Are there any gluten-free Girl Scout cookie?

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Yes, there are some gluten-free Girl Scout cookie options available. The Girl Scouts introduced their first certified gluten-free cookie, the Toffee-tastic, in 2015. Since then, they have added more gluten-free varieties including the S’mores cookie and the Lemonades cookie. The availability of gluten-free cookies varies by region, but most areas offer at least one or two options. The Girls Scouts make sure to keep the gluten-free cookies separate during bakery production and distribution to avoid cross-contamination.

Overview of Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout cookies are cookies sold by Girl Scouts as one of their major fundraisers. The Girl Scout Cookie Program started around 1917 when the Mistletoe Troop in Muskogee, Oklahoma baked cookies and sold them in its high school cafeteria as a service project. Since then, Girl Scout cookies have become an iconic American treat and a yearly tradition for many, with around 200 million boxes sold each year.

There are over a dozen varieties of Girl Scout cookies offered. The exact cookies vary by region since the Girl Scouts use two commercial bakers, ABC Bakers and Little Brownie Bakers, with each producing different cookies. Some of the most popular national varieties include Thin Mints, Samoas, Tagalongs, Do-si-dos, and Trefoils. Local and regional specialties are also available in certain areas.

The cookies are sold annually, usually starting in January and running through April, primarily door-to-door and at cookie booths by Girl Scouts. All proceeds go towards funding Girl Scout programs and activities. Cookies cost between $4-6 per box depending on the variety.

Are Any Girl Scout Cookies Gluten-Free?

For many years, none of the standard Girl Scout cookies were gluten-free. This made Girl Scout cookie season challenging for anyone with celiac disease or gluten intolerance. However, in recent years, the Girl Scouts have introduced certified gluten-free cookie options after hearing requests from their customers.

The first gluten-free Girl Scout cookie was introduced by ABC Bakers in 2015. This cookie, called the Toffee-tastic, is a buttery cookie with toffee bits made with gluten-free flour. In 2016, Little Brownie Bakers released the S’mores cookie, marshmallow and chocolate between two graham-style gluten-free crackers. Most recently, in 2020, the Lemonades cookie joined the lineup. This is a savory, zesty lemon cookie made with gluten-free oats and rice flours.

Currently, the Toffee-tastic, S’mores, and Lemonades are the only nationally available gluten-free Girl Scout cookies. However, some council regions offer additional gluten-free flavors based on special partnerships or collaborations. For example, some areas may offer a gluten-free Caramel Chocolate Chip cookie.

Availability of Gluten-Free Girl Scout Cookies

The availability of gluten-free Girl Scout cookie varieties depends on your location since the different bakers supply different regions. Here are some tips on finding gluten-free cookies:

– Check the official Girl Scout cookie finder at to see which varieties are sold by zip code. Look for the tagged gluten-free options.

– Contact your local Girl Scout council to ask about gluten-free offerings. Council sites will often indicate if gluten-free cookies will be sold.

– Ask your Girl Scout cookie seller if they have any gluten-free cookies this year and to double check varieties.

– Look for booths selling the Toffee-tastic, S’mores or Lemonades cookies. But always verify gluten-free when purchasing.

– Be aware that some regions may not offer any gluten-free options yet. The selection expands each year.

If gluten-free Girl Scout cookies are not available in your area, consider pre-ordering them from the baker online or submitting a request to the council to carry them in the future.

Are Girl Scout Cookies Safe for Those with Celiac Disease?

The Girl Scouts take care to make their gluten-free cookies safe for those with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity. Here are some of the steps they take:

– The gluten-free cookies are produced on dedicated lines in facilities that do not handle gluten. This avoids any cross-contamination.

– Ingredients are certified gluten-free, with testing done to verify gluten levels remain under 20ppm.

– Extra sanitation and allergen control measures are taken when baking the gluten-free cookies.

– The gluten-free cookies are packaged separately from regular cookies and labeled clearly.

– Care is taken during cookie booth sales to keep the gluten-free cookies separate and avoid mistakes. Girls are trained on celiac disease awareness.

