Who should not wear a blue sapphire?

Blue sapphire is one of the most popular and powerful gemstones used in Vedic astrology. It is associated with the planet Saturn and can bring great benefits for mental clarity, focus, and achievement of goals. However, blue sapphire is a very potent gemstone that is not suitable for everyone. There are certain astrological and personal indications where wearing a natural blue sapphire is not recommended. Let’s explore who should avoid wearing blue sapphire according to Vedic astrology.

People with an afflicted Saturn

Saturn is the planet that rules blue sapphire. An afflicted Saturn in the birth chart (kundli) can cause problems if blue sapphire is worn without proper astrological guidance. Afflictions to Saturn include:

  • Saturn placed in enemy or debilitated signs like Aries, Cancer, Leo or Scorpio.
  • Saturn receiving aspects from malefic planets like Mars, Rahu, Ketu or the Sun.
  • Saturn in close conjunction with other malefic planets.

For people with an afflicted Saturn, wearing a blue sapphire can increase negative results related to Saturn such as depression, scarcity mindset, frustration, anxiety and persistent obstacles. It is best to avoid blue sapphire if Saturn is weak or negatively placed in the horoscope.

Those in Saturn Mahadasha or Antardasha

In the Vedic system of planetary periods known as Vimshottari Dasha, Saturn mahadasha (major period) lasts for 19 years while antardasha (sub-period) runs for 2.5 years. Saturn periods can be challenging as the planet brings discipline, hard work, delays and sometimes separation. If Saturn is positively placed, his periods catalyze career growth and achievement of goals. However, if Saturn is weak and afflicted, his periods require caution.

For people going through Saturn mahadasha or antardasha currently, wearing a blue sapphire can amplify hardships excessively if Saturn is afflicted or ill-disposed. It is best to avoid blue sapphire until Saturn periods have completed if Saturn is negatively placed in the natal chart.

People with prominent Saturn in horoscope

Some people are born with a prominently placed Saturn in angular houses like the 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th houses. Angular houses increase the results of any planet placed in them, whether beneficial or malefic. Individuals with Saturn in angular houses already experience intensified results of Saturn.

If their Saturn is well-placed and unafflicted, blue sapphire can boost accomplishments but if Saturn is ill-placed, the gemstone can exacerbate difficulties associated with the planet. It is prudent to avoid blue sapphire for those with afflicted Saturn in angular houses.

Those with seasonal depression

Blue sapphire enhances the cold, dry, contractive and serious qualities of Saturn. People who tend towards depression in winter seasons or experience seasonal affective disorder (SAD) are advised not to wear blue sapphire.

The gemstone can aggravate sadness and withdrawal during winter months or cold climates. Blue sapphire is not a good gem prescription for people dealing with clinical depression either.

Young children below 16 years

According to Vedic astrology, Saturn represents maturity and wisdom gained through life experience. Saturn’s energy is considered too harsh for young children who have not experienced significant phases of life yet.

Children below 16 years are usually advised not to wear the dense, contractive blue sapphire unless Saturn is an extremely positive influence in their chart. Parents can consult an astrologer on the appropriate age to commence wearing blue sapphire for maximum benefit.

People with breathing problems

Blue sapphire grants the user mental focus, concentration and determination but it also constricts prana (life force) and can make breathing difficult. Those suffering from asthma or other chest or breathing troubles should avoid wearing the dense blue sapphire.

However, once their health condition improves, they can check if blue sapphire is suitable according to their birth chart. This gemstone should be worn only with proper astrological analysis.

Individuals prone to Saturn energy

Some people are dominated by Saturnian traits like overwork, pessimism, anxiety, stubbornness and rigidity. Heavy Saturn influence in the natal chart can make the person prone to Saturnian negativity.

Such individuals require gems that provide hope, inspiration and lighter energies. Cold gemstones like blue sapphire that enhance Saturn energy can make their lives dreary and depressing. It is best for them to avoid blue sapphire.

During Saturn retrograde periods

Saturn goes retrograde for around 142 days each year. During retrograde motion, Saturn’s malefic effects can become more pronounced. Starting any newactivities related to Saturn like wearing blue sapphire is not advised during Saturn retrogression.

It is best to wait until Saturn goes direct and then wear the gemstone on a Saturday during the brighter fortnight of the lunar cycle. Avoid getting your first-ever blue sapphire while Saturn is retrograde.

With an incompatible ascendant

In Vedic astrology, natural zodiac signs are classified as movable, fixed and dual. Saturn gives good results in earthy and airy signs but can struggle in fiery signs. The rising sign at the moment of birth is known as the lagna or ascendant and determines compatibility with gemstones.

Blue sapphire does not resonate well with Leo, Sagittarius and Aries lagnas as their fiery nature conflicts with Saturn’s cold energy. For these ascendants, blue sapphire can hamper health and emotions. They are advised to avoid wearing blue sapphire in a ring or pendant.

Without astrological prescription

Blue sapphire is not recommended as a general wellness gemstone like pearls or emeralds. Due to its potent and serious energy, it is prescribed only after meticulous analysis of the birth chart. If worn incorrectly, this gemstone can attract Saturnian troubles.

People who self-prescribe blue sapphire without consulting an experienced Vedic astrologer run the risk of amplifying difficulties associated with Saturn. One should get their chart examined by a qualified astrologer before wearing a blue sapphire.

