Who is Octavia boyfriend in The 100?

Octavia Blake is one of the main characters in the popular TV show The 100. Throughout the show’s seven seasons, she has had a few different romantic relationships. Here is a look at who Octavia’s main love interests have been over the course of the show.


Lincoln was Octavia’s first real boyfriend on The 100. He made his first appearance in season 1. Lincoln was a Grounder, part of the clan that already lived on Earth when the 100 landed from space. Octavia and Lincoln’s relationship faced many challenges, as the Sky People and Grounders were often in conflict. However, they deeply cared for each other.

Lincoln helped Octavia adjust to life on Earth and taught her fighting skills. He was always protective of her, even when it put him at odds with his own people. Octavia, in turn, was willing to defend Lincoln against other Arkadians who didn’t trust him.

Octavia and Lincoln’s romance grew over seasons 1 and 2. They shared several tender moments together and Lincoln was Octavia’s first love. Tragically, Lincoln was killed in season 3 after being turned into a Reaper, one of the Grounders’ brainwashed slaves.


In season 4, Octavia developed an interest in Ilian, a Grounder blacksmith who had lost his family due to Skaikru technology. Octavia was going through a dark time after Lincoln’s death and the destruction of Arkadia. Ilian understood her pain and anger, and they bonded over their shared trauma.

Ilian was passionate about avenging his loved ones. He convinced Octavia to help him destroy tech in Arkadia, which unfortunately had disastrous consequences. Their relationship was brief but intense. Octavia cared for Ilian, even if he led her down a destructive path.


Another of Octavia’s love interests was Niylah, a Grounder woman who helped take care of Skaikru members at her trading post. Octavia and Niylah hooked up a few times when Octavia needed comfort or a distraction from her problems. However, they didn’t have a committed romantic relationship.

Niylah did genuinely care about Octavia, though Octavia was often just using Niylah. Still, they built a friendship and understanding that persisted even when they weren’t romantically involved. Niylah continued to help Octavia occasionally during the later seasons.


In season 7, Octavia developed an unexpected but meaningful relationship with Levitt, one of the Disciples loyal to Shepherd. Initially, Levitt was tasked with guarding Octavia on Skyring, where she spent over 10 years trapped in a penal colony.

Over time, Levitt came to greatly admire Octavia’s strength and morals. He helped free her from Skyring and fought alongside her against Shepherd. Though their relationship was unlikely, Levitt and Octavia built a real bond and became lovers. They found understanding with each other when they had both lost their sense of purpose.


Throughout her tumultuous journey on The 100, Octavia Blake found comfort in the arms of Lincoln, Ilian, Niylah and Levitt. Her first love was Lincoln, whose death devastated her. Ilian stoked her anger for a time but led her down a dark path. Niylah was a caring constant whenever Octavia was in need. Levitt proved an unexpected perfect match during Octavia’s darkest days on Skyring.

While romance was not always Octavia’s priority, she did form real connections with each of these men. They represented different phases in her evolution from a girl under the floor to a warrior fighting for her people’s survival. In the end, it was Levitt who stood by Octavia’s side as she worked to make peace for all mankind in The 100’s finale.

Boyfriend Description
Lincoln Octavia’s first love interest, a Grounder who helped her adjust to life on Earth
Ilian A Grounder blacksmith who bonded with Octavia over their shared trauma
Niylah A Grounder woman who had a casual romantic relationship with Octavia
Levitt A Disciple who helped free Octavia from Skyring and became her lover

Octavia endured intense hardship over the course of The 100, but she was able to find solace at times in her romantic involvements with Lincoln, Ilian, Niylah and Levitt. Each relationship represented a different phase in Octavia’s life journey. Though romance was rarely her main focus, it did provide her some comfort amidst the constant violence and war she faced on Earth and beyond.

In the early seasons, Lincoln was Octavia’s anchor, helping her acclimate to life on the ground and giving her a sense of belonging. His brutal death left Octavia devastated. Ilian briefly filled the void left by Lincoln, bonding with Octavia over shared grief and rage, though he led her down a destructive path of vengeance.

Niylah was a reassuring constant in Octavia’s life, always offering her care and comfort during her darkest times. They never had a formal relationship, but Niylah’s friendship was meaningful. Finally, in the midst of Octavia’s bleakest days trapped on Skyring, the unlikely connection she built with Disciple Levitt blossomed into romance and a profound mutual understanding.

