Why did Alex and Jo break up?

Alex and Jo broke up because they had grown apart and no longer shared the same goals and values in life. Over time, their differences had become too difficult to bridge and the relationship had become strained.

Alex wanted to pursue a career in a large city, while Jo wanted to stay in their current town and invest more time in their family. Jo also felt that their relationship had become too one-sided, with Alex taking up most of the burden in the relationship and relying on Jo too much.

Ultimately, they decided to go their separate ways as it became clear that their paths were diverging and that ultimately would not work out if they stayed together.

Why did Karev leave Jo for Izzie?

Alex Karev left Jo for Izzie for a few reasons. First, he had been in love with Izzie for a long time and wanted to be with her. Second, he felt like Jo needed to focus on her own career and life goals, instead of trying to fit into his.

Third, Izzie had a great connection with Alex and he felt like he could better be there for her than he could for Jo. Finally, Izzie was going through a difficult time emotionally, and Alex wanted to be able to give her the emotional support she needed.

It was a difficult decision to make, but ultimately, Alex felt like it was the right thing to do given the circumstances.

Why did Alex choose Izzie over Jo?

Alex chose Izzie over Jo because he felt a deeper connection with her. He felt he could trust her more and be more open with her which allowed him to develop a much closer bond with Izzie. Izzie also had a more supportive and caring attitude towards Alex.

She was always there for him whenever he needed her, whether it was listening to him vent or offering advice. Izzie had a gentle, calming presence that Alex felt comfortable around and he knew she had his best interests at heart.

Izzie was also more accepting of Alex’s past mistakes, which allowed him to feel more secure and safe with her. Ultimately, Alex chose Izzie because he was able to see himself with her for the long term and he knew she was the one for him.

Who does Jo end up with after Alex?

At the end of the series, Jo ends up with Sheldon. The pair have been friends for a long time, which eventually blossoms into something more. They become close when Alex returns to California and Jo starts to rely more and more on Sheldon for support.

Even after Alex leaves, Sheldon stands by her side, building her up and encouraging her to pursue her dreams. Although their relationship had a bit of a rocky start, Jo eventually realizes that her love for Sheldon is much deeper than what she ever felt for Alex.

In the series finale, she finally confesses her true feelings for him, and the two share a passionate kiss. It is clear that they are meant to be together, and Jo is even happier now with Sheldon’s unconditional love and support.

Who does Jo Wilson have a baby with?

Jo Wilson has a baby with Matthew Morris. It is revealed in Season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy that Jo is pregnant and Matthew is the father. Jo and Matthew have a tumultuous relationship but eventually they come together and decide to have the baby and be a family.

Although this comes with a lot of challenges and difficult decisions, the two eventually work it out and in the season finale they have a baby girl, named Sibley.

Did Karev leave Jo Season 16?

Yes, Alex Karev left Grey’s Anatomy during the season 16 finale. After dealing with a reported mid-life crisis, Karev chose to leave his career, marriage and life at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital behind as he traveled to Kansas with Izzie Stevens (Katherine Heigl) and their twins.

His farewell was one of the most emotional Grey’s episodes ever, with Alex (Justin Chambers) leaving his colleagues, saying the only thing he never did was say goodbye. Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) is incredibly devastated by the loss.

In the Season 17 premiere, Meredith visits Alex in Kansas to check in on him and his family. Alex makes it clear that it’s time for him to begin a new life, focusing on his family and shying away from the medical field.

Alex is content with his decision, but he and Meredith share a bittersweet moment as they say goodbye once more.

The show continued to follow Alex in season 17 and honored his memory with a special episode featuring some of the original cast members reflecting on Alex’s journey.

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