Can you Cancel a NBA shop order?

Quick Answer

Yes, you can cancel an order from the NBA shop under certain conditions. The NBA shop allows customers to cancel orders as long as the order has not yet shipped. Once an order ships, it can no longer be canceled.

Explaining the NBA Shop’s Cancellation Policy

The NBA shop aims to make the ordering process as smooth and convenient as possible for customers. Part of that commitment involves allowing customers to cancel orders when needed, within certain limitations. The NBA shop cancellation policy is designed to balance customer flexibility with business needs.

When a customer places an order with the NBA shop, the store begins processing it right away to ship out the items quickly. During this processing period before shipment, the NBA shop allows the customer to cancel the order. This gives customers the ability to change their mind about a purchase if they have “buyer’s remorse” or made a mistake.

However, once an NBA shop order ships out, cancellations are no longer allowed. At that point, the cancellation would create headaches for the NBA shop’s operations. The ordered merchandise has left the warehouse, and attempts to intercept shipments to return them to the NBA shop would be impractical.

So in summary, the NBA shop cancellation window ends when the order ships out. This policy provides a reasonable amount of flexibility for customers while protecting the business needs of efficient order processing and fulfillment.

Steps to Cancel an NBA Shop Order

Cancelling an unshipped NBA shop order is straightforward. Just follow these steps:

1. Log in to your NBA shop account

First, visit and log in to your account. Accessing your account will allow you to view order details and request cancellations.

2. Find the order in your Order History

After logging in, click on “Order History” to see a list of all the orders you’ve placed with the NBA shop. Locate the order you want to cancel.

3. Select the “Cancel Order” option

Each order in your history will have a “Cancel Order” link next to it. Click this link for the order you want to cancel.

4. Confirm the cancellation request

A pop-up will appear asking you to confirm that you want to cancel the order. Click “Yes” to complete the cancellation process.

5. Receive cancellation confirmation

The NBA shop will send you an email confirming that your order cancellation went through successfully. The status of your order will change to “Cancelled” in your account as well.

And that’s it! As long as you cancel before an order ships out, following these steps will quickly process your NBA shop order cancellation.

Reasons Customers Cancel NBA Shop Orders

There are a variety of reasons customers may decide to cancel an NBA shop order. Some of the most common include:

Found a better deal elsewhere

Customers might find the same item offered for less money on another website or in a store. Canceling the NBA shop order allows them to take advantage of the better pricing.

Decided the item wasn’t needed

Upon further reflection, customers might determine the merchandise they ordered wasn’t something they really needed to purchase. Canceling avoids spending money on something that would just take up space.

Insufficient funds

Sometimes customers realize they don’t have enough money in their accounts to pay for an order. Canceling avoids overdraft fees or other headaches from lack of funds.

Ordered the wrong size/color

It’s easy to order the wrong size or color by accident. Canceling the erroneous order and re-ordering with the proper selections is faster than trying to exchange items after delivery.

Found a coupon code after ordering

Customers wanting to take advantage of a coupon code found after checkout will cancel their original order and re-order with the discounted code applied.

Being able to cancel for any of these reasons provides important flexibility to online shoppers.

Items That Cannot Be Cancelled

While the NBA shop aims to accommodate all cancellation requests on unshipped orders, there are certain items that cannot be cancelled under any circumstances:

Personalized/custom items

Any order for merchandise that has been customized or personalized, like jerseys with custom name and number, cannot be cancelled. These items are unique creations that cannot be resold if returned.

International orders

Once an international order has been processed, it can no longer be cancelled. The challenges and costs of rerouting an order back from international shipping make cancellations impossible.

Digital content

Downloads of videos, e-books, or other digital content are non-refundable and cannot be cancelled. Customers should be sure about these purchases since they cannot be undone.

Clearance merchandise

Clearance items are listed as final sale and cannot be returned or cancelled. These items are limited quantity and discounted, so cancellations are not allowed.

Outside of these exceptional categories, customers should be able to cancel any unshipped NBA shop order following the steps outlined earlier in this article.

Contacting NBA Shop Customer Service

The NBA shop cancellation policy aims to cover most standard customer requests. But occasionally unique situations come up that require contacting the NBA shop customer service department. Reasons customers may need to reach out include:

Want to cancel an order after it has shipped

Once an order ships, the standard cancellation window has passed. But in special cases, such as shipping delays or personal emergencies, customers can call customer service and request an exception to cancel an order that has shipped but not yet been delivered.

Need to cancel a custom/personalized order

While the policy states customized orders cannot be cancelled, customer service may make rare exceptions if there are defects in the customization or other extenuating circumstances.

Unclear about an order cancellation status

If a customer cancels an order but does not receive a confirmation, or other confusing situations arise, the customer service department can investigate the issue.

Want to request a refund after cancellation

Cancelling an order reinstates any charged amounts. But customer service can process refunds if any payment issues occur after cancellation.

To reach the NBA shop customer service department, customers can call 1-866-NBA-STORE or initiate a live chat session on the NBA store website.

Avoiding the Need to Cancel NBA Shop Orders

While the NBA shop cancellation policy provides useful flexibility for customers, cancellations do create extra work for the business. Customers can take certain steps to avoid needing to cancel orders:

Carefully review order before checkout

Make sure all items, sizes, colors, and personalization options are correct before finalizing the purchase. Also confirm the shipping address is right.

Use the wish list feature

The NBA shop wish list allows customers to save items they may want to purchase later. This prevents hastily placing orders that might need cancelling.

Look up promo codes

Do an online search for applicable NBA shop discounts before placing an order. That way there’s no temptation to cancel an order to use a code found afterwards.

Check return policies

Know the NBA shop return policy timeframe and conditions before ordering. Returns provide more flexibility than cancellations for merchandise already shipped.

With some care taken during the ordering process, most customers will not need to end up cancelling NBA shop purchases.

The Bottom Line

The NBA shop aims to give customers a simple, streamlined ordering experience. Allowing cancellations on unshipped orders is an important aspect of providing excellent service. The NBA shop cancellation policy creates a window where customers can change their minds without any hassle.

Just remember that this cancellation window slams shut once an order ships out. Be sure to cancel any unwanted orders prior to shipment. With a short grace period to cancel and excellent customer service as a backup, the NBA shop makes it as easy as possible for basketball fans to get the merchandise they really want.

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