Will there be season 4 of 1000-lb Sisters?

1000-lb Sisters, the hit TLC reality show following the weight loss journeys of morbidly obese sisters Amy and Tammy Slaton, has become incredibly popular since it first aired in 2020. With 3 seasons under its belt, many fans are wondering if there will be a season 4 of 1000-lb Sisters.

Overview of 1000-lb Sisters

1000-lb Sisters gives viewers an inside look at the daily struggles and triumphs of Amy and Tammy Slaton, two siblings from Kentucky who together tipped the scales at over 1000 pounds. Season 1, which aired in 2020, showed the sisters’ attempts to lose weight by diet and exercise while striving to qualify for bariatric surgery. It also highlighted their strained relationship and different approaches to weight loss. Tammy in particular struggled with motivation and relied heavily on Amy for caregiving.

Season 2, which aired in 2021, chronicled the aftermath of Amy’s bariatric surgery as she worked toward her goal weight. It also followed Tammy’s continued weight and health struggles, including several hospitalizations. There were tense moments between the sisters but also displays of love and support. Chris, Amy’s husband, became more involved in her weight loss journey. Meanwhile, Amy explored skin removal surgery options.

Season 3, which aired in 2022, showed the next chapter in Amy and Tammy’s lives. Amy focused on her pregnancy, expanding her family with Chris, and opening a dance studio. Tammy continued battling her food addiction from rehab, losing weight and gaining it back. She relied on Amy’s help but also resisted her concern. The season ended uncertainly, with Tammy’s health and future unclear.

Has TLC renewed 1000-lb Sisters for season 4?

TLC has not yet officially announced whether 1000-lb Sisters will be renewed for a fourth season. The network typically takes some time after a season finishes airing before announcing renewals. Given the popularity of the show, many fans expect TLC will renew 1000-lb Sisters, but it may be a few more months before official confirmation.

Factors supporting a season 4 renewal

There are several factors working in favor of 1000-lb Sisters getting renewed for a fourth season:

  • High viewership – Season 3 premiered to 1.3 million viewers, showing the series has a large and engaged fanbase.
  • Positive audience reactions – The show has a 7.8/10 rating on IMDb and 4.5/5 on Amazon, indicating strong audience appreciation.
  • Social media buzz – 1000-lb Sisters is frequently discussed and shared on social media, keeping buzz around the show alive.
  • Unique concept – The show fills a niche following the lives of morbidly obese sisters attempting weight loss that no other program does.
  • Ongoing weight journeys – Both Amy and Tammy are still works in progress, giving plenty of story left to tell.

Given these factors, it seems likely TLC would want to continue following the dramatic storylines surrounding the Slaton sisters and their weight struggles. As long as audiences remain interested in their journeys, the show can probably go on.

Potential season 4 storylines

If 1000-lb Sisters is renewed for season 4, here are some possible storylines that may play out:

  • Tammy’s continued weight battle – Tammy ended season 3 in rehab after gaining weight back. Her ongoing struggle with food addiction provides endless content.
  • Amy’s life as a mom – Amy gave birth to her second child Gage late in season 3. Viewers will want to see her navigating motherhood.
  • Chris and Amy’s family – More of Chris and Amy’s home life with their new bigger family would be entertaining to viewers.
  • Tammy’s health issues – Sadly, Tammy continues facing serious obesity-related health problems that worsen over time.
  • The sisters’ relationship – Amy and Tammy’s turbulent sisterhood always makes for dramatic TV.
  • Skin removal surgeries – Now that Amy has lost a lot of weight, her skin removal procedures could be featured.

There are still many unknowns surrounding the sisters that make for compelling television. As long as the two women consent to filming, there are endless possibilities for new storylines surrounding their weight and relationships.

What factors could impede season 4?

