Why Jungkook is called Kookie?

Jungkook, full name Jeon Jung-kook, is the youngest member of the hugely popular K-pop boy band BTS. He was given the nickname “Kookie” by his fellow BTS members and fans, and it has stuck with him ever since his debut. There are a few key reasons why Jungkook earned this cute nickname that encapsulates his sweet personality.

His Name Contains “Kook”

The most obvious reason why Jungkook is called Kookie is that his real name contains “kook” – Jung-kook. Adding the “-ie” to the end makes it into an affectionate nickname. His bandmates likely found it natural to shorten his name down to “Kookie” as a term of endearment. It highlights his role as the baby of the group.

He Has an Adorable, Cookie-Like Personality

Jungkook’s personality also heavily contributes to why “Kookie” fits him so well. He is known for being extremely playful, energetic, and mischievous, much like a cookie full of sugar! He loves playing jokes and tricks on his hyungs (older bandmates), and his sweet tooth is very well-documented – he loves snacking on cookies and chocolate.

Fans Find it Cute and Catchy

Once Jungkook’s bandmates started calling him “Kookie”, the nickname spread quickly among ARMY (BTS’ fans). It was simply too adorable and suited his personality too well. The nickname is short, sweet, and catchy – perfect for fans to chant or use in cute memes and edits celebrating Jungkook’s cuteness. So the fandom quickly amplified this nickname for Jungkook.

When Did Jungkook Start Getting Called Kookie?

It’s difficult to pinpoint the exact moment Jungkook first started being called Kookie, but here is a rough timeline:

2013-2014: BTS Debut Era

Jungkook debuted with BTS in June 2013, when he was only 15 years old. As the youngest member, he was doted on by the hyungs from the start. His nickname from the early BTS days was actually “Golden Maknae” to highlight his multifaceted talents. But his hyungs likely called him Kookie casually off-camera.

2015-2016: Early Bangtan Bombs

In BTS’ early Bangtan Bomb behind-the-scenes videos circa 2015, you can hear Jungkook start being referred to affectionately as Kookie here and there. For example, in a bombb from September 2015, Jimin says “Jungkook-ah, Kookie, are you listening?” These early bombs show his nickname being established.

2017-2018: “Kookie” Takes Off

By 2017, Jungkook’s nickname was firmly cemented. He was referred to as Kookie affectionately in interviews, V-Lives, and Run BTS! episodes frequently. In 2018, Jungkook even wore headbands with koala ears and “Kookie” labeled on them, showing he embraced the nickname.

Jungkook’s Reaction to Being Called Kookie

Unlike some K-pop idols, Jungkook doesn’t seem to mind having a nickname and actually appears to enjoy being called Kookie affectionately by his members and fans. Here’s more about his reaction over the years:

He Finds it Cute

In a V-Live broadcast, Jungkook was shown fan art of himself with cookies and read out comments from fans calling him “Kookie”. He smiled, laughed and said it was very cute. He seems to appreciate that the nickname comes from a place of love.

He Uses it Himself

Jungkook is now comfortable calling himself Kookie too – a sure sign he has embraced it. For example, his Instagram username is @abcdefghi__lmnopqrstuvwxyz (his initials plus the entire alphabet, with just “kookie” missing).

He Responds Warmly to Fans

There are numerous instances of Jungkook responding happily when fans call him Kookie at concerts or fan meetings. Of course, Jungkook is always warm with ARMYs, but the nickname in particular makes him smile.

When Members Call Jungkook “Kookie”

Jungkook’s hyungs in BTS use “Kookie” as a nickname for him in a variety of situations. Here are some of the most memorable cases of members using the nickname:

Casual Conversations

The members will often casually call Jungkook “Kookie” when they are relaxing and talking – for example, at the dinner table, in hotel rooms, backstage, etc. It’s their normal way of addressing the maknae.

