What Twizzlers are gluten free?

Gluten free diets have become increasingly popular in recent years, with more and more people looking to avoid gluten for health or dietary reasons. For those who enjoy the classic candy Twizzlers, the good news is that most Twizzlers products are gluten free!

Are Original Twizzlers Gluten Free?

Yes, original Twizzlers are gluten free. The classic Twizzlers Straws, Twists, Nibs, and other original Twizzler products do not contain any gluten ingredients. The main ingredients in original Twizzlers are wheat flour, corn syrup, palm oil, citric acid, and artificial flavoring. So you can enjoy your favorite classic Twizzlers even on a gluten free diet.

What About Other Twizzlers Flavors Like Cherry and Strawberry?

The most popular Twizzlers flavors, including cherry, strawberry, and raspberry, are gluten free. Hershey’s, who manufacture Twizzlers, states that all of their traditional Twizzlers flavors contain no gluten ingredients. So feel free to enjoy the classic cherry, strawberry, and other fruity Twizzlers to your heart’s content!

Are Twizzlers Pull ‘n’ Peel Gluten Free?

Yes, Twizzlers Pull ‘n’ Peel are certified gluten free. This goes for all of the flavors – the Original, Cherry, Strawberry, Raspberry, Fruit Punch and Blue Raspberry Twizzlers Pull ‘n’ Peel are all gluten free friendly snacks.

What About Twizzlers Filled Twists?

The regular Twizzlers Filled Twists, including Cherry, Strawberry, Chocolate and Caramel Apple flavors, are gluten free. However, there are some Twizzlers Filled Twists flavors that do contain gluten:

  • Twizzlers Filled Twists Raspberry Lemonade – contains wheat flour
  • Twizzlers Filled Twists Key Lime Pie – contains wheat flour
  • Twizzlers Filled Twists Orange Cream Pop – contains wheat flour

So double check the label if enjoying the flavored filled twists, but the original, cherry, strawberry, chocolate, and caramel apple filled twists are all gluten free friendly.

What About Twizzlers Licorice Bites?

Twizzlers Licorice Bites are gluten free. Both the Original Licorice Bites and the Cherry Licorice Bites contain no gluten ingredients. They are a tasty gluten free way to enjoy bite-sized Twizzlers!

Are Twizzlers Jumbo Bites / Twizzlers Large Bites Gluten Free?

Yes, the Jumbo Bites and Large Bites versions of Twizzlers are certified gluten free. This includes flavors like Cherry, Strawberry, Original, Raspberry, and more. The Jumbo Bites and Large Bites do come in larger sizes than regular Twizzlers, but contain no gluten.

What About Twizzlers with Sugar?

The classic Twizzlers Straws with Sugar and Twizzlers Nibs with Sugar are also both gluten free products. These sweeter Twizzlers simply contain added sugar but do not contain any additional gluten ingredients.

Are Twizzlers Chews Gluten Free?

Unfortunately Twizzlers Chews are not gluten free. While most Twizzlers products are gluten free, the ingredient list for Twizzlers Chews does contain wheat flour. So these chewy Twizzlers snacks are not safe for people avoiding gluten.

What About Twizzlers Soft ‘n Chewy Ropes?

Like the Chews, the Twizzlers Soft ‘n Chewy Ropes also contain wheat flour. So these ropes are another Twizzlers product that is not gluten free.

Are Other Twizzlers Candy Gluten Free?

Most other Twizzlers candies and Twizzlers products are gluten free, but it’s always smart to double check the label when trying a new variety. Some examples include:

Twizzlers Candy Product Gluten Free?
Twizzlers Minis Yes
Twizzlers Rainbow Twists Yes
Twizzlers Cherry Kicks Yes
Twizzlers Cherry Heads Yes
Twizzlers Hearts – Strawberry Yes

As you can see, most Twizzlers products are labeled as gluten free or contain no wheat/gluten ingredients. But double check labels when trying new varieties.

Are There Any Dairy, Nut, or Other Allergen Considerations with Twizzlers?

