How many calories are in the buns at Texas Roadhouse?

Texas Roadhouse is a popular steakhouse chain known for its hand-cut steaks, ribs, signature bread, and more. But if you’re watching your calorie intake, you may be wondering just how many calories are in Texas Roadhouse’s famous rolls and bread.

Quick Answer

The Texas Roadhouse dinner roll contains 110 calories. The honey wheat bread contains 150 calories per slice. The jalapeño corn bread contains 260 calories per serving.

Calories in Texas Roadhouse Dinner Rolls

The standard dinner roll served at Texas Roadhouse contains around 110 calories. The typical serving size for a dinner roll at Texas Roadhouse is one roll.

Here are the nutrition facts for Texas Roadhouse’s dinner roll:

Serving Size Calories
1 roll (44g) 110

As you can see, a single dinner roll from Texas Roadhouse contains 110 calories, along with 23g of carbohydrates and 2g of protein.

Texas Roadhouse serves their freshly baked rolls with cinnamon butter. The cinnamon honey butter adds an additional 60 calories per tablespoon to your roll if you choose to add it.

Calories in Texas Roadhouse Honey Wheat Bread

In addition to the regular dinner rolls, Texas Roadhouse also serves slices of honey wheat bread. The nutrition information is different for these slices of bread.

Here are the nutrition facts for a slice of Texas Roadhouse honey wheat bread:

Serving Size Calories
1 slice (61g) 150

Each slice of the honey wheat bread from Texas Roadhouse contains 150 calories. It also contains 32g of carbohydrates, 5g of protein, and 3g of fiber.

Adding a tablespoon of the cinnamon honey butter will add another 60 calories to your honey wheat bread slice.

Calories in Texas Roadhouse Jalapeño Corn Bread

In addition to rolls and sliced bread, Texas Roadhouse also serves jalapeño corn bread as a bread choice. This corn bread has a different calorie count and serving size.

Here are the nutrition facts for Texas Roadhouse’s jalapeño corn bread:

Serving Size Calories
1 serving (95g) 260

Each 95 gram serving of the jalapeño corn bread from Texas Roadhouse contains 260 calories. It also provides 46g of carbohydrates, 5g of protein, and 2g of fiber.

Factors That Can Impact Calories in Bread

When looking at the calorie content of any bread product, keep in mind that several factors can cause the calories to vary slightly:

  • Ingredients – The types of flour and other ingredients used in the bread can impact calorie content.
  • Portion size – The actual weight or size of the bread product could contain slightly more or less calories.
  • Baking process – Differences in preparation, baking time, etc can result in calorie differences.
  • Additions – Added ingredients like butter or oil will increase bread’s calorie count.

The calorie counts provided by restaurants are meant to be averages or estimates. The exact calories could be a bit higher or lower depending on the factors listed above.

Tips for Enjoying Texas Roadhouse Bread while Watching Calories

If you love the signature rolls and breads at Texas Roadhouse but are limiting your calorie intake, here are some tips to enjoy it more moderately:

  • Share an order of the bread appetizer with the table instead of getting your own basket.
  • Ask for just 1 or 2 rolls instead of the full bread basket.
  • Skip the cinnamon honey butter to eliminate those added calories.
  • Only eat half of a slice of the honey wheat or jalapeño corn bread.
  • Order a side salad instead of bread to start your meal.
  • Focus on the lower calorie bread options like the dinner rolls.

You can still work the delicious Texas Roadhouse rolls and bread into your meal or appetizer while paying attention to portions. Keep the rest of your meal light on calories to balance it out.

Nutrition Information for Other Texas Roadhouse Menu Items

If you’re tracking nutrition and calories at Texas Roadhouse, here’s a quick look at the calorie counts for some other popular menu items:

Menu Item Calories
6 oz. sirloin steak 270
Ribs full rack 890
Cedar creek chicken 460
Margarita grilled chicken 320
Chicken critters appetizer 810
Loaded baked potato 510
Sweet potato fries 460

As you can see, calories can add up quickly depending on your menu picks. Opting for lighter proteins like chicken or fish and skipping high-calorie appetizers and sides can help limit your total calorie intake if you’re watching your diet.

Healthiest Bread Options at Texas Roadhouse

If you’re looking for the healthiest bread choices when dining at Texas Roadhouse, your best options are:

  • Dinner rolls – At just 110 calories and no saturated fat, these are the lightest bread choice.
  • Honey wheat bread – With more fiber and whole grains, this makes a slightly healthier choice than white rolls.
  • Jalapeño corn bread – The addition of cornmeal and jalapeño peppers gives this bread more nutrients.

For maximum nutrition, pair your bread with a protein-rich entree like grilled chicken or fish. Load up on the restaurant’s roasted veggies as a healthy side. And skip the cinnamon honey butter topping to prevent excess calories and sugar.

Gluten-Free Bread Options at Texas Roadhouse

Texas Roadhouse offers gluten-free rolls for guests who have gluten intolerance or are following a gluten-free diet. The gluten-free rolls are slightly higher in calories than the regular dinner rolls.

Here are the nutrition facts for Texas Roadhouse’s gluten-free rolls:

Serving Size Calories
1 roll 130

Each gluten-free roll from Texas Roadhouse contains 130 calories. The rolls are made with a blend of gluten-free flours like rice flour and sorghum flour.

Those avoiding gluten should note that the honey wheat bread and jalapeño corn bread are not gluten-free at Texas Roadhouse. The dinner rolls and gluten-free rolls are your only gluten-free bread choices at this chain.

Comparing Texas Roadhouse Bread to Other Restaurant Chains

To put the calorie content of Texas Roadhouse’s bread into perspective, here’s how it compares to some other popular sit-down restaurant chains:

Restaurant Bread Type Calories
Texas Roadhouse Dinner roll 110
Olive Garden Breadstick 140
Outback Bread roll 120
Red Lobster Cheddar bay biscuit 160
Cheesecake Factory Roll 210

As you can see, the basics dinner rolls at Texas Roadhouse are on the lower end for calorie count compared to rolls and breads at other popular chains. Olive Garden’s breadsticks, Outback’s rolls, and especially Cheesecake Factory’s rolls all contain more calories per serving.

So if you’re looking for the lightest bread basket option, Texas Roadhouse is a healthier choice compared to many other restaurants. Just be mindful of any creamy butter or dipping oils that can drive up the total calories.

Should You Fill Up on Bread Before Your Meal?

Bread baskets before a meal can be tempting, but should you fill up on rolls and biscuits? Here are some things to consider:

  • Filling up too much on bread can ruin your appetite for the healthier protein and vegetables in your actual meal.
  • Eating a large serving of bread on an empty stomach can cause your blood sugar to spike then crash.
  • Consuming too many calories from bread can make it harder to maintain or lose weight.

With that said, a small serving of bread can help round out a meal when paired with protein and produce. Just try these tips:

  • Ask for just 1-2 rolls instead of the full basket.
  • Dip your bread lightly in oil instead of slathering with butter.
  • Fill up first on a low-calorie starter like salad or broth-based soup.

Portion control and healthy sides are key to enjoying bread without overdoing calories or carbs.


When dining at Texas Roadhouse, the bread options range from 110 calories for a standard dinner roll to 260 calories for a serving of jalapeño corn bread. To lighten up your meal, stick to a single roll and focus on lighter proteins and veggie sides. With sensible portions, you can still enjoy Texas Roadhouse’s famous fresh-baked breads as part of a healthy diet.

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