Can you buy syrup at IHOP?

Quick Answer

Yes, you can buy syrup at IHOP. IHOP restaurants sell bottles of their signature pancake syrups that you can take home with you. The most popular flavors are original buttermilk, strawberry, and sugar-free. The syrups are available for purchase at the register or online.

What types of syrup does IHOP sell?

IHOP sells bottles of the same delicious syrups that they use to top their famous pancakes in the restaurants. The most popular flavors include:

  • Original Buttermilk – IHOP’s classic and most popular syrup flavor. It has a rich, buttery taste.
  • Strawberry – Made with real strawberries. It has a sweet, tart berry flavor.
  • Sugar Free – A no sugar added syrup sweetened with Splenda. It has the same rich taste as the Original Buttermilk.
  • Lite – A lower calorie syrup with 30% less sugar than the Original. The flavor is slightly less rich.
  • Harvest Grain ‘N Maple – Made with maple syrup and hearty grains like quinoa and amaranth.

In addition to those staple flavors, IHOP sometimes releases limited-edition or seasonal syrups, like pumpkin or gingerbread around the fall holidays.

What sizes do the syrup bottles come in?

You can buy IHOP syrups in a few different sizes:

  • 12 ounce bottle
  • 24 ounce bottle
  • 28 ounce squeeze bottle
  • 1 gallon jug (available in select flavors and locations)

The 12 and 24 ounce bottles are plastic with a twist-off cap. The 28 ounce squeeze bottles are plastic and shaped like the classic Mrs. Butterworth’s syrup bottles.

The larger gallon sizes are generally only sold at IHOP locations that have a lot of demand from customers wanting to buy syrup in bulk. Not all IHOPs will have the gallon jugs.

How much do the syrups cost?

Syrup prices can vary a bit by location, but on average you can expect to pay:

  • 12 ounce bottle – $3.99
  • 24 ounce bottle – $6.99
  • 28 ounce squeeze bottle – $7.99
  • Gallon jug – $19.99-$24.99

The sugar free and seasonal flavors sometimes cost a little more than the Original Buttermilk. IHOP often runs promotions where you can get discounts on syrup bottles. Buying larger quantities usually saves you a little per ounce.

Can you buy IHOP syrups online?

Yes, IHOP syrups are available for purchase online through the IHOP website. They have an online store that sells all of the bottled syrup flavors and ships them to locations within the United States.

Some key things to know about ordering IHOP syrups online:

  • You can order individual bottles or bulk cases of 12 bottles to get a discount.
  • Shipping costs vary based on how much syrup you buy.
  • They ship via FedEx within 1-3 business days of your order.
  • Refrigeration is not required as the syrups are shelf-stable.
  • You can setup recurring deliveries to get syrup shipped automatically.

The online store often runs specials like discounts or free shipping promotions, so ordering online can sometimes save you money compared to buying in-store.

Can you buy syrups not listed on the IHOP website?

The selection of syrup flavors on the IHOP website represents the core flavors that are available year-round. You generally won’t find limited-edition or seasonal syrups available for purchase online.

However, you may be able to find additional or unique syrup flavors for sale at your local IHOP restaurant. Many locations sell local favorites or seasonal options like peppermint during Christmas that aren’t available online.

Your best bet is to call ahead and check with your neighborhood IHOP to see if they have any specialty syrups for sale that aren’t listed on the main website. But the online store does cover the major regular syrup offerings.

What if you want larger quantities of syrup?

If you’re looking to purchase very large quantities of IHOP syrup – such as cases with 12+ bottles – you may need to contact a local restaurant directly.

The IHOP website has a maximum limit on how much syrup you can order online for individual home delivery. Some options if you want more:

  • Contact your local IHOP manager to see if they can accommodate a special bulk order.
  • Explore if IHOP sells syrup wholesale to businesses through a distributor.
  • Pool an order with family/friends and divide up the syrup.

For the average household who just wants to stock up or buy syrup as gifts, the online store is likely sufficient. But if you own a restaurant and want gallons of syrup, you’ll need to work with IHOP directly.

