Can I walk after testicle surgery?

Quick Answers

Yes, you will likely be able to walk after testicle surgery, but how long it takes to get back to normal walking depends on the specific procedure. Here are some quick answers on walking after testicle surgery:

  • After simple surgeries like a vasectomy, you may be able to walk normally right away
  • For larger procedures like orchiopexy to fix a torsion or undescended testicle, you may need a few days of rest before you can walk normally
  • With major surgeries like testicular cancer removal, you may need 1-2 weeks before you can walk comfortably again
  • Your doctor will give you specific instructions on when you can start walking based on your surgery and recovery
  • Start slow with short walks around your home, use pain medicine as needed, and avoid strenuous activity until your doctor says it’s okay

When Can I Walk After Testicle Surgery?

The time frame for recovering normal walking ability after testicle surgery often depends on the type of procedure performed:

Minor Surgeries

For minor testicle surgeries like a vasectomy or epididymectomy, you may be able to walk normally right away. These are outpatient procedures that only involve small incisions in the scrotum. Barring any complications, most patients can get up and walk around the same day. Soreness may limit long walks at first, but you should be able to move around your home without problems.

Orchiopexy and Torsion Repair

If you’ve had orchiopexy surgery to fix an undescended testicle or surgery to untwist a testicular torsion, you may need a few days of limited activity to allow initial healing. Your scrotum will likely be sore and swollen after the surgery. Your doctor will recommend resting in bed for 24-48 hours after the procedure. Once the worst soreness subsides, you can start taking short walks around the house. You’ll want to avoid any straining or stretching that could damage the incision site. It may take 3-7 days before you can walk normally again.

Testicle Removal

After major surgery like testicle removal, such as for testicular cancer (orchiectomy), you can expect a longer recovery before you are walking normally again. This surgery involves an incision through several scrotal layers, leaving more extensive swelling and pain. Your doctor will have you limit activity for at least 1-2 days after surgery. Once you are cleared to start moving around, take it very slow. Try short, gentle walks around your home at first. Only increase activity as tolerated without causing increased pain or swelling. Patients often describe at least 1-2 weeks of recovery before they can walk mostly back to normal. Follow all instructions from your surgical team for a safe recovery.

Tips for a Smooth Recovery of Normal Walking

Here are some tips that may help you safely recover normal walking ability after testicle procedures:

  • Allow plenty of rest – Don’t rush, overexert yourself before you are healed.
  • Keep incisions clean and dry – Prevent infections that could impact healing.
  • Take medications as prescribed – Stay on top of pain and anti-inflammatory drugs.
  • Go slow increasing activity – Start with short walks around home before going farther.
  • Support the scrotum comfortably – Wear snug underwear or a jock strap.
  • Avoid straining – No heavy lifting, yardwork, sex, or sports until approved.
  • Watch for signs of problems – Unusual swelling, pain, bleeding may require medical attention.
  • Ask your doctor questions – They can best advise when you can increase walking duration and intensity.

Following your doctor’s post-surgical instructions carefully is crucial. every patient heals differently, so your individual timeline to get back to normal walking may vary. But taking it slow and giving your body plenty of rest goes a long way in ensuring proper healing after testicle procedures.

What Types of Testicle Surgeries Limit Walking?

Any surgery on the testicles or scrotum can impact a man’s ability to walk normally during recovery. Here are some examples of procedures that may temporarily limit walking:


This surgery removes one or both testicles, most often to treat testicular cancer. It requires an incision through the scrotal layers and leaves extensive swelling and discomfort. Patients usually require 1-2 weeks before they can walk normally again after orchiectomy.


Surgery to remove the epididymis is typically done for chronic pain or swelling. It involves delicate dissection that leaves the testicle intact. Bandages and swelling may make walking uncomfortable for 3-5 days after epididymectomy.


