Who can stop Obito?

Obito Uchiha is one of the main antagonists in the Naruto series. As a member of the Uchiha clan, Obito possesses the Sharingan eye and is an extremely powerful shinobi. However, his descent into darkness and pursuit of the Eye of the Moon plan makes him a threat to the shinobi world. The question is – who has the power to stop Obito?

Obito’s Powers

Before discussing who can defeat Obito, it’s important to first understand the extent of his powers:

  • Mastery of Sharingan – As an Uchiha, Obito has fully mastered the Sharingan eye. This grants him incredible perception, copying abilities, and ocular powers like Amaterasu.
  • Mangekyo Sharingan – Obito possesses the Mangekyo Sharingan, a heightened form of the Sharingan. His Mangekyo grants him abilities like Kamui, an incredibly powerful teleportation jutsu.
  • Hashirama Cells – After being injured, Obito grafted Hashirama Senju’s cells into his body. This augments his chakra reserves and healing factor.
  • Wood Style – Via Hashirama’s cells, Obito can use Wood Style, allowing him to produce wood and plants for attacks and defense.
  • Six Paths Power – As the Ten-Tails Jinchuriki, Obito gained powerful chakra from the Ten-Tails. This granted him new ocular powers, enhanced physical abilities, and access to the Six Paths Technique.

With such fearsome powers, Obito is one of the most dangerous shinobi alive. His mastery of space-time ninjutsu via Kamui makes him incredibly difficult to hit or defeat. Very few characters seem capable of standing up to him.

Naruto Uzumaki

One shinobi with the potential to defeat Obito is Naruto Uzumaki. As the protagonist of the series, Naruto has grown tremendously in power since the start of the story. Here’s why he poses a threat to Obito:

  • Sage Mode – Naruto’s Sage Mode grants him enhanced speed, strength, durability, and sensory abilities. This allows him to react to and counter Obito’s Kamui.
  • Kurama Link Mode – Naruto’s partnership with the Nine-Tails Kurama provides a massive chakra boost and access to Tailed Beast Mode. This gives Naruto firepower capable of contending with Obito.
  • Rasengan – The Rasengan is Naruto’s signature jutsu. When combined with Sage Mode or Kurama’s chakra, it becomes deadly enough to inflict major damage on Obito.
  • Shadow Clones – Naruto can create thousands of Shadow Clones to overwhelm Obito through sheer numbers.

During the Fourth Shinobi World War, Naruto was able to damage Obito on multiple occasions thanks to his unpredictable fighting style and variety of powerful techniques. However, Obito’s Kamui remains extremely difficult for Naruto to counter, so whether Naruto could defeat Obito in a true one-on-one battle remains unclear.

Sasuke Uchiha

As another candidate capable of opposing Obito, Sasuke Uchiha possesses many abilities that provide an edge against his clan member:

  • Sharingan – As an Uchiha, Sasuke has fully mastered his Sharingan. This allows him to read and match Obito’s movements.
  • Amaterasu – Sasuke’s Mangekyo Sharingan grants him Amaterasu, black flames that can burn anything. This is one of the few attacks capable of injuring Obito.
  • Susanoo – Sasuke’s Susanoo is an armored avatar with powerful weapons. Its defenses could potentially counter Obito’s Kamui.
  • Genjutsu – Sasuke’s Sharingan allows him to use powerful genjutsu to disrupt Obito’s focus and control.

During their encounters, Sasuke has proven himself able to compete with Obito thanks to his Uchiha abilities. However, Obito still managed to defeat and nearly capture Sasuke, demonstrating the gap between their masteries of the Sharingan. For Sasuke to definitively defeat Obito, he would need to enhance his skills and control over Susanoo even further.

Might Guy

Might Guy is an unconventional choice, but his immense taijutsu skills give him a chance against the intangible Obito. Here’s how Guy can counter Obito:

  • Eight Gates – By opening the Eight Gates, Guy can temporarily gain strength and speed beyond almost any shinobi. This could allow him to overwhelm Obito.
  • Daytime Tiger – Guy’s strongest taijutsu move in 7th Gate form. Its massive blast force could potentially damage Obito before he can become intangible.
  • Night Guy – Guy’s ultimate move in 8th Gate form. Its sheer speed and power may be able to bypass Kamui and inflict massive damage on Obito.
  • Strong Fist – Guy’s raw taijutsu skill allows him to strike quickly and unpredictably from many angles, putting pressure on Obito.

During their battle in the anime, Guy successfully struck Obito on multiple occasions and damaged him significantly using the Eight Gates. However, he was unable to finish Obito off before the Gates took their toll. Whether Guy could fully defeat Obito is questionable, but his taijutsu skills do give him a chance.

