Where do you store Sharpies?

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There are many creative ways to store Sharpies! As a versatile marker useful for art, crafts, and general writing purposes, it’s important to keep Sharpies organized and easily accessible. With some careful planning, you can devise a storage solution that keeps your Sharpies tidy and ready to use.

Storing Individual Sharpies

For storing single Sharpie markers, consider these quick and convenient options:

  • Pencil cups or mugs – Sharpies slip nicely into cups and mugs meant for holding writing utensils.
  • Marker caddies – Small caddies with holes specifically sized for markers keep Sharpies capped and upright.
  • Jars or cans – Clean out a sturdy glass jar or tin can to neatly store a handful of markers.
  • Desk organizer trays – Many desk accessories have sections perfect for sticking pens, markers, and highlighters in.

Storing Multiple Sharpies

To store a larger Sharpie collection, try these effective techniques:

  • Storage boxes – Plastic boxes with dividers are ideal for holding dozens of Sharpies sorted by color.
  • Pegboards – Hang Sharpie singles or bundles from pegboard hooks to keep them visible and accessible.
  • Wall racks – Mounted racks with slots or pockets are great for keeping Sharpies neatly lined up.
  • Drawer organizers – Designate a drawer just for Sharpies and use compartmentalized trays to separate by color.

Sharpie Storage Tips

Follow these tips for keeping your Sharpies in top condition:

  • Store horizontally – Lay Sharpies flat rather than upright to prevent ink from pooling in the tip.
  • Group by color – Sort Sharpies into color families to easily find the shade you need.
  • Limit light exposure – Keep Sharpie storage areas out of direct sunlight to prevent fading.
  • Check caps – Make sure caps are securely closed before storing to prevent drying out.

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