Here are some other allergen considerations when enjoying Twizzlers candy:

  • Dairy: Most Twizzlers are dairy free. However a few products like Twizzlers Filled Twists Strawberry Smoothie flavor contain dairy ingredients.
  • Peanuts: Twizzlers are peanut free. None of the products contain peanut ingredients.
  • Tree nuts: Twizzlers are mostly tree nut free, though occasionally a limited batch product may contain tree nuts. Always check labels for specialty flavors.
  • Eggs: Twizzlers do not contain eggs.
  • Soy: Twizzlers are soy free, containing no soy-based ingredients.
  • Corn: Most Twizzlers contain corn syrup as an ingredient and are not suitable for those avoiding corn.

Where Can I Buy Gluten Free Twizzlers?

The good news is that all the gluten free Twizzlers varieties are easy to find! Here are some places you can buy gluten free Twizzlers candy:

  • Grocery stores – Most major grocery retailers like Walmart, Target, Kroger, etc. carry Twizzlers in the candy aisle.
  • Convenience stores – Look for gluten free Twizzlers at convenience stores like 7-Eleven, Wawa, Circle K, and others.
  • Online – Buy Twizzlers on Amazon or directly from Hershey’s website.
  • Candy stores – Specialty candy shops or movie theater concession stands often sell Twizzlers.

Gluten free Twizzlers are produced in high volume and are widely available at most retailers that sell candy and snacks. So it’s typically easy to find your favorite gluten free Twizzlers flavor nearby or online.

Are Twizzlers Manufactured in a Dedicated Gluten Free Facility?

No, Twizzlers are produced in facilities that also process wheat/gluten ingredients. While the gluten free Twizzlers contain no gluten in the product ingredients, there is a chance of cross-contamination with gluten due to shared equipment.

For people with severe gluten sensitivity or celiac disease, this low risk of gluten cross-contamination may still be a concern. Those with gluten intolerances or simple preferences to avoid gluten should be able to eat gluten free labeled Twizzlers, but it’s an individual choice to assess your own level of risk.

What About Generic, Store Brand, or Off Brand Twizzlers?

With generic, store brand, and off brand Twizzlers products, you need to check the labels carefully. Just because they may look like Twizzlers does not mean they are produced with the same gluten free assurances. Check the ingredients lists for any signs of wheat, barley, rye or malt ingredients before eating.

Are Twizzlers Safe for People with Celiac Disease or Gluten Sensitivity?

For most people avoiding gluten, Twizzlers products clearly labeled “gluten free” are generally considered safe, according to Hershey’s. However, for those with celiac disease or high sensitivity, there is some risk of cross contamination as Twizzlers are made on shared lines.

It is best to speak with your healthcare provider to determine your personal tolerance levels and if eating gluten free labeled Twizzlers would be a reasonable option for you based on your specific health condition.

Can People with Wheat Allergies Eat Gluten Free Labeled Twizzlers?

People with wheat allergies need to use extra caution with any food produced on equipment that also processes wheat. For Twizzlers, they advise people with wheat allergies to avoid their products altogether due to gluten cross-contamination risks.

Are Twizzlers Suitable for a Keto or Low Carb Diet?

Twizzlers are high in sugar and would generally not be suitable for a Keto or low carb diet. A single Twizzlers twist contains around 9g net carbs. Most Twizzlers have 25-30g total carbohydrates per serving, almost all from added sugars.

While technically low carb diets limit net carbs from fiber, the high sugar content would still make it difficult to fit Twizzlers into a daily low carb target. There are some lower carb candy options that may be better for Keto or low carb eating plans.

Can Diabetics or People with Blood Sugar Issues Eat Twizzlers?

Twizzlers are high in simple sugars, so they can spike blood sugar and insulin. People with diabetes or blood sugar regulation issues need to be mindful of portions when eating sugary treats like Twizzlers.

Consult your doctor to incorporate occasional Twizzlers as part of a healthy diabetes diet plan, being sure to account for the carbohydrate content. Going for lower carb options most of the time and reserving Twizzlers as a special occasion treat is recommended.

The Verdict on Gluten Free Twizzlers

Most Twizzlers products are gluten free, giving those avoiding gluten plenty of classic Twizzlers options. Just double check labels on specialty flavors and new varieties. While produced on shared lines, Twizzlers labeled gluten free are generally safe for gluten intolerances when enjoyed in moderation.

Those with celiac disease or wheat allergies may want to exercise more caution due to cross contamination risks. But overall, Twizzlers remains a delicious gluten free way to enjoy old-fashioned licorice candy!

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