Why did Kreacher go to Narcissa?

Kreacher went to Narcissa Malfoy because he had been ordered to find and bring Bellatrix Lestrange to his master, Regulus Black. After Regulus’ death, the order passed to Narcissa as a Black family member. This article will examine Kreacher and Regulus’ motivations, Kreacher’s actions, and the significance of his visit to Narcissa.

What motivated Regulus Black to order Kreacher to find Bellatrix?

Regulus Black was a Death Eater who became disillusioned with Voldemort’s brutality and turned against him. Voldemort required the use of house-elves and took Kreacher to test the defences around one of his Horcruxes, hiding Slytherin’s Locket in a basin of potion. Kreacher survived and told Regulus what had happened. Regulus decided to destroy the Horcrux.

Why did Regulus want to destroy the Horcrux?

Though once an eager young Death Eater, Regulus was horrified by Voldemort’s mistreatment of Kreacher, a loyal house-elf. He turned against Voldemort and hoped to destroy the Horcrux to weaken him. Regulus’ motivations included:

  • Disillusionment with Voldemort’s evil actions
  • Anger at Voldemort’s cruel exploitation of Kreacher
  • A desire to undermine Voldemort’s power
  • Regret over becoming a Death Eater

Why involve Bellatrix Lestrange?

Bellatrix was one of Voldemort’s most devoted followers. Regulus knew he would need help to destroy the Horcrux and hoped Kreacher could bring Bellatrix. As a Black family member, she might agree to help Regulus against Voldemort. Regulus may have also hoped she would know how to destroy a Horcrux.

What actions did Kreacher take to serve Regulus?

Kreacher followed Regulus’ order faithfully:

  1. Returned with Regulus to the cave to drink the poisonous potion
  2. Allowed Regulus to drink the potion and swap the lockets
  3. Left Regulus to die in the cave as ordered
  4. Failed to destroy the real locket Horcrux
  5. Told no one in the Black family what had happened
  6. Continued serving at 12 Grimmauld Place for years
  7. Tried unsuccessfully to complete Regulus’ order to find Bellatrix

Despite this loyalty, he was unable to bring Bellatrix to Regulus before his death. Her fanatical devotion to Voldemort overrode family ties. Kreacher kept Regulus’ order secret until Harry Potter arrived at Grimmauld Place.

What prevented Kreacher from following Regulus’ orders fully?

Several factors made it impossible for Kreacher to destroy the locket or bring Bellatrix:

  • House-elves powerful magic is binding – he could not overcome it to destroy the Horcrux
  • Bellatrix’s loyalty was to Voldemort above her family
  • Regulus ordered Kreacher to keep his actions secret
  • Voldemort and the Death Eaters went into hiding after Regulus’ death

Kreacher was essentially frozen, unable to fulfil Regulus’ wishes yet forbidded from seeking help.

Why did Kreacher go to Narcissa Malfoy years later?

With Regulus dead, the order to bring Bellatrix passed to his cousin Narcissa as a Black family member. Kreacher was bound to complete Regulus’ order if possible, compelling him to go to Narcissa despite the elapsed time. He took advantage of being sent away from Hogwarts by Harry Potter to attempt to bring Bellatrix to Narcissa.

How was Kreacher able to leave Harry’s service?

When Harry, Ron and Hermione stayed at Grimmauld Place, Harry ordered Kreacher to work at Hogwarts. There, Dobby was able to trick Kreacher into leaving Hogwarts’ grounds, allowing him to Disapparate:

  • Dobby offered to take over Kreacher’s Hogwarts duties
  • Kreacher was eager to complete Regulus’ order and agreed
  • Dobby took Kreacher out of Hogwarts’ boundaries where Apparition was possible
  • Kreacher went to Narcissa, Regulus’ cousin and a Black

This cunning temporarily freed Kreacher from Harry’s commands.

Why did Kreacher choose Narcissa?

With Bellatrix unavailable in Azkaban, then on the run, Kreacher turned to Narcissa as his best option:

  • She was Draco’s mother so may help against Voldemort
  • As Regulus’ cousin, she might care about his wishes
  • She would know how to contact or summon Bellatrix
  • Her family home was not under Fidelius Charm

Kreacher thought Narcissa was his next best chance to honour Regulus’ request.

What was the significance of Kreacher’s visit to Narcissa?

Kreacher’s visit set key events in motion leading to Voldemort’s defeat:

  • He revealed the trio’s plans, helping set their capture
  • Bellatrix saw the real locket at Grimmauld Place
  • Harry deduced the locket must be a fake
  • Kreacher explained Regulus’ sacrifice
  • Harry secured Kreacher’s loyalty
  • Kreacher led Harry to the real locket Horcrux

Despite unintended consequences, Kreacher’s loyalty ultimately gave Harry valuable insights into destroying Voldemort. The visit kept Regulus’ wishes alive.

How did Kreacher’s actions further Regulus’ plan?

Whilst reporting to Narcissa had negative effects, it kept Regulus’ purpose going when it had stalled for years. It resulted in:

  • Confirming the locket was an important Horcrux to Voldemort
  • Revealing the truth about Regulus’ sacrifices to Harry
  • Bringing Bellatrix closer to destroying the Horcrux
  • Enlisting Harry and Kreacher to finish Regulus’ mission

Despite the unintended betrayals, Kreacher honoured Regulus’ memory and wish to defeat Voldemort through his visit to Narcissa.

How might events have played out differently?

If Kreacher had not gone to Narcissa:

  • Harry may not have learned of Regulus and the fake Horcrux
  • Bellatrix might not have confirmed the real locket’s importance
  • Kreacher may not have revealed the truth to Harry
  • Harry might not have gained Kreacher’s loyalty
  • The Horcrux may have remained safely hidden

Kreacher’s well-intended actions set Harry on the path to finding and destroying the real Horcrux Horcrux, even at a high personal cost.


Kreacher’s visit to Narcissa Malfoy was driven by his devotion to Regulus Black’s dying order to destroy Voldemort’s locket Horcrux. Though Regulus was dead and years had passed, the house-elf remained compelled to serve any living Black family member. This led him to Narcissa, having failed to bring Bellatrix to Regulus before his death. Despite unintended betrayals of Harry, Ron and Hermione, Kreacher advanced Regulus’ goal of defeating Voldemort. His desire to honour Regulus ultimately led him to secure Harry’s loyalty and reveal vital secrets to destroying the Dark Lord. Kreacher’s loyalty and sacrifice paved the way for completing Regulus’ noble mission.

Key Event Effects
Kreacher reports to Narcissa Malfoy
  • Betrays Harry, Ron and Hermione’s actions
  • Confirms importance of Slytherin’s Locket
Bellatrix sees the locket at Grimmauld Place
  • Harry realises it must be a fake
  • Begins questioning Kreacher
Kreacher reveals truth about Regulus
  • Earns Harry’s trust and loyalty
  • Provides clues to real Horcrux’s location
Kreacher leads Harry to the real locket
  • Allows Harry to secure and destroy it
  • Fulfils Regulus’ dying wish

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