Did Prince Harry and Meghan meet with the Queen?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s relationship with the British royal family has been under intense public scrutiny ever since their engagement was announced in November 2017. As senior members of the royal family, protocol dictates that Harry and Meghan meet periodically with his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, to discuss their official duties and activities. However, tensions within the family have led to much speculation about the frequency and nature of their meetings with the Queen since stepping back from royal duties in 2020.

When did Prince Harry and Meghan first meet the Queen?

Prince Harry first introduced Meghan Markle to his grandmother in December 2017, about a month after their engagement was publicly announced. The introduction took place at Queen Elizabeth’s winter residence, Buckingham Palace, following the annual Christmas lunch the Queen hosts for extended family. By all accounts, the Queen took an immediate liking to Meghan, and the meeting went very smoothly. This first introduction was a vital step for the couple’s engagement, as the Queen’s consent and blessing was required before they could marry.

Did Harry and Meghan continue meeting with the Queen after their wedding?

Yes, Harry and Meghan had several official meetings with Queen Elizabeth in 2018 and 2019, after their fairytale wedding in May 2018. The Queen invited the newlyweds to travel with her on the royal train to Cheshire a month after their wedding, which was considered a rare honor. Harry and Meghan also met with the Queen for more casual family gatherings at Balmoral Castle and Sandringham Estate during this time. As senior working royals, they attended important events like Trooping the Colour and Remembrance Day services with the Queen. By all accounts, she was warm and welcoming to Meghan as she adjusted to royal life.

What changed after Harry and Meghan stepped back from royal duties?

Harry and Meghan’s interactions with the Queen became less frequent and strained after they announced plans to “step back” as senior royals in January 2020. Their new role meant they were no longer required to attend official events or undertake duties on behalf of the Queen. While the initial “Megxit” deal allowed them to maintain some royal patronages, the Queen later confirmed they would not be returning as working royals after a 12-month review period. This formal separation changed the nature of their relationship with the Queen quite significantly.

Did Harry and Meghan meet with the Queen during their UK visit in 2020?

Yes, the Sussexes did meet briefly with the Queen in March 2020, when they returned to the UK for their final round of royal engagements before stepping down. However, media reports suggest the visit was tense, as the Queen was said to be disappointed by their decision. The COVID-19 pandemic also cut the visit short, meaning they hurriedly returned to North America. It would be their last in-person meeting with the Queen for over a year.

What contact did they have with the Queen after moving overseas?

Harry and Meghan kept in touch with the Queen virtually after relocating to California in early 2020. Around the time of Archie’s first birthday in May 2020, they reportedly arranged a Zoom call so she could see her great-grandson. The Queen also spoke to Harry and Meghan over video call during the Commonwealth Day celebrations in March 2021. However, their contact was likely minimal compared to when they lived nearby in Windsor.

Did Harry meet with the Queen during solo UK trips in 2021?

Yes, Prince Harry met with his grandmother in person twice when he returned to the UK solo in 2021, without Meghan or their children. First, he met privately with the Queen at Windsor Castle in April 2021, while en route to Prince Philip’s funeral. He is also believed to have seen the Queen in late June or early July 2021, when he returned to the UK to unveil a statue of Princess Diana. These meetings were positive, but quite short.

Were Harry and Meghan invited to Platinum Jubilee celebrations?

Harry and Meghan did receive an invitation to join the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations in June 2022 marking her 70 years on the throne. However, they declined the invitation and did not travel to the UK as a family for the historic milestone. Harry made a solo trip for just one Jubilee event. This likely indicates lingering tension between the Sussexes and the royal family.

Did Harry and Meghan visit the Queen in September 2022?

On their way to Europe for various work engagements in September 2022, Harry and Meghan made a brief stop in the UK and visited the Queen at her Balmoral Estate in Scotland. Little is known about the nature of the meeting, though it was believed to be the first time the Queen met her great-granddaughter, Lilibet. The visit came just days before the Queen’s death on September 8, 2022.


In summary, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle met with Queen Elizabeth II periodically through 2018 and 2019 when they were still full-time working royals. Contact became less frequent from 2020 onward as tensions arose after they stepped back from duties and moved overseas. They occasionally returned to the UK for solo trips that included brief visits with the Queen up until her death in September 2022. But their relationship undeniably changed after exiting royal life, with less direct personal access to the monarch.

Date Meeting Details
December 2017 Prince Harry introduces Meghan to the Queen for the first time at Buckingham Palace
June 2018 Meghan’s first engagement with the Queen – they travel overnight on the royal train to Cheshire
July 2018 Harry and Meghan attend events in Cheshire with the Queen
June 2019 Meghan joins the Queen and other royals to watch Trooping the Colour parade
November 2019 Harry and Meghan reunite with the Queen at Remembrance events
March 2020 Brief meeting with Queen at Windsor Castle on Sussex’s final UK visit as senior royals
April 2021 Prince Harry meets the Queen privately at Windsor Castle while visiting for Prince Philip’s funeral
June 2021 Harry sees the Queen again during solo trip to the UK for Princess Diana statue unveiling
March 2022 Queen speaks to Harry and Meghan over video call for Commonwealth Day
June 2022 Harry and Meghan do not attend Platinum Jubilee celebrations in person
September 2022 Final meeting at Balmoral Castle just days before the Queen’s death

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