Can Publix make gluten free cake?

Gluten free diets are becoming increasingly popular, with more and more people adopting them for medical or lifestyle reasons. For those who love cake but need to avoid gluten, the good news is that many grocery stores like Publix now offer gluten free cake options.

The short answer is yes, Publix bakeries can and do make gluten free cakes. They offer gluten free cake options for many of their popular cake flavors and styles. Keep reading to learn more about Publix’s gluten free cakes, including what kinds they offer, how to order them, and how they compare taste-wise to regular cakes.

What Kinds of Gluten Free Cake Does Publix Offer?

Publix provides quite a few gluten free cake choices so those with gluten sensitivities or celiac disease don’t have to miss out on enjoying cake. Here are some of the gluten free cake options typically available at Publix bakeries:

  • Gluten free chocolate cake
  • Gluten free vanilla cake
  • Gluten free red velvet cake
  • Gluten free carrot cake
  • Gluten free yellow cake
  • Gluten free cupcakes in various flavors like chocolate, vanilla, and red velvet
  • Gluten free pound cake

The availability of specific gluten free cake types can vary a bit by location and season. Your local Publix likely won’t have every single gluten free cake option every day. But in general, you can expect to find a decent rotating selection.

Gluten Free Custom Cake Options

In addition to the pre-made gluten free cake options, most Publix stores provide the option to custom order a gluten free cake. This allows you to get a gluten free cake made for specific occasions like birthdays, weddings, graduations, etc.

For custom cakes, you can select your preferred gluten free cake and frosting flavors, fillings, decorations, and inscription wording. Publix has indicated they can accommodate most custom cake requests in a gluten free version.

How to Order Gluten Free Cake from Publix

There are a couple different ways to go about ordering gluten free cake from Publix:

1. Purchase Pre-Made Gluten Free Cakes In-Store

Many Publix locations will stock some popular everyday gluten free cake options like chocolate, vanilla, and red velvet gluten free cakes. You can browse these pre-made cakes in the Publix bakery section and purchase them right off the shelf.

2. Custom Order a Gluten Free Cake

For specialty cakes like birthday, wedding, or graduation cakes, you’ll want to place a custom order. The best way is to go directly to the Publix bakery counter and speak with a bakery associate. Let them know you need a gluten free cake, the occasion, flavor, size, etc. You’ll likely need to place the order at least 48 hours in advance.

3. Order Online

Some Publix stores allow you to order custom cakes online through their website. You can select gluten free as the cake option and enter your customization details. Be aware the online ordering may not be available at all locations.

How Much Do Publix Gluten Free Cakes Cost?

Pricing on Publix gluten free cakes can vary depending on the type of cake, size, and other custom decorations or fillings requested. Generally though, you can expect Publix gluten free cakes to cost a couple dollars more than their regular flour-based counterparts.

As a baseline, here are the prices for some common Publix pre-made gluten free cake options:

Gluten Free Cake Type Price
6-inch gluten free chocolate cake $7.99
10-inch gluten free yellow cake $13.99
6-pack gluten free cupcakes $7.49

Expect custom, specialty cakes like gluten free wedding cakes to start around $50 and up depending on size and decorations. The gluten free version of an ornate, multi-tiered cake could cost over $100.

Does Publix Gluten Free Cake Taste Good?

The biggest question for those considering a gluten free cake is often: but does it actually taste good? Fortunately, reviews of Publix’s gluten free cakes are overwhelmingly positive. Most customers say Publix’s gluten free cakes are quite tasty and have a texture similar to regular flour-based cake.

Publix has worked to develop gluten free cake recipes that don’t compromise on taste. They use a proprietary blend of rice flours and starches to closely mimic the soft, moist texture people expect from cake, while still being 100% gluten free. Additionally, Publix erro on the side of over-flavoring their gluten free cakes to account for any slight differences in texture.

While personal preference will vary, the majority opinion seems to be that Publix hits the mark on delivering a delicious gluten free cake. Many share that they would not know the difference if not told it was gluten free. Of course, expectations may need to be adjusted slightly, as there are naturally some subtle distinctions from wheat-flour cakes. But most are pleasantly surprised with how good Publix gluten free cakes taste.

