Why is Eren missing an eye?

Eren is missing an eye due to a major injury he sustained during the Siege of Shiganshina. During the battle, Eren was barely able to escape the devastating Titan attack and was saved by Mikasa. However, the force of the attack caused him to crash into a pile of rubble which resulted in his right eye being gouged out.

After this injury, Eren wears a patch over his wound, leaving viewers to speculate as to why he still covers his missing eye. It was later revealed that the reason Eren wears the eye patch is because his right eye was replaced with some kind of advanced technology, similar to a prosthetic eye.

This tech gives Eren the ability to sense and locate subjects through his heightened spatial awareness and target locked subjects. This technology was implanted by the mysterious organization known as the ‘Military Police Brigade’, who had their own agenda and reasons for doing so.

It is believed that Eren’s eye was replaced to make him more useful for their specific purposes.

Does Eren get his eyes and legs back?

No, unfortunately, Eren does not get his eyes and legs back. After being killed by Zeke and subsequently resurrected, Eren lost his eyesight and the ability to walk. Since his death, Eren’s body had been exhibiting signs of progressively worsening physical pain.

At one point, he was bed-ridden and was unable to stand on his own. Even a Titan Shifter like Eren was not able to reverse the effects of his death. As a result, Eren is unable to regain the use of his legs or sight.

Despite this, Eren still finds ways to contribute to the cause as he develops his knowledge as a soldier and strategist.

Does Eren regrow his body?

No, Eren does not regrow his body since he is a human. However, through his Titan transformation, he can regenerate lost limbs, wounds and organs with his advanced healing abilities. The extent of this healing power relies heavily on the amount of energy Eren currently has stored in his body.

One example is his ability to repair his badly beaten and nearly destroyed body in the Shiganshina District Battle. His healing abilities are further strengthened by the possession of two kinds of Titans: the Attack Titan, which gives him the ability to heal from fatal wounds in a matter of moments, and the Founding Titan, which allows him to override the wishes of other Titans which he has consumed.

Despite the immense healing power he holds, Eren cannot regenerate his body in full. This implies that Eren can heal himself if his body is not completely destroyed, but he cannot completely regrow his body if it is completely destroyed.

What happened to Eren’s eye and leg?

In the Attack on Titan anime, Eren Jeager tragically loses both his leg and eye after witnessing the surrounding destruction of the Reiss Chapel. It is the aftermath of Eren’s transformation into the Founding Titan, an unstable titan form which he achieved after a bitter fight against his half-brother Zeke.

Upon seeing the destruction to the Reiss Chapel, Eren immediately regrets his previous actions and is overwhelmed with guilt, resulting in him reverting back to his human form. In this state, Eren’s remaining leg and eye are badly injured.

After Eren is taken away from the sight of destruction, he is eventually reported as missing, but is later revealed to be in a critical state due to his eye and leg injury. Despite the best efforts of the remaining members of the Scouting Legion, Eren indeed loses his leg and his sight permanently due to his injuries.

In the manga, Eren is still suffering from the injuries, however they are slightly different injuries. Instead of an eye injury, Eren suffers from a heavily scarred face and his right leg is amputated.

Despite this, Eren’s new prosthetic makes it easy for him to move around and participate in battles with equal skill and strength.

Overall, it is very clear that Eren has gone through immense suffering due to the injuries from the events at Reiss Chapel. Despite the physical disabilities, Eren continues to strive to protect and save humanity from the Titans.

How did Eren’s leg not heal?

Eren’s leg didn’t heal because it had been badly broken and was affected by the Titan’s hardening power. He had to be treated by the Survey Corps’ medical division, but his injuries were beyond their capabilities and they weren’t able to help him.

The only way that they were able to slow the progression of his injury was to amputate his leg, thus preventing the spread of Titan hardening throughout his body. Despite the amputation, his leg didn’t heal completely and he was left with a permanent limp.

The cause of Eren’s inability to heal was likely due to a combination of the Titan’s hardening power, which was extensive and widespread, and his age. As a child, his body would not have been able to heal itself adequately, resulting in his permanent injury.

Why do the Titans want Eren?

The Titans want Eren for a variety of reasons. Most significantly, he is a main target of the Survey Corps because of his special ability to transform into a Titan. As such, Eren is an incredibly valuable asset to the Titans, who possess the power of the Founding Titan, the most powerful Titan in the world.

In addition, the Titans have been able to use Eren to manipulate humanity by threatening to wipe out the human race, if he were to ever be captured. They also believe that, if Eren were to fall into their hands, he would be able to provide them with valuable intelligence about the inner workings of the Survey Corps and the Royal Government.

The Titans are desperate to obtain Eren and do whatever it takes to get him. Ultimately, they want to use him as a tool to bring humankind to its knees.

Why does Eren’s eye Colour change?

Eren’s eye color changes throughout the anime series Attack on Titan due to a feature of the titan power he possesses. During his time as a human, Eren has dark brown eyes, but when he transforms into a titanic version of himself, his eyes turn a light yellowish-gold color.

This change is actually a feature of all the titans in Attack on Titan, and is believed to be related to the titan’s immense power and heightened perceptions. In addition, some of the titanic versions of Eren’s allies -including Mikasa Ackerman and Armin Arlert- also possess changing eye colors rather than the traditional dark brown.

This suggests that those titans have even greater abilities than the humans.