– All Girl Scout councils and bakers have procedures in place for handling gluten-free cookies safely from bakery to customer.

The Girl Scouts also provide a letter on their website from their bakers outlining their approach and commitment to making safe gluten-free cookies.

Many celiacs report eating the Girl Scout gluten-free cookies with no issues. However, as with any food, those with celiac disease or wheat allergies should exercise individual care and judgment with cookies made in facilities with gluten ingredients present. Always check the labels when purchasing.

Are Homemade Girl Scout Cookies Gluten-Free?

Girl Scouts often do their own homemade cookie baking activities outside of the organized Girl Scout cookie program sales. Homemade cookies sold by troops for one-off sales or donated to causes are NOT guaranteed gluten-free.

If you come across Girl Scouts with homemade cookie boxes, be sure to ask about ingredients and preparation. Do not assume they are gluten-free unless stated so clearly. Check closely for wheat flour or barley malt before consuming.

For true gluten-free homemade Girl Scout cookies, the troop should be using an allergen-friendly kitchen and completely gluten-free ingredients. Again, always verify first for your own safety. Those with celiac disease or wheat allergies need to be very cautious with any homemade baked goods.

Nutrition Profile of Gluten-Free Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout cookies, whether gluten-free or not, are considered an occasional treat. Here is a quick look at the nutrition profile of the gluten-free varieties:

– 140 calories
– 5g fat
– 110mg sodium
– 18g sugar

– 150 calories
– 7g fat
– 135mg sodium
– 13g sugar

– 140 calories
– 4.5g fat
– 140mg sodium
– 14g sugar

The gluten-free cookies provide less than a gram of protein each. As you can see, the calorie, fat, sodium, and sugar content of these gluten-free options are very similar to traditional Girl Scout cookies.

So those with celiac disease can enjoy them but only as an occasional dessert or snack due to their high sugar and sodium levels like any cookie. Having a serving with milk or fruit can somewhat offset the nutritional impact. Overall, the gluten-free cookies should be eaten in moderation as part of an otherwise balanced diet.

Are There Any Vegan or Dairy-Free Girl Scout Cookie Options?

In addition to gluten-free, Girl Scout cookie fans also sometimes ask about vegan cookie varieties or dairy-free options. Here is a quick rundown:

Vegan: Unfortunately, none of the current nationally available Girl Scout cookies are vegan. All varieties contain some form of animal product like eggs or dairy. Some regions may offer a special vegan cookie option in limited quantities, but vegan choices are still very rare in the Girl Scout cookie lineup.

Dairy-free: Those avoiding milk or lactose have a couple Girl Scout cookie options. The Toffee-tastic and Lemonades gluten-free cookies described earlier are both dairy-free as they do not contain milk, butter, or other dairy ingredients. So dairy-sensitive individuals can potentially enjoy these two cookies. But always verify ingredients.

Beyond the gluten-free varieties, customers sometimes ask if popular cookies like Samoas/Caramel deLites or Thin Mints are dairy-free. Unfortunately, these traditional flavors contain some form of milk product.

Overall, those with vegan or certain dairy-free diets still have minimal choices when it comes to Girl Scout cookies. The organization has expanded to include gluten-free but has yet to develop more allergy-friendly options beyond that. Fans of Girl Scout cookies living vegan or dairy-free lifestyles have mostly had to find alternative cookie options from other brands or bakeries. But there is always hope for more inclusion in the future!


In recent years, Girl Scouts of America has admirably responded to customer demand by creating certified gluten-free cookie options. Celiacs and anyone avoiding gluten can now enjoy favorites like Toffee-tastic, S’mores, and Lemonades as part of the annual Girl Scout cookie lineup. Just take care to double check labeling and ingredients when purchasing.

Availability of gluten-free cookies varies regionally since bakeries differ across the country. Check the official Girl Scout cookie finder to see what your location offers and don’t be afraid to ask your local Girl Scouts about gluten-free choices.

While the gluten-free cookies are treats that should be eaten in moderation, those with celiac disease can feel confident the Girl Scouts take steps to avoid cross-contamination for safety. So enjoy your gluten-free Girl Scout cookies as a sign of progress!

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