Can I use Sezzle instore at Target?

Sezzle is a payment platform that allows shoppers to split purchases into 4 interest-free payments over 6 weeks. With Sezzle, you can pay 25% of your purchase upfront and the remaining balance in 3 installments every 2 weeks. This makes higher priced items more affordable by breaking up payments.

Many popular online retailers like Target, Walmart, and Best Buy allow customers to use Sezzle at checkout on their websites. However, using Sezzle instore is more limited. So can you use Sezzle instore at Target?

Quick Answer

Unfortunately, Sezzle cannot currently be used instore at Target locations. Sezzle is only available for purchases made online at When checking out on the Target website, you will see Sezzle listed as a payment option if the item is eligible. But Sezzle is not accepted if shopping in-person at Target.

Target does have its own payment platform called Target RedCard that works instore. This card offers 5% off all purchases and free shipping. But it does not have the same pay-in-4 installment plan that Sezzle offers. So Sezzle itself is only for online Target purchases right now.

Instore Payment Options at Target

Target accepts all major credit cards when shopping in-person, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. They also take contactless payment options like Apple Pay. Target-branded credit cards issued by TD Bank are also accepted. These include the Target RedCard credit card and Target RedCard debit card.

The Target RedCard gets you 5% off all purchases at Target, free 2-day shipping at, and an extra 30 day return window. It acts like a store credit card. If approved, you can get either a RedCard credit card that has a variable APR based on your creditworthiness or a RedCard debit card linked to your checking account.

Both RedCard options can only be used at Target and offer the 5% discount. But the debit version lets you avoid interest charges. The RedCard does not have the pay-in-4 installments feature that Sezzle offers. It simply gives a discount on your entire transaction.

Target also accepts mobile payment services like Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay using NFC technology. So you can check out with your smartphone at many Target locations. Cash, checks, and gift cards are also accepted. But Sezzle is not available for instore Target purchases.

How Sezzle Works at

Sezzle is currently only able to be used online at It can’t be used directly for instore purchases. When buying items on the Target website, you will go through the standard checkout process. On the payment page, look for Sezzle among the payment options.

If your items are eligible for Sezzle, it will appear as a payment choice. You can then split your purchase into 4 payments over 6 weeks. Here is an example breakdown:

– On a $200 purchase, you would pay $50 today
– $50 in 2 weeks
– $50 in 4 weeks
– $50 in 6 weeks

There are no hidden fees or interest charges. Sezzle simply breaks up the total into 4 installments.

To use Sezzle, you’ll need to create an account with some basic personal information. The process takes just a couple minutes. Once signed up, you can use Sezzle anytime at and other participating merchants.

When checking out, pick Sezzle as the payment method. You’ll need to enter your account details. The first 25% payment will process right away as a debit card transaction. The remaining balance is paid from your Sezzle account in the coming weeks.

You’ll receive reminders as your next payments become due. The full purchase price must be paid within 6 weeks. If you ever have an issue making payments, you can contact Sezzle to discuss options.

This pay-in-4 structure allows you to budget large purchases more easily. And it works great for orders like furniture, electronics, home items, and more. Just remember it can’t be used directly for paying at Target stores right now.

Why Sezzle Isn’t Accepted Instore at Target

There are a few reasons why Sezzle is not able to be used for instore purchases at Target locations currently:

– Requires new point-of-sale integration – Sezzle would need to update the payment processing terminals at all Target registers to accept their system. This involves technical integration on their end.

– Difficult to process future installment payments – Sezzle’s 4 payment breakdown over 6 weeks is easy to handle for online purchases. But it may be difficult to process those future payment installments for instore transactions.

– Target already has RedCard – Target already owns their own payment product with the RedCard. While it doesn’t offer installments like Sezzle, Target may be less inclined to bring in a third-party competing service when they have their own.

– Slow rollout strategy – Sezzle may be taking a cautious approach focused on online adoption first before tackling all the requirements for large national retail chains.

– Contract issues – There could be exclusivity issues or conflicts under Target’s payment processing agreements that need to be worked out before bringing Sezzle instore.

