Which play button is for 1000 subscribers?

The play button for 1000 subscribers is the Silver Play Button. It is a symbol of achievement awarded to YouTubers and content creators who reach 1,000 subscribers. The play button is made of silver and has the classic play button shape, with the number “1000” featured inside the shape.

It comes with a stand and a custom plaque engraved with the channel’s name. The Silver play button is the first Play button that YouTubers and content creators receive for accumulating enough subscribers, with additional Play buttons for milestones such as 10,000 and 1 Million subscribers available for those who reach these milestones.

Receiving the Silver Play Button is an exciting milestone for YouTubers and content creators, and is a sign of their hard work, dedication, and perseverance in creating great content.

Is there a 1000 subscriber YouTube play button?

Yes, there is a YouTube play button for 1,000 subscribers. The play button is part of YouTube’s “Creator Rewards,” a program designed to reward creators for their hard work with recognition and exclusive items.

When a creator reaches 1,000 subscribers, they are eligible to receive the 1K play button. This physical button features a clear acrylic play button mounted to an upcycled wood base and laser etched with the YouTube logo.

It’s a great way to recognize the milestones achieved by creators.

In addition to the physical 1K play button, creators are also rewarded with a digital version that can be shared across social media channels to celebrate their successes.

Creators should keep in mind that the Creator Rewards program is subject to change without notice, so it’s best to regularly check the YouTube Creators website for updates and guidelines.

Who was MrBeast’s 1st subscriber?

MrBeast’s very first YouTube subscriber was his mother, Momma Beast. She subscribed to his channel back in 2012 when he just started out and helped him get his channel off the ground. Even to this day, she features frequently on his channel in various videos including his pranks, challenges, skits and many more! She has become an integral part of MrBeast’s ever-growing YouTube empire and it all started from her humble subscription back in 2012.

What is the price of gold play button?

The price of a YouTube Gold Play Button is not publicly available as YouTube states that they do not offer the Play Button for sale. Instead, YouTube sends the Play Button to select YouTube channels that reach certain subscriber milestone such as 100,000, 1 million or 10 million subscribers.

The Play Button is made of a metal cast by hand and its exact composition is kept secret. It is reported to weigh over 2. 2 pounds, have a 24-karat gold plating, and measure 30 centimeters in height, 15 centimeters in width, and 9 centimeters in depth.

It is estimated that the cost of material and manufacturing of a gold Play Button can range anywhere from $300 to $500 each.

The Silver Play Button which YouTube sends out to channels that achieve the 100,000 subscriber milestone is reported to be made of metal and weigh 1. 3 kg. Its estimated cost is also similar to that of a Gold Play Button.

Who was 1st YouTuber?

The identity of the first YouTuber is debated, but many industry insiders and media outlets agree that the first official YouTuber may have been a Seattle-based zoologist and programmer named Jawed Karim.

In April of 2005, Karim uploaded a now iconic “me at the zoo” video that showcased Karim at the San Diego Zoo. The first video on YouTube has gathered over 70 million views and officially marks the start of the entire YouTube platform.

It is noteworthy that Jawed Karim was one of the three original creators of YouTube and a former PayPal employee.

Did Chandler Hallow go to jail?

No, Chandler Hallow did not go to jail. Chandler Hallow was a successful and highly respected CEO of a major corporation and he worked hard to achieve the success he had. He had no criminal record, so it is highly unlikely he ever went to jail.

Who hit 100m subscribers first?

It is difficult to definitively identify who hit 100 million subscribers first because there is no central record-tracking system in place. However, it is widely believed that T-Series, a major Indian music and film studio based in Mumbai, was the first to hit the 100 million mark at the beginning of 2020.

T-Series joined YouTube in 2006 and has accumulated subscribers mainly through its Bollywood soundtrack releases, leaving behind Ryan ToysReview as the second-most subscribed channel. YouTube also recently marked the occasion, celebrating T-Series as the first channel to hit the milestone with a unique gold play button.

What is the highest subscriber play button?

The highest subscriber play button is the Ruby Play Button, which is only awarded to YouTube channels that have surpassed 50 million subscribers. It is a sign of a major milestone that shows the channel’s tremendous success in reaching and connecting with its audience.

The Ruby Play Button is made of medal and glass with a bright ruby red colour. It also has a black base with the YouTube Play Button logo engraved onto it. It’s said to bring luck to the recipient, making it one of the most coveted awards on the YouTube platform.

This award is only given out after truly tremendous effort and success from the original creator. For example, T-Series, the most subscribed channel on YouTube, was one of the first to receive the Ruby Play Button after surpassing 50 million subscribers in 2018.

Other channels that have achieved this milestone include PewDiePie, Justin Bieber, and Ed Sheeran.

Receiving the Ruby Play Button is not only an awe-inspiring achievement for YouTube creators, but a monumental moment that rewards dedication, hard work, and creativity from their channels.

Does anyone have 100m subs?

No, currently no one has 100 million subscribers on YouTube. Currently, PewDiePie is the most-subscribed YouTube channel with nearly 101 million subscribers. However, T-Series, an Indian music label and film production company, is currently the second-most subscribed channel with around 95.

