Who is Jhin’s enemy?

In short, Jhin’s main enemies in League of Legends lore are Shen, Zed, Akali, and Kennen of the Kinkou Order. As an assassin, Jhin is opposed by these ninja champions who seek to bring him to justice.

Jhin, the Virtuoso, is a champion in League of Legends who was introduced in 2016. As a serial killer obsessed with theatrical murder, Jhin has made many enemies across Runeterra. However, his chief rivals reside in Ionia – the land Jhin terrorized for years before being captured.

Specifically, Jhin is opposed by the Kinkou Order – an ancient sect sworn to uphold equilibrium in the world. The Kinkou zealously hunt down those who disrupt the balance between chaos and order. And for serial killers like Jhin, there exist no greater threat.

Who are the Kinkou?

The Kinkou Order is comprised of several key champions:

  • Shen – the Eye of Twilight
  • Kennen – the Heart of the Tempest
  • Akali – the Fist of Shadow
  • Zed – the Master of Shadows (formerly)

Each uses their unique abilities and mastery over the spirit realm to battle evil forces. Their headquarters reside at the Kinkou Monastery, somewhere in the mountains of Ionia.

Although Zed has left the Order to forge his own path, he remains dedicated to many of its principles – notably upholding balance and stopping deadly threats like Jhin.

Why is Jhin an enemy of the Kinkou?

Years ago, Jhin went on a deranged killing spree across Ionia, leaving many victims in his wake. His theatrical murders and crazed obsession with “art” through death disrupted the equilibrium greatly.

As an embodiment of chaos and evil, Jhin’s actions demanded intervention from the Kinkou warriors. After pursuing the killer relentlessly, they finally captured Jhin and imprisoned him. However, he later escaped and remained at large once more.

Now possessing knowledge of shadow magic, Jhin is an even greater menace to Ionia and its people. His very existence goes against everything the Kinkou champions stand for. As a result, Jhin continues to be hunted by the Order – especially the three ninjas Shen, Akali, and Kennen.

Wherever Jhin spreads misery and murder, the Kinkou will be there to stop him. An eternal game of cat-and-mouse plays out between these bitter enemies.

Jhin’s Origins and Lore

To fully grasp the feud between Jhin and the Kinkou Order, it is helpful to explore Jhin’s background and psychology:

Early Life

Little is known about Jhin’s life before becoming a serial killer. He was born in Ionia and showed an early talent for the arts – especially drama and stage performance. However, this passion twisted into dark obsession later on.

Some believe a great trauma in Jhin’s childhood may have triggered his psychosis. But the details remain unclear. Either way, Jhin became devoted to creating gruesome “artworks” out of his victims.

Murder Spree in Ionia

Jhin’s killings started small at first. But they quickly escalated both in frequency and theatricality. He left behind elaborate crime scenes – using blood and flesh to create macabre displays.

The motives behind his grotesque art remained unclear. But Jhin was meticulous in his work, killing methodically to achieve his desired aesthetic.

His crime scenes included elements like:

  • Posing victims’ bodies symbolically
  • Removing specific body parts
  • Painting with blood
  • Leaving cryptic messages

As the death toll rose, fear and panic gripped Ionia. Jhin became obsessed with topping his previous murders through even more shocking “performances.” He craved fame and artistic renown.

Pursuit and Imprisonment

Jhin’s gory displays demanded retaliation. The Kinkou Order – with Shen, Kennen, Akali, and Zed – began hunting the killer. They managed to track his patterns and predict his next moves.

After an intense pursuit, the Kinkou finally captured Jhin. Given the severity of his crimes, he was condemned to imprisonment for life. This allowed the Order to maintain balance rather than stoop to Jhin’s level by executing him.

For years, Jhin remained locked away and incapable of spreading further carnage. Ionia recovered from his reign of terror. However, he would not be caged permanently.

Escape and Ongoing Threat

Jhin remained consumed by his obsession – even from his cell. He practiced his “art” by killing rodents and insects that strayed too close. And he looked for any opportunity to unleash his madness once more.

Eventually, Jhin discovered a means of escape by exploiting the spirit realm. Though the details are unclear, he managed to free himself from captivity. In the process, he gained access to strange, dark magics never before seen.

Now Jhin presents an even greater threat as a serial killer wielding unnatural powers. His ability to cloak himself in shadow makes him virtually impossible to track. And his flexibility in killing methods grows ever more terrifying.

Nonetheless, the Kinkou Order remains committed to stopping Jhin at all costs. Wherever his trail of carnage leads, they will follow.

Capabilities of Jhin vs. the Kinkou

To fully analyze the feud between Jhin and the Kinkou champions, it helps compare their distinct skills and powers against one another:

Jhin’s Capabilities

  • Expert marksman – utilizes a custom four-shot rifle with lethal efficiency
  • Inventive killer – able to dispatch victims creatively based on his “artistic vision”
  • Master of theatrics and drama
  • Exploits shadow magic to conceal himself
  • High intelligence and meticulous planning
  • No remorse for human life

Jhin is uniquely dangerous because of his unpredictable killing methods and theatricality. His newfound shadow powers also make him incredibly elusive.