Can you customize your syrup order?

The IHOP online store doesn’t currently offer customization options for syrup orders. You can only order pre-configured cases – either single bottles or packs of 12.

Some customization limitations:

  • You can’t mix and match flavors in a case pack.
  • You can’t build your own case with individual bottles.
  • No personalization like customized labels is available.

If you want to customize a syrup order with IHOP, your best option is to visit a local restaurant. Many IHOP locations will work with you to build a custom assortment of syrups and bottles. But the online ordering experience is pretty standardized.

Does IHOP syrup need to be refrigerated?

Nope! Once opened, IHOP syrups should be refrigerated to preserve freshness. But unopened bottles of syrup are shelf-stable and do not require refrigeration.

The bottles are carefully formulated so the syrup does not require special handling prior to opening. Feel free to store it in your pantry or kitchen until first use.

Some storage tips:

  • Store unopened bottles anywhere at room temperature.
  • Avoid direct sunlight and extreme heat over 100°F.
  • Refrigerate opened syrup and use within 4-6 weeks.
  • Syrup may thicken when cold – microwave 10 seconds to thin.

As long as you keep it sealed before using, the syrup won’t need refrigeration and has a long shelf life. Once opened, keep it refrigerated for the best quality and flavor.

Does IHOP offer sugar free or keto syrups?

Yes, IHOP does provide a sugar free syrup option that is great for keto and low carb diets. The Sugar Free syrup contains 0g of sugar and is sweetened with Splenda instead.

A few tips for ordering sugar free syrup:

  • It’s available in stores and online, in regular 12oz bottles.
  • The flavor is similar to Original Buttermilk syrup.
  • Be sure to specify “sugar free” when ordering.
  • IHOP cannot guarantee sugar free if ordered simply as “diet”.

While Sugar Free is the only specifically keto/low carb product, Lite syrup also has 30% less sugar if you’re watching your intake but don’t need completely sugar free.

For gluten free, all regular IHOP syrups are gluten free. But always verify since recipes can change.

Does IHOP sell any merchandise besides syrup?

IHOP primarily sells their signature syrups in bottles for pancake lovers. But they do have some other merchandise available, including:

  • Pancake plush slippers
  • Water bottles and coffee mugs
  • Pancake scented candles
  • T-shirts and sweatshirts
  • Pancake mix boxes
  • Gift cards

These retail items are mostly sold online through the IHOP website. Some locations may carry a small selection of pancake flipper keychains, t-shirts or other locally relevant items.

But syrup remains the core retail product. While you can find fun gifts, the majority of what IHOP sells for home is their famous syrups to recreate their pancakes yourself.

Can you buy IHOP merchandise like t-shirts in stores?

While IHOP restaurants don’t typically have large retail sections, some locations do sell select apparel and merchandise onsite. Availability can vary greatly by location.

Your best bet is checking with your nearest IHOP to see if they have any t-shirts, sweatshirts, pancake flipper keychains or other novelty items for sale in the restaurant.

What you’ll likely find:

  • Locally designed t-shirts celebrating that specific IHOP.
  • Keychains, magnets or bumper stickers with IHOP logo.
  • Gift cards and certificates.
  • Plush pancake or coffee cup stuffed animals.

Selection will be fairly limited compared to IHOP’s online store. And items are sold individually vs. in bulk. But if you want something like an IHOP t-shirt immediately, an restaurant is an option.

Does IHOP sell nationwide branded merchandise in their restaurants?

No, most IHOP restaurants will not carry the full line of nationally branded merchandise that’s available online. For example:

  • Mugs, water bottles and other drinkware only online.
  • No pancake scented candles sold in restaurants.
  • Limited apparel options compared to online.

The website really serves as the merchandising hub with their full array of products. Local restaurants focus more on food and syrup.

The only exception would be during a special promotion. For example, for their 60th anniversary, some locations gave away free t-shirts. But day-to-day, local IHOPs will have a much smaller retail selection focused on more locally designed products. The national merch is primarily online only.

Can you buy IHOP merchandise like t-shirts online?

