What phobia does Pisces have?

Pisces is the twelfth and final sign of the zodiac, symbolized by two fish swimming in opposite directions. As one of the water signs, Pisces is known for being compassionate, empathetic, and in touch with their emotions. However, their sensitive natures can also lead to irrational fears and phobias.

Like all zodiac signs, Pisces personality is influenced by the element it is associated with, as well as the planets. For Pisces, the element is water and the planets are Neptune and Jupiter. This results in Pisces having strong intuitive abilities, as Neptune is the planet of illusions and imagination. However, it also causes them to have difficulty distinguishing fantasy from reality at times.

The water element also connects Pisces to the unconscious mind and emotions. As a result, Pisces may absorb the emotions of others and are prone to worry, anxiety, and even paranoia. Their empathetic nature means they tend to feel things deeply, for better or worse.

Common Phobias for Pisces

The intrinsic qualities of the Pisces zodiac sign mean that there are certain phobias they are more predisposed to experiencing. Some of the most common phobias seen in Pisces include:

1. Nyctophobia – Fear of the Dark

Nyctophobia, the extreme fear of darkness, is common in Pisces. Their active imaginations mean they may envision terrifying things lurking in the shadows. Their strong sensitivity also causes unfamiliar dark situations to provoke unease and apprehension.

2. Aquaphobia – Fear of Water

While it may seem ironic for a water sign, some Pisces do suffer from aquaphobia or the fear of water. This stems from their intuitive side – water represents the subconscious, so Pisces may fear losing control and being overwhelmed by their own emotions.

3. Claustrophobia – Fear of Confinement

Claustrophobia, the fear of tight spaces and being restricted, is another phobia Pisces commonly experience. This links to their need for fantasy, spirituality, and imagination. Being confined counters their wish for an open, limitless existence.

4. Paraskevidekatriaphobia – Fear of Friday the 13th

Pisces tendency for vivid imaginations and mysticism makes them prone to paraskevidekatriaphobia – the fear of Friday the 13th. In Western superstition, this day is associated with bad luck and misfortune, things a sensitive Pisces wants to avoid.

5. Theophobia – Fear of God

Pisces can also develop theophobia, the fear of God or religion. Despite their spiritual side, their empathy, overthinking, and impressionability can give rise to existential crises and religious anxiety.

Why Pisces Develop Phobias

There are a few key reasons why phobias are prevalent for the Pisces zodiac sign:

They Feel Things Deeply

Pisces are extremely sensitive and emotional. Their compassion and ability to empathize also means they absorb the feelings of others. This emotional depth puts them at risk of developing irrational fears.

They Have Vivid Imaginations

Pisces are tremendously imaginative and creative. However, their fantasies and visions can run wild, conjuring images and ideas that provoke anxiety. Their imagination exaggerates potential threats.

They Seek Escapism

Pisces crave anything that lets them avoid reality and lose themselves in fantasy worlds. However, this desire for escapism actually exacerbates phobias, as avoiding fears prevents facing and overcoming them.

They Absorb Shadows

As a psychic, intuitive sign, Pisces can easily absorb negative energy and the “shadow” side of things. Their lack of boundaries means they internalize darkness from others and the world around them.

They Struggle with Change

Pisces prefer familiarity and routine – change can rock their sense of stability. When they are forced out of their comfort zone into unfamiliar situations, it can provoke deep-seated phobias.

Pisces Strengths That Mitigate Phobias

While Pisces are prone to phobic tendencies, they also possess strengths that can help counterbalance:


Pisces can use their vivid imagination to envision positive outcomes instead of negative fantasies. Creating art, music and poetry also helps them process fears.


Understanding others’ experiences builds courage to face phobias. Pisces can draw strength by relating to those who have overcome similar anxieties.


Pisces’ intuition helps them understand the deeper root of phobic responses. This insight supports them in addressing underlying causes.


Pisces’ idealism centered around love and unity compels them to confront phobias for the sake of personal growth and helping others.


Pisces are adaptable and resilient, able to recover quickly and bounce back after challenging emotional experiences.

How Pisces Can Manage Phobias

There are effective strategies and lifestyle habits that can help Pisces manage phobic tendencies:

Face Fears

Avoiding feared situations only worsens phobias. Pisces should gradually confront fears through exposure therapy.

Express Emotions

Expressing feelings through journaling, talking to friends, or artistic expression prevents suppressing anxieties.

Exercise Caution

Pisces should be mindful of maintaining boundaries and not exposing themselves to too much negativity.


Meditation helps Pisces find calmness, separate from turbulent emotions, and gain perspective.

Seek Counseling

Working with a therapist or counselor provides professional guidance for managing phobic responses.

Use Mantras

Positive affirmations and mantras can empower Pisces when confronting fears or anxious thoughts.

Develop Intellect

Strengthening critical thinking helps override phobic illusions. Studying philosophy and psychology are useful.

Cultivate Spirituality

Spiritual practices like prayer and ritual build faith to overcome uncertainty and shadows.

Enhance Life Skills

Learning life skills such as problem-solving, time management, and financial planning reduces vulnerability.

When to Seek Help

While phobias are treatable, Pisces should seek professional support if fears are:

  • Severely impacting quality of life
  • Causing avoidance of school, work or social situations
  • Leading to depression or suicidal thoughts
  • Causing panic attacks
  • Leading to substance abuse or unhealthy coping mechanisms
  • Not improving after continual effort and self-help strategies

With professional support, patience, and daily practice, Pisces can keep even difficult phobias under control and live life to the fullest.


In summary, Pisces’ deeply sensitive natures make them vulnerable to developing common phobias like nyctophobia, aquaphobia, paraskevidekatriaphobia, and others. Their emotional depth, escapist tendencies, and vivid imaginations exacerbate these phobic responses. However, Pisces’ creativity, empathy, resilience and spirituality allow them to confront irrational fears. Seeking counseling, using self-help techniques, and not allowing phobias to restrict life are key for Pisces managing anxieties. With their compassionate outlook, Pisces can transform phobic illusions into empathy and hope to inspire others.

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