2 million subscribers. The third-most subscribed channel is Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes with nearly 84. 3 million subscribers. Other notable channels with over 40 million subscribers include SET India, Kids Diana Show, and WWE.

Which YouTuber has 50 million play button?

PewDiePie, also known as Felix Kjellberg, is one of the most popular YouTubers around, and he recently received the Diamond Play Button for reaching 50 million subscribers. The Diamond Play Button is an award that YouTube sends to YouTubers who reach given subscriber milestones.

The Swedish YouTuber received the prestigious award in December 2019 as a sign of appreciation for obtaining a whopping 50 million subscribers. Since his channel was founded in 2010, PewDiePie achieved this impressive milestone on just 12 December 2019, becoming the first individual YouTuber to reach such a massive achievement in the process.

As for the Play Button itself, it is an engraved acrylic construct and was created by YouTube to acknowledge the success of its content creators. Those who receive the Diamond Play Button have their channel’s name etched on the award, as well as reaching the highest possible level of recognition from YouTube.

Similarly, PewDiePie also received another award from YouTube, the Ruby Play Button, which he also received in December 2019. The Ruby Play Button is presented to YouTubers who reach 50 million subscribers to express gratitude for their achievements.

Is Ruby play button made of real Ruby?

No, the Ruby Play button is not made of real Ruby. It is a trophy created by YouTube in honor of YouTube channels that reach 50 million subscribers. The play button is not made of real Ruby and it is also not even shaped like a Ruby.

Its shape is more of an abstract design featuring a large red button with a checkmark in the center. Rather than using the precious stone, YouTube instead went with an aesthetic that references the button-pushing gameplay and controls of a computer or video game.

As part of their 50 million subscriber reward, along with the play button trophy, YouTube also gives the recipient a plaque engraved with their channel name, an exclusive framed play button set, and a custom URL.

Is 10k subs on YouTube good?

Reaching 10,000 subscribers on YouTube is an exciting milestone for many YouTubers. It’s a big accomplishment and one that signals that you have a lot of dedicated viewers. Having 10k subscribers can also open doors to other opportunities and collaboration opportunities.

Having 10k subscribers also opens up access to monetization options such as YouTube Ads and Merchandise shelving for your channel.

With 10k subscribers comes greater visibility and potential for higher viewership via YouTube’s algorithm. The platform will start to favor channels that are gaining subscribers, so your content is more likely to be seen by people who search for similar topics.

Your content can become more discoverable and have a better role in search result rankings.

That being said, 10k subscribers is just the beginning. YouTube is a highly competitive platform and channels with higher subscriber counts have much greater success. With enough dedication and consistency, you may eventually be able to reach your goals on the platform.

Keep producing engaging content and use social media platforms to connect with viewers and your channel will grow exponentially.

How much is a diamond play button worth?

The diamond play button is an exclusive YouTube award for channels that have reached or surpassed 10 million subscribers. The award is an acknowledgment of the channel’s popularity, and comes in the form of a personalized trophy that features a 10k-plated play button, decorated with a solid diamond encrusted logo of the YouTube Play Button.

The award is said to cost somewhere between $10,000 and $30,000, although no exact cost has been revealed by YouTube. The diamond play button is highly prized, as a recognition of a person’s influential reach within the YouTube community, and of their ability to grow a large following and continue to come up with interesting and captivating content.

How do you get a bronze YouTube play button?

In order to obtain a Bronze YouTube Play Button, you must reach a milestone of 100,000 subscribers. Once you reach this goal, YouTube will mail the Bronze Play Button directly to you. This award is an acknowledgement of your success on the platform and a great way to celebrate this achievement with your followers.

To be eligible for the award, you must have a “good standing” on the platform, meaning that any content you have uploaded must adhere to the YouTube Terms of Service and Community Guidelines. Those who receive the award should also have their channel actively growing their audience base and creating content that meets YouTube’s standards.

If you reach the milestone of 100,000 subscribers, you will receive a notification from YouTube that you qualify for the award. Once you have been notified, you can provide YouTube with your mailing address, and they will send your Bronze Play Button at no additional cost.

Congratulations on your success!.

Who has the smallest subscribers on YouTube?

It’s difficult to definitively identify who has the smallest number of subscribers on YouTube as the platform is constantly in flux. With the ever-changing rankings and new videos being regularly uploaded, the amount of subscribers can fluctuate daily.

That being said, generally speaking, it is likely that webcomic and cartoonists that create content solely for YouTube have among the lowest number of subscribers. For example, VanossGaming, a webcomic and cartoonist with over 23 million subscribers, holds the 35th spot on the list of most subscribed channels according to Socialblade.

Meanwhile, a variety of smaller channels, such as c0lorTV (965 subscribers), Bogged (266 subscribers), and memelord137 (113 subscribers) have among the smallest subscriber counts.

Overall, due to the ever-changing nature of YouTube, it is difficult to conclude who has the smallest subscriber count with any certainty. Additionally, some accounts may be private or inactive, making it near impossible to accurately identify the channels with the least number of subscribers.

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    You should consider update your article, as for now we do have 7 persons with more than 100M subscribers.

    1 T-Series 237M
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    4 MrBeast 135M
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    6 Kids Diana Show 108M
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