Where should I store washi tape?

Washi tape has become an incredibly popular crafting material in recent years. The decorative and repositionable Japanese paper tape can be used for everything from scrapbooking and cardmaking to home decor projects. But once you’ve amassed an extensive collection of washi tape rolls, the question becomes: where do you store it all?

Storing Washi Tape in Drawers

One of the most common methods for storing washi tape is in drawers. This allows you to keep the tape organized while also concealing the collection within a drawer. Here are some tips for storing washi tape in drawers:

  • Use shallow drawers so the rolls are easy to see and access.
  • Consider using drawer organizers or dividers to neatly separate types of tape.
  • Label the drawers or use a system to identify contents (i.e. patterns, solids, extras, etc).
  • Store vertically or horizontally, whichever fits best in the drawer space.
  • Keep collections used most often in top drawers for quick access.

Drawers are great because washi tape can be neatly organized and hidden away when not in use. Just be sure to avoid overstuffing drawers as this can make the contents hard to shift through.

Hanging Washi Tape

Hanging washi tape on the wall is a fun way to both store and decorate with your collection. Some ideas include:

  • Washi tape garland – String ribbon or rope across a wall and use mini clothespins to hang tape rolls.
  • Photo ledges – Adhere tape rolls to the inside of a ledge and display.
  • Wall hooks – Affix hooks to the wall to hang tape rolls via their centers.
  • Rail system – Install a small rail or rod shelf to display tape collections.

When hanging washi tape, be sure to store rolls vertically to prevent the adhesive from touching itself and losing tackiness. Hanging allows you to view and access your tapes easily while also incorporating it into your space decor.

Washi Tape Storage Boxes

Using storage boxes is an extremely organized way to corral your washi tape. Look for boxes designed for craft storage that have compartments or dividers to neatly separate tape rolls. Here are handy washi tape storage box tips:

  • Opt for clear boxes so you can easily see contents.
  • Use boxes with adjustable dividers to customize spaces.
  • Label dividers or boxes to distinguish types of tape.
  • Stack boxes to save space while keeping categories separated.
  • Store boxes near your craft area for access when creating.

Storage boxes keep everything neatly contained so you can instantly find the tape you need for projects. Just be careful not to store too many rolls in one compartment as weight can flatten or warp the tapes.

Repurposed Storage

With a little creativity, you can repurpose many common household items to store washi tape collections. Here are some repurposed washi storage ideas:

  • Utensil organizer – Use the divided sections to sort tape.
  • Spice racks – Arrange tapes upright in the rack’s openings.
  • Coffee pod holder – Fill the insert slots with different tape rolls.
  • Office supply caddy – Designate a caddy just for arts and crafts supplies like washi tape.
  • Baking pan lids – Adhere tape rolls to the inside of clear plastic lids.

Repurposing existing items you already have on hand is an eco-friendly and budget friendly approach. Just be sure to thoroughly clean items before using them to store craft supplies like washi tape.

Stackable Storage

Stackable storage containers are great space-saving options for organizing large collections of washi tape. Look for containers designed to corral small items and materials. Here are some stackable washi tape storage solutions:

  • Plastic bins – Use bins of the same size that can be stacked vertically to save space.
  • Small crates – Sturdy plastic crates can be stacked on shelves or in cubbies.
  • Planter pots – Repurpose extra planters as craft storage vessels.
  • Tiered shelves – Multi-level shelving units keep each tape collection separate.
  • Pedal bins – Utilize the vertical space to stack several bins.

With stackable options, you can keep dozens of rolls in a small footprint while keeping everything sorted and visible for easy use. Just avoid overloading any one container to prevent possible tipping.

Basket Storage

Pretty woven baskets make for charming washi tape storage while keeping supplies organized. Here’s how to use baskets to organize your collection:

  • Categorize tapes in separate baskets – patterns, solids, seasonal, etc.
  • Use baskets of different sizes for variation.
  • Line baskets with cloth to prevent snagging delicate tapes.
  • Label baskets on the front for easy identification.
  • When stacking baskets, place heaviest on bottom.

Baskets work great for washi storage near a desk or work area for quick access. Just be careful not to overload baskets as heavy weight can cause them to lose shape.

Shelving Units

Installing a shelving unit is a great way to neatly display your washi tape collection. Here are some shelf storage tips:

  • Use adjustable shelves to customize spaces for tape sizes.
  • Angle tape rolls vertically to see labels and prevent sticking.
  • Organize by color, pattern, or usage.
  • Add hooks for hanging tapes or embellishments.
  • Incorporate baskets or bins on shelves to further divide.

A shelving unit devotes an entire display area to beautifully presenting your tapes while also keeping them organized. Just be sure shelves are strong enough to hold the weight of multiple rolls without sagging over time.

Washi Storage Ideas by Space

How and where you store your washi tape will depend on the amount of space you have available. Here are some washi tape storage ideas for different spaces:

Small Spaces

  • Install hanging rails or picture ledges to display rolls.
  • Use over-the-door storage options like hanging shoe bags.
  • Store in baskets under tables, desks, or other furniture.
  • Opt for stackable storage containers.

Large Spaces

  • Dedicate an entire wall to hang tapes for decoration.
  • Use a bookcase or large shelving unit to neatly organize.
  • Set up multiple organizer boxes for expansive collections.
  • Create fun washi tape art installations or displays.

