resort or Dining Plan mugs provide more value over longer stays.

Cost of individual beverages

A small fountain soda starts around $3.50 at Disney World. A large can be $4-$5. If you would drink 3 or more sodas a day, the mug or cup could save you money.

Here are some examples of potential savings:

Beverages Per Day Individual Beverage Cost Refillable Cost Potential Savings
3 $10.50 $17.99 $7.49
5 $17.50 $14.99 $24.01

As you can see, the more drinks per day, the more value the refillable options provide.

Pros and Cons of Disney’s Refillable Drinks

Here are some key pros and cons to consider about Disney’s refillable drink mugs and cups:


  • Provide unlimited drinks and great value if you drink a lot per day
  • Can be more affordable than buying individual drinks
  • Refill locations are spread conveniently around parks and resorts
  • Fun souvenir cup options are available
  • Help keep you hydrated on hot Florida days


  • Upfront cost is expensive if you won’t use it much
  • Limited to mostly soda, coffee, and tea options
  • Have to keep carrying it around all day
  • Refill locations are subject to change
  • Easy to over-consume empty calories and sugar

Overall the refillable mugs and cups can provide good value and convenience for those who drink enough beverages daily. But they may not make financial sense depending on your needs.

Tips for Using Disney Refillable Drinks

Here are some helpful tips for getting the most out of Disney’s refillable mugs and cups:

  • Check park maps for all eligible refill locations
  • Look up reviews of drinks available to choose your favorites
  • Share with your group to maximize savings
  • Take a break from refills every so often
  • Stay hydrated but don’t overdo the sugary drinks
  • Review costs to determine if a mug/cup makes sense for your group
  • Hold your mug properly when tapping to activate RFID sensor
  • Use hand sanitizer frequently when handling mug
  • Take a photo of your receipt in case you lose it and need to exchange
  • Return mugs before leaving if you have issues for refunds

Using the tips above, you can make the most of Disney’s refillable mug and cup programs.

Alternative Drink Options at Disney World

If the refillable mugs and cups don’t fit your needs, Disney World also offers:

Bottled Beverages

– Sold individually at all food and beverage locations
– No refill discounts available
– Bottles of water, soda, juice, sports drinks, etc.
– Range from $2.50-$5 per bottle

Hot Beverages

– Specialty hot chocolates, coffees, and teas
– Sold individually, no refill discounts
– Range from $4-$7 per cup

Fresh Fruit Juices & Smoothies

– Available at various quick service locations
– Made fresh when ordered
– Non-refillable
– Around $4-$6 per serving

Beer, Wine, and Cocktails

– Sold at select table service restaurants and bars
– Typically $6-$18 per individual drink

While not as budget-friendly as the refillable mugs, these options provide more variety in flavors and refreshment styles.

Policies and Restrictions on Refillable Drinks

Disney has specific policies restricting use of the refillable mugs and cups:

  • Only valid on date of purchase – cannot be used on future visits
  • RFID mugs can only be used by purchaser
  • No sharing or splitting drinks between people
  • Refills only valid at designated self-serve beverage islands
  • No refills from bottle/can products or food service windows
  • No carrying mugs into restaurants or attractions
  • Locations are subject to change and availability
  • Disney reserves right to revoke mug for misuse

Following the rules ensures proper operation of the refillable programs. Sharing mugs or obtaining unauthorized refills could result in revocation.

How to Save Money on Drinks at Disney World Without Refillable Mugs

If you decide the refillable mugs won’t work for your needs, here are some other ways to save money on beverages during your Disney World vacation:

  • Bring a reusable water bottle – Refill for free at water fountains
  • Order tap water with meals instead of sodas or juices
  • Stick to regular coffee, not specialty drinks
  • Share larger bottles or jugs of beverages
  • Take advantage of free drink samples whenever offered
  • Go for the smallest sizes available for soda/bottled drinks
  • Opt for cheap souvenir cups of water on hot days
  • Purchase drinks at grocery store to drink in hotel room

Being mindful of drink costs and staying hydrated with water whenever possible will keep your beverage budget under control.


Disney World offers a variety of refillable mug and cup options that provide great value through unlimited drink refills all day long. The convenience of refill locations across the parks and resorts make them easy to use.

Figuring out if a refillable program makes financial sense depends on your drinking habits and plans. For those who consume multiple drinks daily, the upfront investment in a mug or cup can lead to significant savings compared to individual beverages. But they may not be worth it if you won’t use them much.

By understanding Disney’s refillable drink program policies, utilizing tips to maximize their usage, and comparing the alternatives, you can determine if a refillable mug or cup fits into your Disney World budget and hydration needs.

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