Who is the strongest 2 Avenger?

The Avengers are Earth’s mightiest heroes, assembled to fight the battles that no single superhero could withstand. Their ranks include powerful heroes like Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow, Hawkeye and more. But when it comes to raw strength and power, which two Avengers stand above the rest? There is much debate among fans about who the two strongest Avengers truly are. In this in-depth analysis, we will examine the most powerful Avengers and determine once and for all who the two strongest heroes on the team really are.

Candidates for the Strongest Avengers

There are several key Avengers who stand out as having potentially superhuman levels of strength and power. The top contenders are:

  • Thor – As an Asgardian god, Thor possesses incredible strength, durability and powers over lightning and flight.
  • Hulk – When transformed into the Hulk, Dr. Bruce Banner becomes a massive powerhouse with nearly limitless strength and rage.
  • Captain Marvel – Carol Danvers gains tremendous energy manipulation abilities as Captain Marvel, making her one of the most powerful Avengers.
  • Scarlet Witch – Wanda Maximoff has immense reality-warping and chaos magic powers that can overwhelm nearly any foe when unleashed at full strength.
  • Vision – As an android made from vibranium, Vision has superhuman strength and density manipulation abilities.

While heroes like Iron Man, Black Panther and Spider-Man are incredibly formidable in their own right, most experts agree the two strongest Avengers likely come from the candidates above. But which two stand at the very top? Let’s break down what makes each hero so powerful.

Thor’s Godlike Strength and Powers

As an Asgardian god and the son of Odin, Thor is arguably the strongest pure physical powerhouse on the Avengers. Though direct comparisons are difficult, most sources agree that Thor’s physical strength surpasses even the Hulk’s – at least when the Hulk is in a typical calm state and not enraged. In the comics and films, Thor has demonstrated awe-inspiring feats of strength like crushing uru metal in his grip, lifting the Midgard Serpent, and surviving blasts from Celestials.

In addition to his Asgardian strength and nigh-invulnerability, Thor has powers over lightning and the ability to fly. He can summon massive blasts of lightning strong enough to take down even the Hulk or shatter vibranium. With his uru hammer Mjolnir, Thor’s powers are even greater, allowing him control over the very elements. While extremely powerful, Thor relies more on external tools like his hammer than heroes like Scarlet Witch or Captain Marvel. This gives him an advantage in pure strength, but potentially a disadvantage against heroes with innate power.

Hulk’s Incalculable Rage-Fueled Strength

When discussing the incredible power of the Hulk, most experts agree that his strength has no true upper limit. The angrier Hulk gets, the stronger he becomes, making his power nearly infinite if pushed far enough.

The baseline level of strength a calm Hulk exhibits is enough to overpower heroes like Thor, Captain America and Iron Man with ease. In the first Avengers film, he withstands direct blows from Mjolnir without slowing down. But this is still a relatively modest level of power for the Hulk. When sufficiently enraged, Hulk has demonstrated the strength to overpower beings of pure energy like the Sentry, hold tectonic plates together, destroy asteroid twice the size of earth, and defeat an Onslaught-amped Juggernaut.

The key limitation for Hulk is that his strength relies on losing control to rage. When completely enraged, most allies see him as an uncontrollable threat. So while Hulk may have greater potential strength than any other Avenger, he relies on external factors to unleash it fully.

Captain Marvel’s Vast Energy Manipulation Powers

While heroes like Thor and Hulk rely on their physical strength, Captain Marvel’s powers stem from her ability to absorb, manipulate and project vast amounts of energy. Originally gaining her powers from an explosion of a Kree device infused with the Space Stone, Carol Danvers became a human-Kree hybrid imbued with incredible energy manipulation abilities.

As Captain Marvel, Carol can absorb any energy directed at her and use it to augment her other powers. This makes her incredibly difficult to overwhelm or defeat with even the most devastating attacks. She can also project this energy back outward as concussive blasts or beams from her hands and body. Captain Marvel’s energy projection abilities are strong enough to destroy massive warships, penetrate planetary defenses, and overcome enemies like Iron Man or Ultron’s drones.

Captain Marvel also exhibits superhuman strength, durability, regeneration and flight capabilities. She has managed to overpower both Thor and Iron Man in direct combat. While her base strength levels are likely below the Hulk and Thor, her ability to amp her powers through energy absorption gives her an advantage in more drawn-out battles.

Scarlet Witch: Chaos Magic and Reality Warping

Scarlet Witch’s incredible power stems not from physical strength, but her ability to manipulate magic, reality and probability. Once she began training under Agatha Harkness, Wanda Maximoff learned to harness chaos magic and tap into her true powers.

At her peak, Scarlet Witch has demonstrated reality-warping powers like reviving and disassembling Vision, creating explosive hex bolts, and reconstructing the very fabric of reality. During the House of M storyline, her powers were so intense that they were capable of altering the entire planet and de-powering the mutant population. While she often lacks fine control, Scarlet Witch’s overall magical power is considered on par with cosmic entities when unleashed in full force.

The nature of Scarlet Witch’s powers makes her incredibly dangerous against even the most physically powerful opponents like Thor and Hulk. Both have fallen victim to her chaos magic before, allowing her to warp their powers and abilities to her will. While she does not have innate superhuman strength or durability, the scope of her magical abilities makes Scarlet Witch one of the most overpowered Avengers.