Kinkou’s Capabilities

  • Shen: teleportation and spirit blade techniques
  • Kennen: control over lightning energy
  • Akali: mastery of stealth and martial arts
  • Zed: master ninja skilled in forbidden shadow arts
  • All: enhanced agility, tracking skills, and speed

Though lacking Jhin’s bloodlust, the Kinkou Order possesses enough finesse and power to thwart his killings consistently. Their skills provide the perfect counter to Jhin’s growing abilities.


Ability Jhin Kinkou
Martial Skill Marksmanship Ninjutsu mastery
Mobile/Agile Limited Highly
Stealth/Concealment Shadow magic Spirit realm magic
Raw Power Moderate Varies
Intelligence High High

Overall, Jhin matches the Kinkou champions in cunning and tactics. However, he lacks countermeasures against their specialized skills like lightning/teleportation and spirit blade arts. As a result, he struggles to overcome their combined might.

Notable Battles Between Jhin and Kinkou

The long rivalry between Jhin and the Kinkou Order has led to several impactful confrontations:

Jhin’s Capture

When Jhin’s murder spree reached its peak years ago, the Kinkou set out to stop him once and for all. After predicting his movements and setting traps, they finally caught Jhin in the act of a kill.

Though he attempted to fight back, Jhin was outmatched and overwhelmed by the four Kinkou warriors. They discovered his lair filled with macabre props and details of future murders.

Jhin was imprisoned and his killing supplies confiscated. This marked the Kinkou Order’s first significant victory over the deranged killer.

Skirmishes During Pursuit

After escaping from prison, Jhin resumed his killings but proved more elusive. The Kinkou struggled to locate him as quickly as before.

Nonetheless, brief skirmishes occurred whenever they detected Jhin’s trail. He relied on stealth and trickery to evade capture, using civilians as bait and distractions.

For example, Zed uncovered an impending Jhin murder and moved to intervene. But he was delayed by shadow clones while the real Jhin assassinated his target elsewhere.

These cat-and-mouse games demonstrate Jhin’s growing evasion skills. But they also reveal that the Kinkou Order remains capable of anticipating his movements.

Ionian Festival Disruption

One of Jhin’s boldest appearances occurred during the Blossom Festival in Ionia City. He planned to create his most horrific “artwork” yet before a gathered crowd.

However, Shen received a premonition of danger and alerted festival security. Spotting Jhin before he could enact his murder spectacle, guards moved to detain him.

Jhin attacked with shadow clones, vanishing into the terrified crowd. But Akali tracked him down relentlessly through the chaos.

Their duel ended in a stalemate with Jhin gravely wounded. But he succeeded in detonating planted bombs, disrupting the festival and escaping under cover of smoke and flames.

The Kinkou failed to capture Jhin but prevented large-scale slaughter. The clash revealed their capacity to anticipate his schemes.

The Future of Jhin vs. Kinkou

Jhin remains at large, likely plotting his next artistic murder. And the Kinkou Order certainly continues tracking his movements across the spirit and mortal realms. Their game of shadows, wits, and powers has spanned years with no end in sight.

A few possibilities exist for how the feud will unfold in future:

Jhin Defeated

The Kinkou may finally outmaneuver and overwhelm Jhin once more – perhaps imprisoning or executing him for good. However, Jhin will not go down without cunning resistance.


A long-term stalemate could also emerge, with neither side gaining definitive advantage. Jhin retains just enough tricks and elusiveness to evade the Kinkou’s grasp indefinitely.

Jhin’s Chaos Spreads

At his most dangerous, Jhin may slip past the Kinkou to wreak further havoc across Runeterra. His performances could inspire copycats or cultivate greater darkness. This remains the Kinkou’s greatest fear.

Kinkou Reinforcements

Alternatively, the Kinkou Order could gain new allies against Jhin. Champions like Yasuo, Karma, or Irelia may join their sacred cause of stopping the serial killer. This would even the odds in their favor.

But for now, the contest remains balanced on a bloody knife’s edge. Jhincontinuously descends deeper into madness and sadism, whilethe Kinkou’s resolve only sharpens against his evil. When and where their final confrontation looms ahead remains unknown.

One thing is certain: this deadly game between assassin and avengers will forever shape Ionia’s future. And its final act will unleash chaos unto the world.


Jhin’s chief rivals are undoubtedly Shen, Kennen, Akali and Zed of the Kinkou Order. As an embodiment of pure chaos disguised under theater and artistry, Jhin conflicts with the very core of what the Kinkou champions stand for – balance, restraint, and protection of life.

Their skills make them the perfect foils to Jhin’s unpredictable killing techniques empowered by strange shadow magic. And their centuries-old history pits two unyielding forces against one another.

This feuding continues to unfold in unpredictable ways, leaving only bloodshed and destroyed lives in its wake. One can only hope the Kinkou finally end Jhin’s mad crusade before his mental and mystical powers spiral out of control. But for now, their contest wages on silently in the shadows of Ionia and the spirit realm.

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