Who is the purple haired girl in Fairy Tail?

The purple haired girl in the popular anime series Fairy Tail is Laki Olietta. Laki is a member of the Fairy Tail guild and uses Wood-Make Magic as her primary magic. She was first introduced in the Lullaby arc of the anime and has made appearances throughout the series, though often in minor roles. Laki is recognized by her short purple hair and glasses. She has a shy, reserved personality but cares deeply for her fellow guildmates. In this article, we will take a closer look at Laki’s character, magic powers, relationships with other characters, and key story arcs she has been involved in.

Laki’s Background

Not much is known about Laki’s background before joining the Fairy Tail guild. She was born in the Kingdom of Fiore and developed her Wood-Make Magic abilities from a young age. At some point she joined the Fairy Tail guild, which accepts wizards who don’t have families or homes. This suggests Laki may not have had family to rely on before joining Fairy Tail. The guild became like a surrogate family for her.

In appearance, Laki is a petite young girl with straight, neck-length purple hair. She parts her hair to the right side of her face. Laki also wears oval glasses over her olive green eyes. Her pink guild mark is located on the left shoulder. Laki’s typical attire consists of a light-yellow, short-sleeved shirt under a dark-blue coat with hood and red stripes running across the sleeves. She wears matching dark-blue shorts and red sneakers. This casual, comfortable clothing allows Laki flexibility to use her Wood-Make Magic.

While not one of the main cast, Laki contributes her own unique magic to Team Fairy Tail. She cares for her fellow guildmates and risks her life to protect them when necessary. Next, we’ll take a closer look at Laki’s Wood-Make Magic abilities.

Laki’s Wood-Make Magic

As mentioned previously, Laki practices Wood-Make Magic as her primary magic art. This allows her to generate and manipulate wood. Laki can use this for both offensive and defensive purposes in battle.

Some of Laki’s common Wood-Make spells include:

  • Wood-Make: The Dam of Shy Love – Laki creates a massive wall of wood for protection.
  • Wood-Make: The Distance between the Two is Forever – She creates two massive wooden pillars to crush opponents.
  • Wood-Make: Violent Approach – Laki summons giant roots from the ground to entangle enemies.
  • Wood-Make: Wood Wall – She generates a solid wall of wood as a shield.

Laki mainly uses stationary constructs for defense or large crushing attacks for offense. She has shown less finesse than fellow Wood-Make Mage Elfman in constructing mobile wooden creatures. However, Laki’s wooden constructions have proven very durable, surviving powerful attacks.

With proper concentration, Laki can spawn her wooden constructs extremely quickly. She first places her right fist over her left palm then pulls them apart as wooden planks appear in the space between. This allows Laki to improvise defenses rapidly against oncoming attacks. Her power over wood gives Laki great utility whether in solo battles or team fights. Next we’ll examine some of Laki’s relationships and interactions with other Fairy Tail characters.

Laki’s Relationships

As a minor character, Laki has had limited interactions with the main cast. But she has proven a loyal and devoted member of Fairy Tail.

Fairy Tail Guild

Laki cares deeply about all her fellow guildmates. She cheers for them during the annual Fantasia parade and celebrates with them. Along with the other minor characters like Jet and Droy, Laki provides backup for the main cast on missions. She’ll risk her life to protect her friends and the honor of Fairy Tail.


Laki seems to have a close relationship with fellow guildmate Elfman. Both practice different styles of Wood-Make Magic giving them some common ground. Laki has supported Elfman during turbulent times, comforting him after the tragic death of his sister Lisanna. The two are often paired together when the guild splits into teams. Some fans have speculated about a possible romance between Laki and Elfman, though nothing definitive has occurred in the series.


As the two bookworms of Fairy Tail, Laki and Levy seem to share a friendship. They’ve been shown reading together in the guildhall on multiple occasions. Levy was also quick to recruit Laki for her all-female team during the S-Class Promotion Trials. The two clearly share an intellectual chemistry and trust each other’s abilities.

While not a central character, Laki has built strong bonds within the Fairy Tail family. Next we’ll look at some key story arcs featuring Laki.

Laki’s Story Arcs

Laki has made minor appearances in many story arcs throughout Fairy Tail, usually contributing her Wood-Make Magic when the guild faces threats. Some of her more prominent roles include:

Lullaby Arc

This arc marked Laki’s debut. She first appears as one of the mages who responds to the emergency call after the Dark Guild Eisenwald takes over the train station. Laki helps fight back against Eisenwald and destroys the deadly Lullaby flute.

Tenrou Island Arc

During the S-Class promotion trials, Laki is chosen by Levy to be part of her team. They battle and defeat the formidable Grimoire Heart member Yomazu. However, Laki and Levy eventually get defeated by another member Kawazu. When Grimoire Heart’s leader Hades arrives, Laki works together with the other Fairy Tail members in a valiant but failed attempt to defeat him.

Grand Magic Games Arc

Laki participates in the Grand Magic Games as a reserve member for Team Fairy Tail B. She briefly enters the battlefield during Lucy’s fight against Flare Corona, using her Wood-Make Magic to save Asuka Connell. Laki also helps protect the city of Crocus from the dragon invasion at the arc’s climax.

While Laki hasn’t had extensive focus, the arcs above demonstrate her courage and loyalty in supporting Fairy Tail against any threat. She is a dependable ally who repeatedly places her life on the line for her friends without hesitation.


In summary, Laki Olietta plays a supporting yet meaningful role in Fairy Tail. Her Wood-Make Magic provides versatility in combat both for offense and defense. Laki maintains a shy outward persona but demonstrates immense inner strength and loyalty to Fairy Tail. She shares close bonds with guildmates like Elfman and Levy. Across many story arcs, Laki repeatedly risks her life to protect the guild and citizens from harm. Her contributions are invaluable even if she isn’t a star player. For these reasons, Laki stands as a paragon of the spirit of unity and family that defines the Fairy Tail guild.

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