It’s unclear exactly why the titans’ eye color changes, but it’s presumably related to their enhanced senses and perception, unlocking their true potential. It’s possible that the change in color may also be related to the behaviors that titans can demonstrate, such as instinctive actions or the ability to sense danger.

It’s worth noting that the ability of the titans to change eye color is not exclusive to Eren, as many of his allies possess this same ability as well.

Where is Eren’s leg?

Eren’s leg is located in a hypogeal laboratory in an underground cave located near the Reiss Chapel in the capital city of Mitras. The leg is being kept and researched in the lab by a clandestine research group working for Zeke Yeager, and apparently contains cells from the Founding Titan’s Coordinate ability.

These cells are being studied in order to develop a means to fully control the power of the Titans. They are also researching a way to restore Eren’s memories of his life prior to the Fall of Wall Maria.

Why didn’t Eren transform when he cut his leg?

When Eren cut his leg at the end of episode 2, he was unable to transform because he did not have enough control of his Abilities. At that point, Eren had just unlocked his power and was still learning how to use it.

In the moments leading up to the injury, Eren’s emotions were so overwhelmed with anger and fear that he was unable to focus his energy and control himself enough to transform. As stated by Mikasa in the episode, a Titan’s transformation requires a certain level of concentration, which Eren was unable to access in the state he was in.

As his friends and family rallied to his side to calm him down and allow him to regain a clear and concentrated state of mind, they were able to get Eren to safety before he was able to realize his powers and activate his Titan form.

Can Eren regenerate his leg?

The answer to this question is a bit complicated, as it depends on the context of how Eren lost his leg in the first place. In the manga and anime series Attack on Titan, Eren Yeager is able to regenerate lost body parts using the “Coordinate” power granted to him by his Titan form.

This ability allows him to alter the reality of the world in a limited capacity and can be used to alter the physical state of his body. If his leg was lost due to a physical attack (such as being cut off), then he may be able to regenerate it using his Titan power.

However, if Eren has his leg amputated due to a medical condition such as an infection, then his Titan powers may not be able to regenerate it. In this scenario, it would require a visit to a doctor and medical treatment in order for Eren to regain the use of his leg.

Ultimately, the answer to this question depends heavily on the context of how Eren lost his leg in the first place.

Why can’t Eren heal?

Eren’s ability to heal cannot be naturally explained due to the complexities of his power, as it is almost certainly not a traditional healing ability. In Attack on Titan, characters that can heal typically possess Beast Titan, Cart Titan and Female Titan powers, while Eren only has Attack Titan powers.

Eren’s healing ability is, therefore, likely not a natural power stemming from the Attack Titan, but rather from some external source. This source of power could be another Titan, or it could be another form of energy or power, such as the Force from the Star Wars movies.

It is interesting to note that Eren’s healing ability is activated after he is mortally injured and left with only days to live, as if a form of energy or power is being transferred to him from an external source.

In this instance, it is more likely that Eren is being healed through some external form of energy, rather than a traditional healing ability. It is also possible that Eren is directly transferring energy from one person to another, such as through the use of a machine or special object.

At any rate, the healing ability that Eren has exhibited is still mysterious and unexplained. Ultimately, it appears that Eren’s healing ability is not a natural power stemming from the Attack Titan, and is likely due to some outside source.

How did Eren prevent his leg from growing back?

Eren was able to prevent his leg from growing back when his Titan form began to regenerate after being wounded by Annie in the Shiganshina district. Ultimately, it was Eren’s own willpower that prevented his leg from growing back.

After struggling for what seemed like an eternity against his Titan form, Eren was finally able to suppress it just enough to prevent his leg from regenerating, saving the lives of those around him in the process.

However, this came with its own set of consequences, as Eren’s arm was attacked by feral Titans after he failed to re-form it while in his Titan form – a mistake which cost him an arm and nearly his life.

Nevertheless, Eren was able to secure victory through his sheer determination, making him an even more formidable fighter. He continues to use this gift to save his friends, his hometown, and the world today.

How many times can Eren shift?

Eren Jaeger can shift between his human and titan forms an unlimited number of times, as long as he has the energy and fuel to do so. After being injected with the Titan injection, Eren gained the ability to transform into a 15 meter Pure Titan at will.

The transformation requires energy, so he can only shift as often as he can recover the energy after each transformation. The transformation also takes time, so Eren must make sure he has enough time to fully shift before or during a battle or in any other situation.

The more Eren shifts, the weaker his human form will become, as it takes a toll on his body. As such, he must be careful when and how often he shifts in order to make sure his human form does not fail him in a pinch.

Can Eren transform without injury?

Yes, Eren is able to transform without injury. This is because his transformation is powered by the Titans’ healing factor, which accelerates his natural healing rate and allows him to transform without experiencing any pain or injury.

The healing factor also allows Eren to regenerate severed limbs, recover from debilitating injuries, and even stop ageing. During his Titanshifting, Eren draws upon a massive surge of regenerative energy, restoring his body to a state of health and vitality.

He is also able to draw on the energy of the surrounding Titans, allowing him to keep transforming without harming himself.

Can Eren be reborn?

No, it is impossible for Eren to be reborn. Reincarnation is a belief that after death, a person’s soul will be reborn in another body, but this does not apply in the case of Eren. Eren is a fictional character from the popular manga/anime series Attack on Titan, and as such, he does not exist in physical form.

Therefore, it is impossible for him to be reborn in any form.

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