Taste Reviews

Here are some direct quotes from customers who have tried Publix’s gluten free cakes sharing their thoughts on taste and quality:

  • “This cake tasted amazing and I would have never known it was gluten-free if not told.”
  • “My daughter was so happy to have a tasty gluten free cake for her birthday. You could not distinguish it from regular cake.”
  • “Their gluten free chocolate cake is to die for. So moist and chocolately. Never feels like you’re eating a ‘fake’ cake.”
  • “Way better than grocery store gluten free cakes I’ve had in the past. Soft, moist, and holds up well to freezing.”
  • “I took the gluten free red velvet cupcakes to a party and everyone raved about them. Said they’d be great even for non gluten free diets.”

These rave reviews confirm that Publix has found a winning recipe for gluten free cakes that don’t compromise on taste or quality. If you have celiac disease or a gluten sensitivity, you don’t have to feel left out of cake-eating anymore. You can enjoy a delicious slice of Publix gluten free cake just like anyone else.

Does Publix Offer Other Gluten Free Bakery Items Besides Cake?

Publix understands the demand for quality gluten free baked goods, so cake is not the only gluten free offering in their bakeries. Here are some other gluten free goodies you can find at Publix:

  • Gluten free cookies – like chocolate chip, sugar, and oatmeal raisin
  • Gluten free pies – apple, cherry, pumpkin, etc.
  • Gluten free breads and bagels
  • Gluten free donuts and muffins
  • Gluten free brownies and blondies

The options may vary a bit across locations, but most Publix bakeries will have an assortment of these items. Around major holidays like Thanksgiving, they expand options as well. Simply check the labels or ask a bakery worker to point you towards the gluten free section.

Gluten Free Custom Ordering

As with cakes, you can custom order other gluten free baked goods at Publix. For example, you can request gluten free versions of pies or cupcakes for special occasions. Lead times vary, but order at least 48 hours in advance for specialty requests.

Does Publix Take Food Allergy Precautions with Gluten Free Items?

For those with celiac disease, food allergies, and gluten sensitivities, cross-contamination is always a concern. Publix recognizes this and takes steps to prevent cross-contact for their gluten free bakery products.

Some of their practices include:

  • Dedicated gluten free preparation areas in bakeries
  • Thorough cleaning of all equipment and surfaces before gluten free production
  • Required glove changes when switching between standard and gluten free baking
  • Use of dedicated gluten free baking tools and pans

Be sure to have a conversation with your local Publix bakery department if you have questions or concerns about their allergy practices. They should be able to explain the policies in place at that specific store.

No Gluten Ingredients Guarantee

Publix also guarantees that no gluten containing ingredients are intentionally used in products marked “gluten free.” So you can trust these items are safe if you have celiac disease or sensitivities. Always check the labels and packaging to be sure.

Is Publix Gluten Free Cake Healthy?

While gluten free cake avoids the potential negatives of gluten, it is still cake. So health-wise, portion control remains important. Publix gluten free cakes are not necessarily made with the healthiest ingredients overall:

  • Lots of sugar
  • Refined vegetable oils
  • Artificial colors and flavors

However, for an occasional treat, enjoying a slice of gluten free cake is unlikely to cause issues for most. Those managing chronic conditions like diabetes may still want to be mindful of portion sizes.

Overall, Publix gluten free cake is about providing a tasty alternative for the gluten intolerant crowd. It isn’t necessarily intended as a health food. But as an occasional indulgence, it can be part of healthy lifestyle.


Publix has clearly worked hard to formulate quality gluten free cakes that don’t require people with celiac disease or food sensitivities to miss out. Their growing range of gluten free cake and bakery options makes it easier to find tasty alternatives to traditional wheat-flour baked goods.

Based on overwhelmingly positive reviews, Publix succeeds in creating gluten free cakes with fluffy, moist texture and scrumptious flavor. While availability varies a bit across locations, most Publix stores can provide an array of gluten free cake and bakery selections. Prices are reasonable, especially considering the custom formulation required.

For those who love cake but require a gluten free diet, Publix gluten free cakes are definitely worth trying. Their commitment to accommodating food allergies with preventative measures is also reassuring. Overall, if you need stellar gluten free cake, the experts at Publix bakery will bake you up an indulgence you can enjoy without worry.

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