Craft Rooms

  • Designate drawers near workspaces to keep tapes handy.
  • Install shelving above the desk to display tapes.
  • Use floor standing racks to hold dozens of rolls.
  • Place collections in caddies or bins on desktop.

Kid’s Rooms

  • Use colorful baskets to coordinate with decor.
  • Attach a storage rack or rail to the wall at kid height.
  • Store in bins or baskets on closet shelves.
  • Designate a drawer just for the child’s craft supplies.

Evaluate the space you have available along with your existing storage furniture and accessories. This will help determine optimal washi tape storage solutions for your unique needs.

Tips for Storing Washi Tape

Here are some helpful tips for keeping your washi tape properly stored:

  • Avoid direct sunlight – Exposure to UV rays can cause fading.
  • Control humidity – High humidity can activate glue prematurely.
  • Watch temperature – Heat can warp tape rolls or glue.
  • Keep dust-free – Dust can damage adhesive stickiness.
  • Store vertically – This prevents glue layers from touching.
  • Re-roll occasionally – Re-rolling maintains tape shape.
  • Consider archival storage – For vintage or collectible tapes.

Following basic preservation guidelines will help keep your washi tapes protected and usable for as long as possible.

Creative Washi Tape Storage

Washi tape collections can also double as fun decorative displays with a little creativity. Here are some ideas for creative washi storage:

  • Frame arranged tape rolls into geometric wall art.
  • Create ombre stripes across a wall or bookcase.
  • Use tapes to decorate storage boxes and containers.
  • Group small collections in glass jars or vases.
  • Cover memo boards or pin boards with arranged tapes.

Let your beautifully patterned tapes inspire you to get creative with storage and displaying your collection both practically and decoratively.

Storing Washi Tapes by Color

Organizing washi tapes by color is one of the most popular and visually appealing storage methods. Here are some tips for color-coordinated storage:

  • Use see-through containers so colors are visible.
  • Arrange tapes in rainbow order for impact.
  • Wrap empty cores or tubes in matching colors.
  • Add labels to identify exact shades if needed.
  • Start new color sets on each shelf row or in containers.

Grouping your washi tapes by color allows you to instantly find a desired shade while creating a gorgeous visual display.

Washi Tape Color Storage Examples

Drawers: Assign a different colored washi to each drawer. Or use drawer dividers to separate shades within.

Boxes: Use clear plastic boxes with adjustable inserts to divide and color code tapes.

Shelves: Designate each shelf to a color family like reds, blues, greens, etc. Arrange shades in order.

Wall Display: Hang rolls in color order to create an artistic ombre or rainbow effect.

Baskets: Dedicate a differently colored basket for each color group of tapes.

Labeling Washi Tape Storage

Adding labels to your washi tape storage is helpful for organization and identification. Here are handy labeling tips:

  • Label both the storage unit AND each tape roll.
  • Use a color coded system (i.e. blue labels = solids, yellow = patterns).
  • Include content details like occasion, theme, color, or use.
  • Print labels on removable sticker paper or washi tape.
  • Consider labels to note unopened rolls for inventory.

A labeling system helps eliminate searching through every tube to find what you need. Labels can reflect the category, color, theme, or any system that works for you!

Washi Tape Storage Solutions to Avoid

While washi tape is versatile, there are some storage methods that should be avoided to prevent damaging tapes:

  • Avoid direct contact with direct sunlight which can fade colors.
  • Don’t store tapes near heat sources like heaters or vents.
  • Prevent exposure to humidity which can make tape glue sticky.
  • Don’t overload drawers or containers to prevent crushing.
  • Avoid frequent temperature fluctuations which can warp tapes.

Being mindful of environmental factors like sunlight, humidity, and temperature will keep your coveted washi tape collections protected.

DIY Washi Tape Storage Solutions

You can also easily create custom washi tape storage by repurposing household items or with simple DIY solutions like:

  • Picture ledges – Adhere washi rolls to sturdy ledges for visible storage.
  • Pegboard – Use pegs designed for craft storage to hang rolls.
  • Wall strips – Affix wood strips to the wall for hanging storage.
  • Dowel rods – Use hanging dowels like closet rods to display tapes.
  • Cans or jars – Cover and decorate tins or jars to hold tapes.

With a little creativity and minimal cost, you can create custom storage tailored to your space and washi collection needs.

Washi Tape Storage Containers

Specialty storage containers designed for craft supplies like washi tape are extremely helpful for keeping collections organized. Here are some great washi tape storage containers:

  • Adjustable boxes – Clear boxes with movable dividers customize storage.
  • Turntables – Rotating holders provide easy access to many rolls.
  • Hanging racks – Rails or racks allow you to see each tape.
  • Drawer caddies – Small divided cases organize desk drawers.
  • Wall racks – Rails, ledges, or slatwall displays tapes attractively.

Specially designed washi tape storage provides handy solutions for keeping your treasured collections neatly organized and displayed.


With the rising popularity of decorative washi tape, finding creative storage solutions for keeping your collection organized is essential. Options like drawers, boxes, hanging displays, shelving units, baskets, and repurposed containers all offer great ways to neatly store your tapes while keeping them visible and within reach. Optimizing storage based on the space you have available along with labeling containers and rolls will eliminate frustration and wasted time searching for the perfect tape. Implementing storage solutions that are both practical for arranging your tapes and aesthetically pleasing for displaying them will keep your washi tape collection tidy and accessible for all your crafty projects and decorative needs.

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