Which play button is for 1000 subscribers?

YouTube creators often wonder which play button they will receive when they hit certain subscriber milestones. The coveted YouTube play buttons act as symbols of a channel’s success and growth on the platform. For channels with 1000 subscribers, the question becomes: which play button do you get at 1000 subscribers?

What is the Play Button for 1000 Subscribers?

The short answer is that there is no official YouTube play button for 1000 subscribers. YouTube does not send out or award any play button for hitting the 1000 subscriber mark.

The first YouTube play button creators can earn is the silver play button, which YouTube awards channels once they surpass 100,000 subscribers. There are no smaller play buttons for milestones under 100k such as 10,000 or 50,000 subscribers either.

So while reaching 1000 subscribers is a major accomplishment for any starting YouTube channel, no physical reward comes from YouTube itself for that achievement alone.

Why is There No Play Button for 1000 Subscribers?

YouTube deliberately set the first play button at the 100,000 subscriber milestone. This encourages creators to continue striving toward larger goals and gives them long-term motivation. If play buttons were awarded for smaller milestones, their significance and the appeal of earning them would diminish.

The silver play button is intended to recognize sustained commitment, quality content, and audience growth at a relatively high level. If play buttons existed for lower subscriber counts, they would lose their prestige. YouTube wants the play buttons to act as exclusive symbols of major success on the platform.

While 1000 subscribers does not make creators eligible for any official play button, it is still an important milestone that should be celebrated. It means a channel has started gaining regular viewers and making progress within the highly competitive YouTube landscape. 1000 dedicated subscribers is no small feat for the average creator!

What Can You Do to Celebrate 1000 Subscribers?

Even without a play button, there are still plenty of ways creators can celebrate and reward themselves for successfully reaching 1000 subscribers:

– Make a celebratory video thanking fans for 1000 subscribers. This shows appreciation for their support.

– Do a 1000 subscriber Q&A and engage with your audience.

– Share the news on social media to spread the word about your achievement.

– Treat yourself to something special as a reward for 1000 subs.

– Set a new subscriber goal for a future milestone. 5000 or 10,000 subs for example.

– Make channel artwork announcing the 1000 subscriber milestone. Update banners and icons.

– Hold a giveaway or contest for your subscribers.

– Post milestone updates and stats showing your progress over time.

The most important thing is to celebrate the benchmark in a way that keeps you motivated. While 1000 subscribers alone may not warrant an official play button from YouTube, it still represents significant early success. Setting new goals and appreciating fan support will help continue channel growth. Stay hungry for future achievements!

What Does 1000 Subscribers Allow You to Do on YouTube?

Aside from prestige and bragging rights, reaching 1000 subscribers unlocks some new features and monetization opportunities:

– Can live stream from mobile devices. Live streaming was previously only available on desktop at lower subscriber counts.

– Access to YouTube Studio app. Provides Creator Hub and analytics from mobile devices.

– Member Milestones feature is available. Display subscriber count publicly or keep it private.

– Become eligible to join YouTube Partner Program. Monetize videos through ads.

– Super Chat and Super Stickers unlocked for monetized channels. Receive tips from fans during live streams.

So while 1000 subscribers does not grant a play button, it does open up valuable new options for content creators on YouTube. Unlocking live streaming, monetization and community features provides incentives for channels to keep growing well beyond the 1000 sub mark on their rise to larger milestones and awards.

When Do You Get the Silver Play Button?

As mentioned before, the coveted silver play button is only awarded by YouTube once a channel passes 100,000 subscribers. Specifically, it requires:

– 100,000+ subscribers.
– Channel must be in good standing and abide by YouTube’s community guidelines.
– No copyright strikes against the channel.
– Associated Google AdSense account in good standing.

The silver play button will be engraved with the channel name and “YouTube 100,000 Subscribers”. YouTube does not allow you to customize or change the engraving.

