Will overcooked All You Can Eat be on PC?

Overcooked All You Can Eat is the latest entry in the popular Overcooked series of chaotic couch co-op cooking games. The game includes all content from Overcooked 1 and 2, remastered and optimized for modern platforms. Overcooked All You Can Eat launched in March 2021 as a timed console exclusive for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. With the console exclusivity period over, many fans are wondering if Overcooked All You Can Eat will make its way to PC.

Quick Answers

Overcooked All You Can Eat has not been officially announced for PC yet. The developers, Team17, have stated they would like to bring the game to more platforms in the future. Given the success of the previous Overcooked games on PC, there is a good chance Overcooked All You Can Eat will come to PC eventually.

Will Overcooked All You Can Eat Come to PC?

While not confirmed yet, there are several signs pointing towards Overcooked All You Can Eat coming to PC in the future:

  • Both Overcooked and Overcooked 2 were released on PC, signalling an established player base on that platform.
  • In an interview after the game’s launch, Team17 said they would like to bring Overcooked All You Can Eat to additional platforms beyond consoles.
  • Team17 has brought several of their other console exclusives, like Moving Out and Neon Abyss, to PC after their initial launch.
  • The updated visuals and optimizations of Overcooked All You Can Eat would work well on a wide range of PC hardware.

Given Team17’s support for the platform in the past and the demand from fans, a future PC port seems very likely. The developers likely needed more time to optimize and scale the game for the wide spectrum of PC configurations before announcing a port.

What’s New in Overcooked All You Can Eat?

Overcooked All You Can Eat includes all the content from the first two games, with a variety of upgrades and improvements:

  • Visuals upgraded to 4K on supported platforms
  • Improved performance for smoother gameplay
  • All DLC packs included
  • New assisted difficulty options
  • Over 200 levels across the entire series
  • New achievements and trophies
  • Revamped progression system
  • Quality of life improvements
  • Cross-platform multiplayer

For PC players who haven’t experienced the Overcooked series yet, All You Can Eat represents the definitive edition with all content and upgrades included. And for those who have played before, there are enough new features and optimizations to make it feel fresh. The assisted difficulty options also help lower the barrier for newcomers to the traditionally challenging co-op gameplay.

What is the Overcooked Series?

Overcooked is a cooperative cooking game series developed by Ghost Town Games and published by Team17. The concept is that 1-4 players control chefs trapped in chaotic environments and must work together to prepare and serve orders quickly while navigating obstacles.

The series currently includes:

  • Overcooked (2016) – original entry for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC
  • Overcooked: The Lost Morsel (2017) – DLC add-on for first game
  • Overcooked! 2 (2018) – sequel with new recipes, chefs, levels, and throwable items
  • Overcooked 2: Campfire Cook Off (2018) – DLC add-on for sequel
  • Overcooked 2: Night of the Hangry Horde (2018) – DLC add-on for sequel
  • Overcooked 2: Carnival of Chaos (2019) – DLC add-on for sequel
  • Overcooked! All You Can Eat (2021) – remaster compilation of first 2 games

The series stands out for its fun, frantic cooperative gameplay that often turns into controlled chaos. Players must communicate and coordinate properly to overcome the Physics-based obstacles and challenges in each kitchen. It’s as hilarious as it is challenging, best enjoyed in local co-op with friends or family.

Overcooked Franchise Sales and Popularity

Both Overcooked games reviewed highly across gaming publications and fan feedback. Some review scores include:

  • Overcooked:
    • IGN – 8.5/10
    • GameSpot – 8/10
    • Steam user reviews – Overwhelmingly Positive
  • Overcooked 2:
    • IGN – 9/10
    • GameSpot – 9/10
    • Steam user reviews – Overwhelmingly Positive

In addition to critical praise, the games have been commercially successful. Here are some sales milestones:

  • Overcooked passed 1 million units sold within its first year
  • Overcooked 2 passed 2 million sales by 2020
  • Combined series sales exceeded 6 million units as of 2021

The series has clearly built up a sizeable audience across consoles and PC over the past several years. Porting the All You Can Eat compilation to PC makes sense to expose the revamped games to an even wider audience.

What are the PC Requirements?

Since Overcooked All You Can Eat has not been officially announced for PC yet, there are no published PC system requirements. However, we can estimate potential specs based on the previous games and the revamped visuals:

Minimum Recommended
  • OS: Windows 7
  • CPU: Intel Core i3 or equivalent
  • RAM: 4GB
  • GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 or equivalent
  • Storage: 8GB
  • OS: Windows 10
  • CPU: Intel Core i5 or equivalent
  • RAM: 8GB
  • GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 or equivalent
  • Storage: 8GB

These estimated specs are similar to Overcooked 2 on PC. One potential difference is that All You Can Eat may require a bit more storage space due to the inclusion of all DLC. The visual upgrades are focused on higher resolutions and smoother framerates, which depend more on the power of your GPU.

Will There be Cross-Platform Play?

One of the big new features of Overcooked All You Can Eat is full cross-platform multiplayer support. This means players on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and PC (if ported) will all be able to play together online.

Cross-play was not possible between the separate Overcooked 1 and 2 games. Unifying them into a single package enables online multiplayer between all supported platforms with the same updated version.

Cross-platform play opens up a lot more opportunities to play online with friends who might have Overcooked on different systems. It also expands the overall network population for faster matchmaking.

When Will Overcooked All You Can Eat Release on PC?