Yes, you can buy a wide variety of officially licensed IHOP apparel and merchandise directly through their online store at

Some of the most popular IHOP merchandise you can buy online includes:

  • T-Shirts – Available in multiple colors and designs.
  • Hoodies & Sweatshirts – Including their signature blue hoodie.
  • Hats – Ballcaps, knit beanies, and visors.
  • Mugs & Water Bottles – Great for beverages on the go.
  • Plush Slippers & Stuffed Animals – Cute and fun collectibles.
  • Keychains & Magnets – With classic IHOP logo designs.

They offer standard U.S. shipping within 5-7 business days on most merchandise. Items can sell out quickly, so order soon for the best selection.

Online is definitely the way to go if you’re looking for IHOP apparel, souvenirs, or collectibles to show off your love of pancakes. The variety and options available at far exceed what you’ll be able to find locally.

Does IHOP offer any gifts sets or gift cards?

Yes, IHOP has some great gifting options whether you’re shopping for a pancake lover for the holidays or another special occasion.

Some of their most popular gift ideas include:

Pancake Gift Sets

  • Comes with syrup, plate, spatula, and pancake mix.
  • Fun way to give the joy of pancakes.
  • Available with different syrup flavors.

Gift Cards

  • Accepted for dine-in, takeout, or online orders.
  • Can be purchased in-store or emailed digitally.
  • Available in set amounts from $10 to $100.

Breakfast Gift Baskets

  • Comes with syrup, coffee, pancake mix, and more.
  • Perfect for birthdays, holidays, housewarmings.
  • Usually only available locally, not for shipping.

Gift cards and pancake kits make great last-minute gifts too since they can be purchased online. Check with your neighborhood IHOP for breakfast baskets.

Does IHOP offer gift cards just for syrup?

Unfortunately, IHOP does not currently offer gift cards specifically for purchasing their syrup. Their gift cards can only be used for menu food and beverage items purchased in an IHOP restaurant or online.

The gift cards cannot be used to buy bottles of syrup or other retail merchandise like clothing in the online shop.

If you want to gift someone IHOP syrup, your options are:

  • Buy physical syrup bottles and give as gift.
  • Make your own “IOU syrup” gift certificate.
  • Get an all-purpose IHOP gift card for them to use.

While not ideal, the regular IHOP gift card provides the most flexibility since it can be used for both food and syrup. But syrup-only gift cards are not available directly from IHOP.

Does IHOP sell bottles of syrup in their gift shop?

Most IHOP locations do not actually have a designated gift shop area. The only real retail merchandise they carry for sale is bottled syrup. Some limited additional items may be at the register.

So you generally won’t find an extensive selection of IHOP gifts or souvenirs for sale in their restaurants like you would at other chains that have large gift shops.

That said, you can always purchase bottled syrup to take home or give as a gift when checking out. Just ask your server or the host stand where the syrup display is to browse the flavors. This is the closest option to shopping in an IHOP “gift shop.”

Beyond syrup, your best bet for IHOP gifts and souvenirs is to shop online or check if your location happens to have specialty local merchandise. But most just carry the signature syrups to enjoy pancakes at home.


In summary, you can absolutely buy syrup bottled to take home at any IHOP restaurant. The most popular flavors are the Original Buttermilk, Strawberry, and Sugar Free syrups. They come in different sizes ranging from 12 oz bottles to 28 oz squeeze bottles based on your needs. Prices are typically $3.99 – $7.99 depending on size.

You can also order IHOP syrups online from their website and have them shipped anywhere in the US. This allows you to buy in bulk or set up recurring deliveries on a schedule. The syrups do not require refrigeration until opening, so they are easy to store.

Beyond syrup, you can find select IHOP merchandise like t-shirts and gift sets online and occasionally in the restaurants. But the core retail item available for purchase at IHOP locations is the iconic syrup to recreate their pancakes at home.

So if you ever find yourself wondering “where can I buy IHOP syrup?” on a weekend morning, head to your nearest location or go online. With their syrups available, you can enjoy IHOP style pancakes any day of the week from the comfort of your kitchen.

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