Silver play buttons are sent out automatically by YouTube sometime after passing the 100k sub threshold. However, it may take 1-3 months to receive it after qualifying depending on inventory, demand and shipping. Creators have no control over exactly when it ships.

Patience and persistence are required to earn the prestigious silver play button. For most creators it takes years of hard work to build an audience of that size on YouTube. Stay committed and keep uploading quality content if you hope to one day earn the 100k subscriber award.

What is the Next Play Button After Silver?

After the silver play button at 100,000 subs, the next major YouTube creator award is the gold play button.

The requirements for unlocking the gold play button are:

– 1,000,000+ subscribers.
– Channel in good standing abiding by YouTube’s policies.
– No copyright strikes against channel.
– Associated AdSense account in good standing.

This highly sought after gold play button is engraved with the channel name and “YouTube 1,000,000 Subscribers”. It represents a massive achievement and demonstrates building an audience of millions drawn to a channel’s content.

Less than 1% of channels on YouTube ever reach the 1 million subscriber goal. So creators should feel incredibly proud if they ever earn the exclusive gold play button as a symbol of their success.

Beyond 1 million subs, YouTube offers additional creator awards:

  • Diamond Play Button – 10 million subscribers
  • Custom Play Button – 50 million subscribers
  • Custom Play Button – 100 million subscribers

However, these play buttons are exceptionally rare. Only the most popular YouTube channels ever achieve subscriptions of tens or hundreds of millions. But it gives ambitious creators long-term goals and motivation to continue reaching new heights on the platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you buy a 1000 subscriber play button?

No, YouTube does not award or sell official play buttons for 1000 subscribers. The only way to get one is to qualify for it by actually growing a channel to 100,000+ subs. There are third party vendors selling fake play button props and plaques online, but these are not official YouTube creator awards.

How long does it take to get 1000 subs?

There is no set timeline. It depends on factors like upload consistency, content quality, promotion and more. It could take anywhere from weeks to years to reach 1000 subs. Patience and persistence are key. Viral hits can also sometimes push new channels to 1000 quickly.

What does YouTube send you when you hit 1000 subs?

YouTube sends an email congratulating you on the milestone, but does not send any physical award for 1000 subs. The first play button comes at 100,000 subscribers when you receive the silver play button.

Can I buy a 100k play button without getting 100k subs?

No. The silver play button is only available to channels who actually earn 100,000 subscribers and meet YouTube’s criteria. There is no option to simply pay for or purchase a silver play button without qualifying for it.

How many daily views do you need to get 1000 subs?

There is no set number of views per day needed. Having consistent, high-quality content that retains viewers and gets shares/engagement is more important. You could get 1000 subs with 50 views a day or 50,000 views a day depending on your niche and audience.

Can you request a play button?

No, YouTube will automatically send silver/gold play buttons to qualifying channels. You cannot request or ask for one. YouTube determines when you meet all criteria and ships it. Follow their guidelines to earn an official creator award.


While reaching 1000 YouTube subscribers is an exciting milestone for any starting creator, there is no official play button awarded by YouTube at that level. The first play button available is the coveted silver play button after passing 100,000 subscribers.

Nevertheless, gaining 1000 dedicated subscribers represents huge early progress. Take time to celebrate properly, continue engaging your newfound audience, and start setting sights on bigger goals. The road to larger play buttons like silver or gold begins with the humble 1000 sub benchmark. Stay persistent, keep producing quality content, and your channel will be on track for greater long term success and recognition from YouTube.

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  1. This is no more true ” No, currently no one has 100 million subscribers on YouTube. Currently, PewDiePie is the most-subscribed YouTube channel with nearly 101 million subscribers. However, T-Series, an Indian music label and film production company, is currently the second-most subscribed channel with around 95. “,

    You should consider update your article, as for now we do have 7 persons with more than 100M subscribers.

    1 T-Series 237M
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    3 Sony Entertainment Television India 152M
    4 MrBeast 135M
    5 PewDiePie 111M
    6 Kids Diana Show 108M
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