There is no official PC release date set yet for Overcooked All You Can Eat. Looking at some clues:

  • Typically there is a 6-12 month exclusive period for console-first games before ports
  • Team17 has brought several games to PC within a year of console launch
  • Porting from new-gen consoles like PS5/Xbox Series to PC is more straightforward

Based on those factors, a likely timeframe for Overcooked All You Can Eat on PC will be sometime between September 2021 and March 2022. This would line up with a 6-12 month exclusivity window following the March 2021 console release.

Of course, this is not confirmed yet by Team17. The PC port could certainly take more or less time. But within that 6-12 month range seems a reasonable estimate based on Team17’s past porting practices.

Can My PC Run It?

Based on the estimated system requirements above, here are some guidelines on what kind of PC hardware you would need for Overcooked All You Can Eat:

  • GPU: Any mid-range or better dedicated GPU from the past 5-6 years should suffice. This includes cards like the GTX 1060, RX 580, GTX 1660, and RTX 2060.
  • CPU: A modern quad-core or hexa-core processor, such as a Core i5 from the 8000/9000/10000 series or a Ryzen 5.
  • RAM: 8GB is recommended, but you may be able to get by with 4GB on lower settings.
  • Storage: You’ll want at least 8GB free space for the game itself, plus room for the Windows OS and other applications.

As long as your PC meets those approximate specs, you should be able to run Overcooked All You Can Eat decently if it gets a PC port. The graphics and framerates may need to be turned down on lower-end systems. Overall it should be playable on most modern gaming PCs.

Will There be PC Exclusive Features?

Team17 has not revealed any plans for PC-exclusive features yet. However, PC ports of console games often include expected functionality like:

  • Unlocked framerates for high refresh rate monitors
  • Ultra-wide monitor support
  • Advanced graphics options and anti-aliasing
  • Remappable controls
  • Modding potential

Overcooked All You Can Eat already runs at up to 4K 60fps on new consoles and supports widescreen formats. The PC version would likely expand those capabilities for high refresh rates and super ultra-wide resolutions. Running at unlocked framerates with buttery smooth animation would certainly benefit the frantic gameplay.

Remappable controls and mods also help tailor the experience to each player’s preferences. And the Steam release would add Steam Workshop integration for easy mod distribution and management.

Will DLC and Updates Come Simultaneously?

In the case of Overcooked and Overcooked 2, the DLC packs actually released on PC close to the console versions. However, the main sequels launched much later on PC compared to consoles.

With Overcooked All You Can Eat being a compiled re-release rather than brand new sequel, Team17 may try to launch the base game on all planned platforms simultaneously this time. That would allow cross-play to work across all versions from day one.

As for future DLC, it’s not confirmed yet if Team17 will develop more content updates for All You Can Eat. If they do, achieving simultaneous releases across PC and consoles could be a priority to keep the cross-play functionality consistent.

How Does Co-op Work on PC?

Local co-op is a major part of the Overcooked experience, best enjoyed with friends and family in the same room. On PC, All You Can Eat would likely support local co-op through:

  • Shared-screen – Players share the display similarly to console co-op.
  • Split-screen – Each player gets their own display window.
  • Multiple controllers – Utilizing Xbox/PlayStation controllers connected to the PC.
  • Multi-keyboard – Using separate keyboards allows co-op without controllers.

Online co-op would be enabled through the new cross-play features across all supported platforms. You could play with your console friends while on PC.

The shared/split-screen options let you maintain the classic couch co-op experience of the games. And controller/keyboard support provides flexibility for the input devices you want to use.

Will Overcooked All You Can Eat Feature Modding Support?

Official mod support has not been announced for Overcooked All You Can Eat. However, the PC platform does allow users to potentially mod and customize games to add new content.

Some examples of possible Overcooked mods:

  • New playable chef characters
  • Custom kitchen environments
  • Additional recipes and dish types to prepare
  • Gameplay tweaks like timer length or order frequency
  • Graphical enhancements and textures
  • Sound and music additions

Modding would allow dedicated PC players to significantly expand upon the core Overcooked experience. The Steam Workshop integration makes finding and installing mods convenient and automatic.

Team17 could also take inspiration from popular mods to integrate as official DLC down the road. User-generated content can mutually benefit players and developers.

Will Overcooked All You Can Eat be Better on PC or Consoles?

Ultimately, Overcooked All You Can Eat will play great on any platform it releases for thanks to the revamped visuals, performance optimizations, and expanded accessibility options.

PC offers advantages in areas like:

  • Higher framerates and resolutions
  • Graphics customization
  • Play with keyboard and mouse or controller
  • Mods and Steam Workshop support

Meanwhile, consoles offer benefits like:

  • Easy local co-op with controllers
  • Play on big-screen TV
  • Achievements/trophies system
  • Accessibility options like colorblind support

So the optimal platform comes down to your preferred setup and features. But no matter where you play, you’ll get the same great Overcooked gameplay and content.


While not officially confirmed yet, there are compelling reasons to believe Overcooked All You Can Eat will eventually land on PC. The upgraded compilation packs in a ton of chaotic cooking action that PC players won’t want to miss out on.

Based on Team17’s porting history and the previous Overcooked PC releases, the All You Can Eat remasters coming to PC seems like a matter of when, not if. Hopefully, we will hear an official announcement sooner rather than later.

In the meantime, look for Overcooked All You Can Eat to hit Steam within 6-12 months of its console launch. It promises to be the definitive way to experience the Overcooked games on PC with all content, cross-play support, and various technical upgrades.

So get ready PC chefs – kitchen chaos awaits in Overcooked All You Can Eat!

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