However, there are also a few factors that could potentially prevent or delay a fourth season of 1000-lb Sisters:

  • Tammy’s health – If Tammy continues gaining weight and experiencing serious health problems, she may become unwilling or unable to film.
  • Amy’s family focus – Amy may choose to step back from filming to focus on her new baby and dance studio.
  • Declining viewership – If ratings take a dip, TLC could choose to cancel instead of renewing.
  • Lack of storyline – If sisters stop making progress, the show could stagnate.
  • Loss of interest from sisters – Amy or Tammy may decide they no longer want their lives filmed.

The show depends heavily on extensive access to Amy and Tammy’s intimate health and personal struggles. So if either sister declines to participate further, that could spell the end of new seasons. But as long as the ratings remain strong and the sisters continue opening their lives to cameras, TLC will likely want to keep the show going.

What is the likelihood of season 4 happening?

Given the runaway success of 1000-lb Sisters so far, a fourth season seems very likely at this point barring any major unforeseen circumstances. The evidence strongly suggests both TLC and the Slaton sisters have an interest in continuing the show.

TLC has an established track record of renewing their most popular reality programs year after year. 1000-lb Sisters is currently one of the network’s highest performing shows, so they will want to keep it going as long as possible. The production company has a vested interest in riding this success story out for as long as audiences stay hooked.

As for Amy and Tammy, they have both been very open about the fact that the show provides their main income and health insurance. Quitting would create major financial hardship and uncertainty. Additionally, reality TV stardom seems important to the sisters on a personal level.

Barring any unforeseen shakeups, fans can feel fairly optimistic that their guilty viewing pleasure will be returning for a fourth round. Expect an official season 4 renewal notice from TLC within the next few months unless new developments alter plans.

Potential premiere date for season 4

Looking at the previous three season air dates offers clues about when a potential fourth season could premiere:

Season Premiere date
Season 1 January 1, 2020
Season 2 January 5, 2021
Season 3 January 17, 2022

All three seasons so far have debuted in January, establishing that month as the standard premiere window. If season 4 follows suit, expect it to kick off in January 2023. The specific date will depend on TLC’s scheduling plans.

However, there is a chance the season 4 premiere could get pushed back. If filming is delayed for any reason, January 2023 may be too ambitious of a target. The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted television production schedules across the board, so uncertainties remain.

Fans may need to wait a few extra months into spring 2023 or even summer 2023. But the new season will almost certainly arrive at some point in 2023 barring unexpected hiatuses. TLC knows audiences are hungry for new episodes after season 3’s cliffhanger ending.

What do Amy and Tammy say about season 4?

Amy and Tammy seem to be on board for continuing to share their story in future episodes. In an interview with The Sun in June 2022, Amy said she’s game for more seasons “as long as fans keep watching.” She went on to say, “The fans have seen my life completely — the good, the bad, and the ugly.”

Tammy has expressed similar openness to resume filming despite struggling through rehab and personal drama lately. In Touch Weekly reported she is willing to document her weight loss journey again in season 4.

So the sisters both appear committed to producing additional content following this phase of their lives. As evidenced by past seasons, they are remarkably candid about opening up their difficulties and triumphs to the cameras in raw, real ways. More of that vulnerability is likely coming in season 4.

Prediction: Yes, there will be a season 4

Barring any massive shakeups, the stars are clearly aligned for TLC to announce a renewal of 1000-lb Sisters for a fourth season in 2023. Amy and Tammy seem interested in continuing their story. The show’s devoted fanbase is anxious for new episodes after the rollercoaster ride of season 3.

TLC has a successful formula they will surely want to milk for as long as audiences stay hooked. People feel invested in the Slaton sisters after following their highest highs and lowest lows. The network would be wise to deliver more of the dramatic content that has made the show a hit.

While health problems or life changes could delay filming, the chances of 1000-lb Sisters getting abruptly cancelled at this point seem very low. Expect official word on a season 4 renewal within the coming months. Then get ready for the continuing saga of America’s favorite larger-than-life siblings.

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