Though the 100 focused more on action and adventure than romance, these relationships served to further humanize and develop Octavia’s character. Moments of intimacy gave her solace during a traumatic period of war, violence and grief. Each boyfriend represented a different phase in her coming-of-age story.

Lincoln Helped Acclimate Octavia to Earth

When Octavia first set foot on Earth, she was overwhelmed with the new sensations and environment. Having spent most of her life confined beneath the floor on the Ark, everything on Earth was foreign to her. Lincoln acted as her guide and mentor, teaching her skills like fighting and language to help her thrive in this unfamiliar world.

He also showed Octavia kindness and empathy when many of the Grounders only saw her as an enemy from the sky. Lincoln looked beyond her origins to connect with her on a personal level. Their relationship developed from teacher and student to a romantic partnership built on trust and understanding.

Lincoln was patient with Octavia as she worked to find her place on the ground and gain acceptance among the 100. He gave her confidence and stability during a turbulent time of war and upheaval. Above all, he treated her with respect and care, empowering her to embrace her new life on Earth.

Ilian Understood Octavia’s Grief and Anger

After Lincoln’s death, Octavia felt utterly lost, consumed by rage and pain. When she met Ilian, he could empathize with those feelings of grief and vengeance, having lost his own family to the technology of Skaikru.

This shared trauma bonded Ilian and Octavia together in their desire for retribution. With Lincoln gone, Ilian filled that empty space in Octavia’s heart, if only briefly. He validated her anger and desire for vengeance when others didn’t understand.

However, Ilian ultimately took advantage of Octavia’s vulnerability and unstable emotional state. He directed her rage and encouraged her self-destructive impulses for his own ends. So while their relationship was intense, it was also unhealthy and doomed to fail.

Niylah Offered Octavia Comfort Without Judgement

In contrast to Octavia’s passionate but troubled romances with Lincoln and Ilian, her connection to Niylah was more low-key and casual. Though they never formally dated, Niylah and Octavia had a bond built on physical intimacy and mutual caring.

Niylah offered Octavia comfort without strings or judgement. Her trading post operated on neutral ground, giving Octavia a much-needed safe haven amidst the chaos. Niylah also treated Octavia’s injuries and nourished her in body and spirit when she was at her lowest.

For her part, Octavia found solace in Niylah’s arms, even if she didn’t fully return the depth of Niylah’s devotion. Their relationship ebbed and flowed over the seasons, but Niylah remained a source of kindness and stability for Octavia whenever she needed it.

Levitt Understood Octavia’s Despair on Skyring

After years as a ruthless leader on Earth, Octavia found herself imprisoned alone on the planet Skyring. She had hit rock bottom, ready to give up on life entirely. Levitt, one of her guards, took the time to truly understand Octavia instead of simply judging her.

As he got to know her, Levitt realized they weren’t so different. He too felt purposeless and lost. Through opening up to each other, they formed a surprising bond that evolved into romance. Just when she thought she was unworthy of love or connection, Levitt saw Octavia’s humanity.

In the darkness of Skyring, they found hope and meaning again. Levitt helped redeem Octavia and set her on a path toward healing. His love inspired her to keep fighting. Without judgement, Levitt offered Octavia understanding and companionship when she needed it most.


Throughout Octavia’s evolution over seven seasons of The 100, she formed meaningful romantic connections with Grounders Lincoln, Ilian and Niylah, as well as Disciple Levitt. Each relationship marked a different stage in Octavia’s coming-of-age journey.

Lincoln guided Octavia when she was new to Earth, selflessly nurturing her development. Ilian stoked her anger and pain after Lincoln’s death, pushing her down a dark path. Niylah gave Octavia comfort and intimacy without strings attached whenever she needed. Levitt proved an unlikely perfect match in Octavia’s bleakest moments on Skyring.

While romance was rarely the main focus for the character, it allowed glimpses of Octavia’s humanity amidst the epic story of war, adventure and survival. Her boyfriends each left their mark by helping her adapt to new environments and find moments of solace during traumatic times. In the end, Octavia’s capacity for love and connection propelled her toward redemption.

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