Who does Dabi have a crush on?

Dabi is a mysterious villain from the popular anime My Hero Academia. With his aloof personality and hidden backstory, fans are often left wondering about who Dabi really is and what motivates him. One question that has sparked a lot of debate in the fandom is – does Dabi have a crush on anyone?

Quick Answers

– Dabi’s crush is not confirmed in the anime or manga yet. However, fans have some theories based on subtle hints.

– The most popular theory is that Dabi may have a crush on Shoto Todoroki’s sister Fuyumi.

– Other theories suggest potential interests in Ochaco Uraraka, Himiko Toga or even Shoto Todoroki himself.

– Ultimately, Dabi’s romantic interests remain ambiguous and open to interpretation by fans.

Dabi’s Mysterious Character

As a member of the League of Villains in My Hero Academia, Dabi is ruthless and sadistic. With his burnt appearance and flame Quirk, he is intimidating and dangerous. However, little is known about Dabi’s true identity and backstory.

Dabi often displays a bored, disinterested attitude and seems to have his own secret agenda beyond the League of Villains’ goals. He is strategic, intelligent and observations – picks up on details about the heroes and their weaknesses.

This combination of personality traits makes Dabi’s character very mysterious and unpredictable. He seems to have complex motivations that are still being revealed.

Lack of Confirmed Romantic Interests

Aside from his villainous drives, very little is known about Dabi’s inner feelings and desires. Unlike chars like Ochaco who show clear romantic interest in Deku, Dabi has no confirmed love interests.

Some interpret his lack of romantic connections as being too focused on his villainous mission to care about romance. Others feel his backstory must contain tragic lost love that now fuels his anger and lack of connections.

Either way, the mystery around the topic leaves his romantic feelings very open to speculation. Without confirmation from the series, fans have free reign to interpret possibilities.

Theories: Does Dabi Have a Crush?

Without definitive information, fans are left wondering – does a man as complex as Dabi have a secret crush? And if so, who might it be? Several theories have emerged, using subtle clues about his interests and interactions.

Theory #1: A Crush on Fuyumi Todoroki

The most popular theory is that Dabi may have a crush on Fuyumi Todoroki, the older sister of the hero Shoto Todoroki. This theory is based on a few moments of interaction between the two:

– Dabi knowing personal details about Fuyumi, like her teaching career. This implies he has paid specific attention to her.

– His willingness to protect her from danger during the heroes’ attack on the League of Villains’ hideout.

– The almost gentle way he catches her as she faints, cradling her head to prevent injury.

These brief moments suggest Dabi may care for Fuyumi in a romantic way. Protecting your enemy’s sister is unusual behavior for a villain like Dabi, fueling the crush theory.


However, their limited interactions can also be interpreted platonically. Dabi may simply see Fuyumi as an innocent bystander. His villainous values against harming those weaker than him could explain his protective moments.

So while the Fuyumi theory persists among fans, more concrete proof may be needed to confirm Dabi’s feelings as a crush versus general caring for an innocent.

Fuyumi’s Opinion

For her part, Fuyumi seems uneasy around Dabi. She gets flustered but does not seem to return any potential romantic feelings. With his villain status and mystery, their dynamic leans more unsettling than loving.

But if Dabi’s crush is one-sided, that tragedy could add to his backstory and complex feelings. Especially if theories about Dabi’s real identity as Toya Todoroki, the long-lost brother of Fuyumi and Shoto, prove true. Falling for his own sister would certainly lead to inner turmoil.

So the theory holds weight but remains speculative until the series confirms anything explicitly.

Theory #2: An Interest in Ochaco Uraraka

Along with the Fuyumi theory, some fans think Dabi may have a crush on student hero Ochaco Uraraka. Key hints for this theory include:

The Billboard Scene

– When Dabi attacks the billboard where class 1-A is gathered, he goes out of his way not to harm Uraraka. He even removes her from danger before destroying the billboard.

– This seeming act of care makes fans think he may have a soft spot for her specifically.

Respect for Her Skills

– Dabi acknowledges Uraraka’s rising skills as a hero during the license exam arc. His awareness of her growth hints at a close interest.

– Or perhaps the practical Dabi simply sees strategic value in Uraraka’s strength and wants to recruit her.

The Traitor Possibility

– Speculation that Uraraka could be the traitor secretly working with the League of Villains also fuels this theory. A crush on Dabi could be her reason for betraying the heroes.

However, these limited moments are still open to interpretation. Dabi may respect Uraraka’s skills without deeper feelings. Their direct interactions are few. So while an intriguing theory, more evidence is likely needed to confirm Dabi’s feelings for certain.

Theory #3: A Rivalry With Shoto Todoroki

Another popular interpretation is that Dabi’s obsession with taking down hero Shoto Todoroki could stem from a crush. Perhaps a toxic, rivalrous crush of sorts. Details fueling this theory include:

The Personal History

– Dabi knows private details about the Todoroki family, indicating a close tie in their pasts.

– If he is indeed Toya Todoroki as many fans believe, this would be Dabi’s own brother that he fixates on defeating.

A Shared Fire Quirk

– Dabi’s fire power mirrors young Todoroki’s. This shared quirk could link them.

– Some see it as almost an extension of Dabi’s own power he wants to reabsorb from his rival.

A Desire to Get Close

– In battle at the training camp, Dabi insists on fighting Todoroki one-on-one. This could stem from a personal desire to get close to his rival.

– When imprisoned together after the war arc, Dabi also fixates on verbally sparring with Todoroki.

So while likely a toxic and unstable crush, fans see hints of a romantic rivalry dynamic. But more backstory is still needed before anything becomes concrete.

Theory #4: Secret Feelings for Tomura Shigaraki

A smaller portion of fans think Dabi may harbor secret feelings for Tomura Shigaraki, the leader of the League of Villains. This rarepair theory notes details like:

Loyalty Beyond Expectations

– Dabi remains loyal to Shigaraki despite his violent leadership and Dabi’s own secret agendas.

– This unwavering support could come from repressed romantic feelings.

Innate Understanding

– At times, Dabi seems to intuitively grasp Shigaraki’s thoughts and moods.

– He knows how to approach him in different emotional states. This could stem from a close, private bond.

Moments of Care

– Subtle moments like Dabi rescuing Shigaraki from danger during war arc battles could be seen as romantic protective instinct.

However, these crumbs of moments can also easily be read as platonic loyalty between villainous partners. So this rarest of theories still lacks concrete evidence within the canon.


Dabi’s potential romantic crush in My Hero Academia remains a mysterious topic up for debate. While fans have some favorite theories, nothing conclusive yet exists in the canon story.

Subtle hints lend credibility to ideas like crushes on Fuyumi Todoroki or Ochaco Uraraka. But more interactions and backstory would be needed to upgrade any theory to definitive fact.

Until then, the cold, aloof Dabi keeps fans guessing about his true feelings and potential softer side. The ambiguity allows for creative interpretation and exploration of possibilities. And it adds to the intrigue around this complex villain.

So while the question “who does Dabi have a crush on” remains unanswered, the mystery itself draws interest. It epitomizes the appeal of Dabi’s character – an unpredictable enigma who may harbor unexpected thoughts and desires beneath his harsh exterior. This allure will likely continue attracting creative fan theories until the day the series reveals the definitive truth.

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