Can you get 20 inch steel rims?

Yes, you can absolutely get 20 inch steel rims for your vehicle. 20 inch rims have become a popular upgrade for many drivers who want to customize the look of their car or truck. Steel rims in 20 inch diameters are readily available from numerous aftermarket wheel manufacturers.

Benefits of 20 Inch Steel Rims

Upgrading to 20 inch steel rims offers some key advantages:

  • Larger wheel and tire combination fills out the wheel wells for a more muscular, aggressive stance.
  • 20 inch rims allow you to use lower profile tires for improved handling and performance.
  • Steel construction provides strength and durability at an affordable price point.
  • Wide range of finish options from black, chrome, and custom paint colors.

For many drivers, going with a larger 20 inch wheel simply looks cooler and more stylish than smaller stock sized rims. It instantly gives your vehicle added presence and attitude on the road.

Where to Buy 20 Inch Steel Rims

There are many sources online and locally to shop for 20 inch steel wheels:

  • Aftermarket wheel and tire stores – Many national and regional chains like Discount Tire, America’s Tire, and Tire Rack carry 20 inch steel rims in stock or can quickly order them in.
  • 4×4 and truck accessory retailers – Stores catering to truck, SUV, and off-road enthusiasts typically have 20 inch steel wheel offerings.
  • Online retailers – Websites like CarID, AutoAnything, and RealTruck sell steel rims online and ship to your door.
  • eBay motors – You can often find new and used 20 inch steel wheels for sale on eBay at discounted prices.
  • Junkyards and salvage yards – Check for compatible factory 20 inch take-off rims from newer vehicles.
  • Custom wheel shops – They can build you a set of fully custom 20 inch steel wheels to your exact specifications.

Be sure to verify bolt pattern, offset, and hub bore size for fitment before purchasing 20 inch steel wheels. Most retailers are experts at identifying the right rims for your make and model.

Types of 20 Inch Steel Wheels

There are a few main types of 20 inch steel wheels available:

  • Aftermarket branded wheels – These are steel wheels made by top brands like Fuel, KMC, American Racing, and others. They offer the latest styles and finishes.
  • Replacement wheels – Basic OEM-style 20 inch steel wheels made to directly replace factory rims. Offered in silver or black.
  • Steelies – These minimalist wheels have a basic silver steel look with welded on center caps. Popular for a retro or industrial vibe.

For a custom street look, go with slick aftermarket branded rims. For a simple low-cost upgrade, basic replacement 20 inch steelies get the job done. And steelies have an old school charm all their own.

Cost for 20 Inch Steel Rims

Prices for 20 inch steel wheels can range anywhere from:

  • Basic Steel Replicas – $150-$300 per wheel
  • Aftermarket Branded Wheels – $250-$600 per wheel
  • Custom Forged Wheels – $600-$2,000 per wheel

Factors like brand, construction quality, and design complexity impact the wheel cost. Buying a full set of 4 or 5 wheels can save money compared to buying individually.

For a budget friendly upgrade, steel replica wheels offer lots of styles under $200 each. For a premium street look, branded steelies with custom finishes run $350+ per wheel. And forged wheels built for performance can cost thousands.

Fitment Considerations for 20 Inch Steel Rims

To ensure proper fitment when upgrading to 20 inch steel wheels, check:

  • Bolt pattern – Needs to match the bolt pattern of your vehicle’s hub (5×120, 6×135 etc). This determines physical attachment.
  • Offset – The rim’s offset from the hub impacts handling and clearance. Stock versus lower or higher offsets available.
  • Center bore – Must match the hub diameter to center the wheels. Common sizes are 64mm and 72mm.
  • Wheel well clearance – Larger 20 inch wheels may require lifting the vehicle for clearance from fenders and suspension.
  • Lug nut seat style – Conical versus ball style lug nuts. Mismatched seats can damage wheels.
  • Load rating – Steel wheel load capacity should meet your vehicle’s weight specs.

Professional installers can advise you on the optimal 20 inch steel wheel sizing and configuration for your car or truck based on these factors.

Tires for 20 Inch Steel Rims

Along with new wheels, you’ll want fresh tires sized to match the 20 inch rims. Some top 20 inch tire options include:

  • Low profile performance tires like 245/35R20 or 255/35R20 for sports cars and modified vehicles.
  • Meaty off-road tires such as LT275/55R20 for lifted trucks and SUVs.
  • Staggered fitments like 245/35R20 front and 275/35R20 rear allow running wider tires in back.
  • Popular brands include Continental, Michelin, BFGoodrich, Toyo, Nitto, Hankook, Yokohama, Pirelli and more.

Lower profile 20 inch tires improve steering response and cornering grip while reducing flex. Wider off-road tires provide enhanced traction. Overall, matching new 20 inch steel rims with fresh performance rubber unleashes your vehicle’s full potential.

Installing 20 Inch Steel Wheels

Installing 20 inch steel rims is best left to experienced wheel and tire professionals with the right equipment. Key steps include:

  • Lift the vehicle and remove old wheels & tires.
  • Inspect hubs and brake components for any needed repairs.
  • Mount and balance the new 20 inch tires on rims.
  • Lubricate wheel hub mating surfaces.
  • Use a torque wrench to tighten lugs nuts to spec – recheck tightness after 25 miles.
  • Perform a wheel alignment to correct any changes from stock offsets.
  • Retorque lug nuts again at 100 miles of driving.

Proper wheel fitment, tire sizing, mounting, and installation are critical to achieve the style, handling, and safety you want from new 20 inch steel wheels.

Maintenance for 20 Inch Steel Rims

To keep your 20 inch steel wheels looking like new:

  • Hand wash with a pH balanced wheel soap to prevent corrosion.
  • Avoid harsh abrasives and acidic or alkaline cleaners which can damage the finish.
  • Apply a wheel wax or sealant every few months to protect from road salt and brake dust.
  • Repair any scrapes or clear coat damage as soon as possible.
  • Re-torque lug nuts regularly to prevent loosening.
  • Inspect wheels for cracks or structural damage.

Properly caring for your 20 inch steel wheels will keep them shining for years. Catching any problems early prevents more costly repairs down the road.


Upgrading to larger 20 inch steel wheels lets you customize your vehicle with a muscular, aggressive look. Steel rims provide affordable durability and style. Just be sure to get properly fitted 20 inch wheels and quality tires installed by experienced professionals. Then keep your new rims clean and maintained so you can roll in style for years to come.

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