So while the delayed payment platform works great for, the technical and logistical requirements have likely slowed Sezzle’s instore expansion. But as they continue growing, we could see them become available at Target store locations in the future.

Using Sezzle Instore at Other Retailers

Although Sezzle can’t be used at Target stores right now, it is accepted for instore purchases at some other retailers. For example, Sezzle can be used when shopping in-person at:

– Verizon – Make installment payments on phones, accessories, and plans.

– Purple – Split purchases of Purple mattresses and bedding at their store locations.

– Lovesac – Pay for Lovesac beanbags and sactionals over time at participating showrooms.

– Bicycle Habitat – Available for bikes and cycling gear purchases at their NYC locations.

So you do have some brick-and-mortar options for using Sezzle based on the individual merchant. But availability is still relatively limited compared to online. The list of retailers offering instore Sezzle continues to gradually grow.

Other Services Similar to Sezzle

If you’re interested in splitting purchases into installments but can’t use Sezzle at Target, there are some other services with similar pay-in-4 models:

– Affirm – One of the top buy now, pay later platforms. Affirm charges simple interest but no fees.

– Klarna – Lets you pay in 4 interest-free installments. Can be used online and some instore.

– Afterpay – Pay 25% upfront and remaining balance in 3 payments. No interest or fees.

– PayPal Pay in 4 – Service through PayPal with 0% interest if repaid in 6 weeks.

– Zip – Zip offers pay-in-4 installments for online and instore purchases.

So while these options don’t directly integrate with Target stores, they give you alternative ways to split payments. Each service has its own eligibility requirements and terms, so make sure to read carefully.

Many major retailers allow customers to use Affirm, Klarna, Afterpay, or PayPal Credit during checkout. This gives flexibility similar to Sezzle without relying on a single provider.

Tips for Using Sezzle at Target

While Sezzle can’t be used instore at Target right now, it remains a great option when shopping online at Here are some tips for making the most of Sezzle for your Target purchases:

– Check eligibility first – See if your items qualify for Sezzle before checkout. Look for the Sezzle banner at the top of the Target site.

– Stick to a budget – Even with installments, only spend what you can reasonably afford to pay back.

– Enter your account details fast – Have your Sezzle account info handy for quicker checkout.

– Add a payment reminder – Use your calendar or Sezzle reminders so you pay on time.

– Contact Sezzle with any issues – Get in touch with their customer service if you ever need to reschedule payments.

– Use it for larger purchases – Sezzle works best for more expensive items like electronics.

The ability to spread out payments over 6 weeks makes Sezzle a handy budgeting tool. Take advantage when shopping on and keep an eye out for potential in-person expansion.

The Future of Sezzle at Target

As of late 2022, Sezzle remains an online-only payment method for Target purchases. Unfortunately you still can’t walk into a Target store and use Sezzle at checkout. But there are signs that wider instore availability could be coming:

– Sezzle is rapidly expanding to more national retailers. They already have relationships with major chains like Target, so in-person integration is a natural next step.

– Pay-in-4 models are gaining mainstream attention. As services like Sezzle and Afterpay grow, retailer interest and technical capabilities will increase.

– Target is innovating payment options. They’ve added Apple Pay, mobile checkout, giftless gift cards, and two-day pay options in recent years.

– Consumer demand is strong. Customers like the flexibility and budgeting power of breaking payments into predictable installments.

With the buy now, pay later industry projected to keep growing, Sezzle will likely prioritize larger brick-and-mortar merchants like Target. While instore functionality could take time, expanded availability seems imminent as these services evolve.

Keep an eye out for any announcements from Sezzle or Target on new in-person capabilities. Until then, enjoy using Sezzle for all your online Target shopping and budgeting needs.


Unfortunately Sezzle is not currently able to be used for instore purchases at Target locations. The service is only available online at right now. This is likely due to logistical challenges integrating their delayed installment payments at store registers along with Target already having their RedCard program.

But Sezzle does work great for splitting up bigger online purchases from Target into 4 interest-free payments over 6 weeks. This unique pay-in-4 model makes large purchases more affordable. As Sezzle continues expanding, we could see them launch for instore use at Target and other major national retailers. But for now, enjoy the benefits when shopping on and look for that availability to potentially grow.

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