Vision’s Density Manipulation and Technological Prowess

As an android constructed from vibranium and advanced technology, Vision possesses unique power stemming from his ability to manipulate his own density and mass. By altering his density, Vision can make himself completely intangible or increase his own weight to become nearly indestructible. This allows him to seamlessly phase through solid objects like walls and armor, increase his strength and durability to trade blows with powerful Avengers like Thor, or make himself immune to harm by becoming intangible.

In addition to his vibranium composition, Vision is an advanced synthezoid connected to all of Earth’s information networks. He can process data and calculate outcomes at superhuman speeds, allowing him to take in and adapt to almost any situation. By combining his computational powers, density manipulation and energy beam projection abilities, Vision can stand toe-to-toe with nearly any threat, both physical and mental. While he does not quite rival reality-warpers like Wanda at her peak, Vision’s unique skill set makes him one of the most versatile Avengers.

Comparing the Top Contenders

When comparing the most powerful Avengers candidates directly against each other, some key factors stand out:

Thor vs Hulk

– In terms of physical strength, a fully enraged Hulk has greater potential than Thor, however he rarely taps into that full potential making Thor generally stronger in most situations.

– Both have proven incredibly durable and resistant to damage, with neither gaining a clear advantage.

– Thor’s powers over lightning give him a ranged attack advantage Hulk lacks.

– Mjolnir’s mystical abilities provide Thor an edge in versatility.

Scarlet Witch vs Captain Marvel

– At peak power, Scarlet Witch’s reality manipulation gives her the overall advantage due to its range and unpredictability.

– Captain Marvel has far greater combat training, making her more tactical and able to leverage her abilities.

– In terms of energy projection, Captain Marvel wields more power but Scarlet Witch’s hex bolts are dangerous and chaotic.

– Scarlet Witch relies more heavily on external factors like emotions or chaos energy to fuel her powers, whereas Captain Marvel’s are innate to her.

Thor vs Captain Marvel

– In a direct clash, Thor can bring more direct super-strength to bear while Captain Marvel has greater energy projection abilities.

– Their overall power levels are similar enough that skill, tactics and external factors would likely decide the outcome.

– Thor relies on his hammer Mjolnir to focus many of his abilities, which Captain Marvel could attempt to separate from him.

Vision vs Scarlet Witch

– Scarlet Witch’s abilities pose a chaotic threat that Vision’s density shifting may not fully counteract.

– Vision’s computational abilities combined with density manipulation make him difficult for Scarlet Witch to overwhelm quickly.

– Neither has a clear advantage in terms of direct offensive output. The matchup would likely hinge on specific circumstances.

In summary, while Scarlet Witch and a fully enraged Hulk can reach the greatest peaks of power, inherent weaknesses balance them out against other top Avengers. Both Thor and Captain Marvel possess a better balance of raw power, combat abilities and consistency that places them in the top two spots for strongest Avengers overall.

Conclusion: Thor and Captain Marvel Are the Two Strongest Avengers

After comparing their powers, abilities and feats, the evidence points to Thor and Captain Marvel as the definitively two strongest Avengers.

Thor’s immense Asgardian strength combined with his mystical hammer Mjolnir solidly place him as one of the most physically powerful heroes not just among the Avengers, but in the Marvel universe overall. His ability to summon massive destructive lightning bolts also gives him potent ranged attack abilities surpassing nearly any other hero. While heroes like Hulk or Scarlet Witch may rival him in specific categories, overall Thor’s consistent power levels, combat experience and versatility as the “God of Thunder” secure him as one of the two strongest Avengers.

Captain Marvel’s vast energy manipulation skills complement Thor’s strength, making her his equal. Her ability to absorb and redirect nearly limitless amounts of energy grants Captain Marvel both incredible offensive power and defensive capabilities against the most devastating attacks. She matches Thor in terms of raw power, flight speed and combat abilities. Captain Marvel’s tendency to operate more tactically and with precision teamwork further balances out Thor’s headstrong approach.

Together, Thor and Captain Marvel form an Avengers power duo that can stand against any threat the universe throws at them. With the God of Thunder backed up by Earth’s Mightiest Hero, this dynamic duo proves that raw strength and potent energy abilities can combine to make the two absolute strongest Avengers. Their incredible powers, combat experience and willingness to selflessly sacrifice make them the mightiest Avengers and Marvel’s most powerful superhero duo.

Hero Raw Strength Durability Range Versatility
Thor A+ A+ A A
Hulk S A+ C C
Scarlet Witch C B S S
Captain Marvel A A+ S B
Vision A A B A

Key Takeaways

– Thor’s immense strength, lightning powers and mystic hammer Mjolnir make him the strongest pure physical powerhouse among the Avengers.
– A fully enraged Hulk has nearly limitless strength, but lacks versatility and control.
– Captain Marvel can absorb and project vast amounts of energy, making her incredibly powerful.
– Scarlet Witch’s reality-warping chaos magic can overwhelm nearly any foe, but is unpredictable.
– Vision can manipulate his own density and has computational powers, making him highly adaptable.
– Overall, Thor and Captain Marvel are the two strongest Avengers based on their balanced power, combat skills and consistency.


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