Removing a hydrocele, or fluid buildup around the testicle, requires an incision into the scrotal sac. Walking is limited for the first few days, though less so than more invasive surgeries.


This surgery cuts off enlarged scrotal veins called a varicocele. It requires a delicate procedure through the scrotum and along the spermatic cord. Patients are typically advised to avoid straining or prolonged walks for one week post-surgery.

Testicular Torsion Repair

Untwisting a spermatic cord volvulus requires emergency surgery on swollen, painful anatomy. No walking is recommended initially, though short walks may be attempted after 2-3 days of recovery.

Recovery Strategies and Expected Timelines

The recovery strategies and expected walking timelines vary based on the specific testicle procedure. Here are some general guidelines:


  • Recovery strategy – Rest day of surgery, ice scrotum, take OTC pain medication, wear snug underwear
  • Walking timeline – May be able to walk normally right away or within a day


  • Recovery strategy – Limit activity for 48 hours, rest in bed, ice scrotum, take prescribed pain medication
  • Walking timeline – Short walks around home after 2-3 days, normal walking in 5-7 days

Testicle Removal

  • Recovery strategy – Limit activity for 1-2 days, keep incisions clean and dry, use pain medicine, support scrotum with briefs
  • Walking timeline – Very short walks after 3-4 days, increase gradually, normal walking in 10-14 days

Always follow your own doctor’s recovery instructions carefully rather than general timelines. Factors like your age, health status, procedure complexity, and pain tolerance can all impact how quickly you can return to normal walking after testicle surgery.

Call Your Doctor if You Experience:

Contact your urologist or surgeon right away if you experience any of the following after testicular surgery:

  • Bleeding that soaks through bandages
  • Large swelling or fluid buildup in the scrotum
  • Fever over 101°F (38.3°C)
  • Significant pain not relieved by medication
  • Redness, drainage, warmth, or foul odor from incisions
  • Continued nausea, vomiting, dizziness
  • Difficulty passing urine

These could potentially indicate an infection, bleeding issue, or other complication requiring prompt medical care. Your doctor can then advise if it is safe to continue walking or if you should return to limited rest and activity.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should I wait to walk after testicle surgery?

How long you should wait depends on the procedure, but 1-2 days of limited activity is common. Minor surgeries may allow walking the same day, while you may need 1-2 weeks after more complex surgeries before walking normally. Follow your doctor’s specific instructions.

Is walking good for recovery after testicle surgery?

Yes, walking can promote healing once you are past the initial recovery period. Start slow and gradually increase your walking distance and intensity. Walking improves circulation and prevents complications from prolonged immobilization.

Can I take a bath after testicle surgery?

You will likely need to avoid baths, swimming, hot tubs, and submerging the incisions for 1-2 weeks after surgery. The warm water environment risks infection in the surgical wounds. Showers may be permitted if you can keep the incisions dry.

How long should I wear a jock strap after surgery?

You may be advised to wear snug-fitting underwear or a jock strap for 1-2 weeks after testicle procedures. This provides compression and support to control swelling and support the scrotum during early healing. Your doctor can advise on when you can discontinue use.

When can I resume sexual activity after testicle surgery?

You will need to avoid all sexual activity, including masturbation and intercourse, for around 1-2 weeks after testicle surgery to allow proper healing. Resuming too soon risks wound complications, bleeding, pain, and swelling.


Recovering the ability to walk normally is an important milestone after any testicle surgery. Simple procedures may only limit walking for a day or two, but expect 1-2 weeks of recovery following more extensive operations like testicle removal. Factors like your specific surgery approach, complications, age, and overall health all factor into the walking timeline. Stick closely to your surgeon’s guidance, start slow, use pain management, and don’t overdo activity too quickly after surgery. Let your body’s healing process dictate when you can resume your normal walking routine. Most importantly, contact your doctor if you experience any issues impacting your recovery. With close follow-up care and gradually increasing activity, you can get back to walking comfortably after testicular procedures.

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