On Camera

Jungkook’s nickname gets used frequently in Bangtan Bombs, interviews, and especially Run BTS! episodes. For instance, in a bomb at Wembley Stadium, Jin calls Jungkook “Kookie” cutely while giving him a big hug.

During Concerts

At concerts, Jungkook’s bandmates will often call him Kookie as a term of endearment, especially while thanking ARMYs. The huge crowds means his nickname spreads far and wide!

When Fans Call Jungkook “Kookie”

ARMYs totally embraced Jungkook’s Kookie nickname and use it affectionately online and at fan meetings. Here’s a look at when and why they call Jungkook by this moniker:

Editing Fan Content

ARMYs frequently use “Kookie” in edits – short compilation videos or photos of Jungkook’s cutest moments. For example, adding cute captions like “Kookie smiling!” or “Kookie being a baby!”.

Trending Hashtags

Fans often trend hashtags on Twitter related to Jungkook and incorporate his nickname, like #KookieDay or #KookieSelcaDay. These trends are global ways for ARMYs to share their love for him!

At Concerts

Fans chant “Kookie!” loudly at BTS’ stadium concerts, especially when Jungkook takes center stage for solos. You can clearly see how Jungkook beams when he hears the crowds cheering his nickname.

Jungkook’s Other Nicknames

Over the years, Jungkook has earned himself a series of other nicknames along with Kookie. Here are some of the other endearing monikers ARMYs use for him:

Baby Bunny

Jungkook’s front teeth resemble an adorable bunny’s, so fans often call him Baby Bunny or Bunny Kookie. There’s even an iconic moment where Jungkook dances in a bunny costume.

Golden Maknae

As mentioned, this is Jungkook’s original nickname within BTS since his debut, referring to his perfect all-around skills despite his young age.

Muscle Pig/Monkey

Thanks to his ripped physique (especially noticeable during “Euphoria”), fans jokingly call Jungkook Muscle Pig or Muscle Monkey at times.


When Jungkook does something especially impressive or jaw-dropping, fans describe themselves as “Jungshook”!

Why Fans Love Calling Him Kookie

ARMYs have many reasons why they enjoy calling Jungkook by his signature nickname Kookie so much. Here are a few of the main ones:

It’s Cute

Simply put, Kookie is extremely cute, catchy, and pleasant to say. It suits Jungkook’s sweetheart personality and makes fans smile.

It Shows Affection

Using a nickname for Jungkook demonstrates how much ARMYs adore him. It reflects the intimacy between idol and fans.

He Likes It

Fans know Jungkook appreciates being called Kookie and finds it touching rather than annoying or invasive. This makes them feel closer to him.

It Spreads Joy

Kookie is such a positive nickname that it spreads joy within the fandom. Fans love seeing Jungkook light up when he hears it too!

Kookie’s Enduring Legacy

Jungkook’s nickname Kookie has persisted for many years now and is unlikely to go away anytime soon. Here’s a look at the legacy and longevity of this cute moniker:

Used by Multiple Generations of Fans

Even as BTS continues to evolve musically, new generations of ARMYs becomes fans and bestow Jungkook with the Kookie nickname, keeping it relevant.

Remains Core to His Identity

Despite becoming an adult, Jungkook embracing adulthood, and BTS maturing musically, his essential Kookie nickname has stuck as a part of his identity.

Jungkook Continues to Embrace It

As Jungkook gets older, he still warmly accepts fans calling him Kookie, indicating he will continue allowing this nickname for years to come.

Unforgettable Moments

Some of Jungkook’s most gif-able moments involve him reacting joyfully to his Kookie nickname – further immortalizing it in the fandom’s consciousness.


In summary, Jungkook earned the nickname “Kookie” due to his name containing a “Kook”, his sweet personality that army compare to a cookie, and fans and bandmates finding it catchy. Jungkook has fully embraced the nickname for many years now, reacting positively when called Kookie by members or ARMYs. It seems this signature moniker will stick with the BTS maknae forevermore, since it encapsulates so much of his lovable charm.

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