With conflicting planetary combinations

Certain combinations of planets in the natal chart can render blue sapphire unsuitable for the individual even if Saturn seems well-placed. Common astrological conflicts include:

  • Debilitated Saturn and exalted Mars
  • Saturn in enemy sign and Mars in own sign
  • Afflicted Saturn and benefic Moon/Jupiter conjunction
  • Adverse Saturn and well-placed Mercury

Only an expert Vedic astrologer can determine which planetary combinations allow or restrict the positive effects of blue sapphire. Trying to analyze the chart oneself can lead to incorrect conclusions.

Without adequate Saturn periods remaining

Vimshottari dasha allots 19 years to Saturn mahadasha which only comes after the mahadashas of Venus, Sun and Moon. After age 36, most individuals enter mahadasha of planets inimical to Saturn like Mercury, Ketu and Venus.

The benefits of blue sapphire are realized predominantly in Saturn periods. If Saturn mahadasha is ending soon, there may not be enough duration left to fully harness the gemstone’s powers. It is prudent to analyze the divisional dashas carefully before recommending blue sapphire near the end of Saturn mahadasha.

With vulnerable Rahukaalam

Rahu and Ketu are considered first-order malefics in Vedic astrology. The time periods each day called Rahukaalam are influenced by malicious Rahu energy. People with an afflicted Rahu-Ketu axis in their natal chart should avoid wearing blue sapphire during Rahukaalam.

Rahukaalam duration varies each day. Wearing, removing or cleaning the blue sapphire during this inauspicious period can attract negative energy according to ancient wisdom.

With adverse transits

Transit refers to the current position of planets in the sky relative to the birth chart. Adverse transits of Saturn, Rahu, Ketu or Mars over the ascendant, Saturn or Moon can temporarily restrict the positive effects of blue sapphire.

People going through such bad phases are advised to wait until the transiting planets move into more propitious positions. Initiating blue sapphire during adverse transits rarely gives beneficial outcomes.

Without purification and consecration

According to Vedic astrology, gems hold tremendous power that intensifies after the appropriate rituals. Blue sapphire must be purified, energized and consecrated before wearing for best advantage.

Wearing an unprocessed sapphire stone can fail to deliver results or even attract negativity. The correct Vedic rituals must be performed by qualified Pandits to activate the blue sapphire.

In wrong hand and finger

Specific fingers are linked with planets in Vedic astrology. The little finger is associated with Saturn. Wearing a sapphire ring on any finger except the little finger diminishes its effects.

The right hand is considered more auspicious for wearing gemstone rings for most people as it represents giving out positive energy. Wearing a blue sapphire on the left hand does not harness the full power of the gemstone.

Below required carat weight

Blue sapphire gems below 3 carats are considered too light to generate a noticeable impact. Rings with tiny sapphire stones less than 1 carat are unlikely to provide Saturnian benefits.

Vedic astrology recommends wearing a 5 to 6 carat blue sapphire for ideal results. Smaller stones below 3 carats should be avoided or set within a Navaratna ring for benefits.

With unsuitable substitute gems

Natural untreated blue sapphires of good quality are expensive, especially in larger carat weights. Some opt for cheaper alternate blue gems in the place of real sapphire.

However, common substitutes like iolite, blue spinel or even treated sapphire do not provide the full impact of a natural untreated blue sapphire. It is best to patiently save up and buy the real gemstone.

Set in impure gold or silver

According to Vedic texts, the metals used in gemstone rings also influence the energy flow. Gold should have a purity of at least 18 karats while silver must be over 92.5% pure.

Lower quality gold or silver can block or distort the positive vibrations of the blue sapphire. An adulterated setting reduces the gemstone’s effectiveness.

Alongside conflicting gemstones

Some gemstones share an inimical relationship in Vedic astrology. Blue sapphire can clash with incompatible gemstones if worn together on the same ring or pendant.

Gems that are not recommended with blue sapphire include red coral, pearls, opal, white sapphire and gomed. Conflicting gems can actually amplify negative Saturnian traits.

While affected by negative occult curses

According to occult sciences, curses and hexes can be placed on people to cause misfortune, disease or even death. Curses affect the energy field around the victim.

When under the influence of such malicious occult energies, the positive effects of blue sapphire get blocked or distorted. Identifying and removing curses is the first step before donning any empowering gemstone.

Without remedial tantric rituals

Some natal charts are dominated by extremely destructive karmic patterns known as Kala Sarpa Yoga. Afflicted planets can cause lifelong struggle. Becoming a tantric disciple and performing remedial rituals can help overcome adversities.

Without such Tantric karmic remedies, even powerful gemstones fail to generate significant positive turnaround. Seeking initiation and performing Tantric rituals while wearing blue sapphire brings the best outcome.

The Bottom Line

Wearing a natural, unheated blue sapphire can bring substantial benefits for career, reputation and financial stability provided it suits the individual’s birth chart.

However, it is not an appropriate astrological remedy for everyone and carries risk of negative consequences if worn indiscriminately without consulting a Vedic astrologer. Each horoscope has to be carefully analyzed to determine compatibility with blue sapphire.

People facing Saturnian afflictions or vulnerable periods should avoid blue sapphire until the planet’s periods and transits become more favorable. With careful prescription and good quality gemstones, blue sapphire becomes a conduit to channelize the positive dimensions of Saturn.

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