Who betrayed Grisha?

Grisha was betrayed by a child soldier known as “The Hawk”. The Hawk was a young recruit who had been given a choice: join the cause of Grisha’s enemies or die. The Hawk chose the former and soon became Grisha’s most trusted confidant, traveling with the group and offering tactical advice.

However, unbeknownst to Grisha, The Hawk was working with his enemies, sharing information and helping to orchestrate the group’s downfall. In the end, Grisha was taken prisoner and his captors revealed that it was The Hawk who had betrayed them all.

Why does Zeke turn in his parents?

Zeke ultimately decides to turn in his parents because he believes it is morally necessary, given the fact that his own parents have broken the law and are actively involved in criminal activities. He clearly knows that his parents are breaking the law and understands that their actions may have negative and potentially dangerous consequences for himself and for the people around him.

Zeke also realizes that he can no longer condone his parents’ behavior, as it is morally wrong, and that he must do something about it. Therefore, Zeke chooses to take responsibility for his own actions and informs the authorities of his parents’ illegal actions.

While it does not come without a risk on his part (his parents could be arrested or worse), he knows that it is the right thing to do and takes a principled stand against their criminal activity. In the end, his courage allows the authorities to investigate and hold those responsible for their wrong-doing accountable.

Why did Zeke switch sides?

Zeke switched sides because he found out the humans weren’t doing enough to protect their people, and in some cases, they were causing more harm than good. Ultimately, he was driven by a sense of justice—he wanted to make sure innocent lives were protected and those responsible for their suffering were brought to justice.

After witnessing the harsh realities created by humans on the battlefield, he sought to join forces with the Machines. This ultimately proved to be the best choice for him and for the world as it created a more peaceful future for all.

Why is Zeke against the Eldians?

Zeke is against the Eldians because he believes that the Eldians are a dangerous threat to the world. He believes that the Eldians, due to their large numbers, their special powers, and policies of the Eldian government, will eventually lead to world domination and destruction.

Zeke sees the Founding Titan as a tool to help bring peace and prosperity to Marley, but also as a way to defend it against the threat of the Eldians. He believes that with the Founding Titan, Marley can control the Eldians and prevent them from ever executing their “threat” of world domination.

Zeke also sees the Eldians as a stain on his kingdom’s otherwise pristine reputation, and he wishes to remove them as a stain on their honor. He believes that wiping out the Eldians and their powers is the only way to ensure a brighter future for Marley and the world.

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