Where do I get Syrup Fallout 76?

Syrup is an important crafting component in Fallout 76 that is used to craft various consumables at crafting stations. There are a few ways to obtain syrup in Fallout 76:

Loot Syrup

One of the easiest ways to get syrup is to loot it from various locations and containers around Appalachia. Here are some of the places you can find syrup:

  • On counters and shelves inside the kitchen areas of various houses and buildings
  • Inside refrigerators in homes and kitchens
  • On shelves inside Super Duper Marts
  • Inside the Whitespring Resort kitchen and dining areas
  • Inside the kitchen area at Vault-Tec University
  • On shelves and countertops at Slocum’s Joe donut shops

When looting areas, be sure to thoroughly check kitchens, dining areas, refrigerators, store shelves, etc. The syrup often spawns in the food and drink sections alongside other cooking ingredients. It may take some searching, but opening containers and keeping an eye out while exploring can yield quite a bit of syrup from looting alone.

Suggested Loot Locations

Here are some suggested places to loot for syrup:

  • The kitchens in the houses of Sutton
  • The Whitespring Resort kitchens
  • Super Duper Mart
  • Any Slocum’s Joe donut shops
  • Vault-Tec University kitchen
  • Overseer’s childhood home

Collect Maple Sap

Another way to obtain syrup is to collect and process maple sap from maple trees around Appalachia. Here is the process:

  1. Equip the Woodchucker perk card, which allows you to harvest twice as much wood from trees and plants
  2. Travel around Appalachia and look for maple trees – these have unique reddish bark
  3. Interact with the maple trees to place maple sap taps on them
  4. After some time, return to the tapped maple trees to harvest maple sap from the taps
  5. Take the collected maple sap to a cooking station like a fire or stove
  6. Under “Aid”, use the maple sap in cooking to produce maple syrup

This allows you to essentially produce your own syrup. Good locations to find maple trees include hillsides and along rivers in the Forest region of the map. Equipping Woodchucker will make each maple tree yield 2-3 maple sap, which converts into syrup. This can be a renewable source of syrup.

Maple Sap Locations

Some good locations to find maple trees and tap for sap include:

  • The forests along the river east of Vault 76
  • The forests southeast of the Overseer’s camp
  • The hills and ridges southeast of Flatwoods
  • The forests along the river south of Gilman lumber mill
  • The wooded areas east of Alpine River Cabins

Purchase from Vendors

You can also purchase syrup from some vendors around Appalachia. Here are a few vendors that often sell syrup in their inventories:

  • The Responder bot vendor in Flatwoods often sells syrup
  • The Free States vendor bot at the Whitespring Resort stocks syrup
  • Some Slocum’s Joe protectrons sell donuts and syrup
  • The wandering trader Grahm often sells syrup

Server hopping and checking these vendor’s inventory can result in finding syrup for sale. Their inventory changes, so keep checking back. Buying syrup can be handy but is usually more expensive than crafting it yourself.

Vendor Syrup Prices

Expect to pay around the following cap prices when buying syrup from vendors:

Vendor Price
Responder bot 25-35 caps
Free States bot 40-50 caps
Slocum’s Joe 15-25 caps
Grahm 20-30 caps

Syrup Uses

Once you’ve got your hands on some syrup, here are some of the useful consumables you can craft with it at a cooking station:

  • Company Tea – Syrup is used with boiled water and bloodleaf to make this tea that reduces hunger and thirst.
  • Sweet Roll – Syrup combined with flour and milk to craft this pastry that reduces hunger.
  • Sweet Tato Stew – Cooked softshell meat, snaptail reed, tato flower, and syrup make this food item.
  • Maple Syrup – You can craft plain syrup using only maple sap as the ingredient.

Syrup is a key component in various recipes, so it’s good to keep a steady supply when possible. It can serve as a nice boost to satisfy your hunger and thirst needs.

Top Syrup Recipes

Some of the best consumables you can craft with syrup include:

  • Company Tea – Solid hunger/thirst reduction
  • Sweet Roll – High hunger reduction
  • Mud Cookie – Good health boost
  • Sweet Labrador Tea – Rad resist and thirst


Syrup is an invaluable crafting ingredient in Fallout 76 that every vault dweller needs in their inventory. Get it as loot from fridges and shelves in kitchens and food shops around Appalachia. Harvest maple sap from trees and cook it into syrup yourself. Buy it from vendors like Grahm when available. Syrup can satisfy needs and craft great consumables, so get yours today!

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