Kakashi Hatake

As Obito’s former teammate, Kakashi Hatake possesses abilities that could work against Obito:

  • Kamui – Kakashi’s Mangekyo Sharingan also grants him access to Kamui. Their linked Kamuis cancel each other out when used.
  • Lightning Blade – Kakashi’s strongest Lightning Style move allows him to pierce defenses and strike quickly before Obito can react.
  • Sharingan – As a non-Uchiha using the Sharingan, Kakashi has mastered it enough to see and match Obito’s movements.
  • Intelligence – His intellect allows Kakashi to analyze and strategize against Obito’s Kamui.

However, Kakashi’s stamina limits remain an issue. Prolonged use of the Sharingan drains his chakra quickly, making a lengthy battle difficult. Ultimately, Kakashi lacks the raw power to defeat Obito though he may be able to outsmart him under the right circumstances.

Tobirama Senju

The Second Hokage Tobirama’s abilities make him well-equipped to handle Obito:

  • Space-Time Ninjutsu Mastery – Tobirama’s extensive knowledge of space-time ninjutsu could provide insight into identifying weaknesses in Obito’s Kamui.
  • Flying Raijin Jutsu – Tobirama’s signature teleportation technique allows him to react to and avoid Obito’s attacks.
  • Powerful Water Style – Tobirama has powerful offensive Water Style techniques like the Water Dragon Jutsu that force Obito on the defensive.
  • Genius Intellect – His tactical genius gives Tobirama the ability to strategize against Obito’s Kamui.

During the Fourth War, Tobirama was able to tag Obito with Flying Raijin and create an opening for Naruto and Sasuke to strike. However, he admitted his Flying Raijin was too slow to fully avoid Obito’s Kamui. Ultimately, Tobirama lacks the destructive power to defeat Obito in direct combat.

Minato Namikaze

As the Fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze possesses abilities that pose a major threat to Obito:

  • Flying Raijin – Minato’s mastery of Flying Raijin far exceeds Tobirama’s, allowing him to instantly teleport and strike before Obito can react.
  • Rasengan – Minato’s Rasengan is more refined and focused compared to Naruto’s version. It becomes deadly when combined with Flying Raijin.
  • Sealing Jutsu – As a sealing master, Minato can potentially negate Obito’s regeneration and render him vulnerable.
  • Genius Intellect – His prodigious analytical skills allow him to strategize against Kamui.

During their fight 14 years ago, Minato was able to severely wound and defeat Obito, destroying his control over Kurama. However, Obito has grown much stronger since then. Nonetheless, Minato’s Flying Raijin and sealing jutsu remain one of the most credible threats to Obito.

Hashirama Senju

As arguably the most powerful shinobi in history, Hashirama Senju possesses the skills and firepower to potentially overwhelm Obito:

  • Massive Chakra Reserves – Hashirama’s immense chakra gives him incredible stamina for prolonged fights against Obito.
  • Medical Ninjutsu – His medical skills allow him to heal and regenerate from major injuries.
  • Sage Mode – Hashirama’s Sage Mode provides a major boost to his physical abilities along with sensory skills.
  • Powerful Wood Style – Hashirama’s Wood Style techniques provide versatile offensive and defensive powers to counter Kamui.

Hashirama is arguably the only shinobi capable of wearing Obito down in a direct clash of power. However, whether he could cope with Obito’s constant teleportation and intangibility remains unclear. Ultimately, Hashirama’s victory would depend on outlasting Obito’s stamina.

Madara Uchiha

Obito’s mentor Madara Uchiha is one of the few shinobi with the power to oppose Obito directly:

  • Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan – Madara possesses the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan, granting him greater mastery and power with his Sharingan abilities than Obito.
  • Susanoo – Madara has perfect control over the Susanoo, allowing him to defend against most attacks.
  • Hashirama Cell Implants – Madara gained cells from Hashirama, giving him massive chakra reserves and regeneration abilities on par with Obito’s.
  • Rinnegan – If Madara is revived with access to the Rinnegan, he can utilize additional techniques like Limbo and Preta Path to counter Obito’s Kamui.

Madara matches or exceeds Obito in terms of raw power and skill. During the War, he was able to dominate against Sage Mode enhanced versions of Naruto and Sasuke that could fight on par with Obito. A hypothetical fight between mentor and student would be incredibly close.


Obito Uchiha’s Kamui makes him an incredibly formidable opponent. Very few shinobi seem capable of directly defeating Obito in single combat due to his intangibility. Shinobi like Naruto, Sasuke, and Guy have the power to pressure Obito but lack reliable methods to counter Kamui.

The most credible threats to Obito are Flying Raijin users like Minato and Tobirama who can attack Obito faster than he can react. However, their lack of raw power makes it difficult for them to decisively finish Obito. In contrast, Hashirama has the chakra and stamina to outlast Obito in a drawn-out battle.

Ultimately, the extent of Obito’s Six Paths power makes him a virtually unstoppable force during the Fourth War. Until his change of heart, the alliance’s only hope is to seal Obito or strip away his Tailed Beast enhancement. In terms of one-on-one matchups, very few shinobi seem capable of reliably defeating Obito Uchiha.

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