What peach syrup do they use at Starbucks?

Starbucks offers a variety of delicious peach-flavored drinks that customers love. Two of their most popular peach drinks are the Peach Green Tea Lemonade and the Iced Peach Green Tea. But what exactly is the peach syrup they use to create that sweet, juicy peach flavor?

Peach Syrup Used at Starbucks

The primary peach syrup used by Starbucks for their peach drinks is Monin Premium Peach Syrup. Monin is a premium brand of flavored syrups, purees, concentrates, sauces, and mixes used by many coffee shops, restaurants, and beverage companies.

Monin Premium Peach Syrup has a sweet, natural peach flavor made from concentrated peach juice. It contains no high fructose corn syrup or artificial flavors. The ingredients are simply concentrated peach juice, sugar, water, natural flavor, citric acid, and xanthan gum. This allows the syrup to provide an authentic, juicy peach taste to drinks without any artificial or chemically enhanced flavors.

Using Monin Peach Syrup

Starbucks mixes Monin Premium Peach Syrup into their peach-flavored beverages according to specific recipes. Typically 1-3 pumps or servings of the syrup are used for a 12-16oz drink. The amount can be customized based on customer size and sweetness preferences.

In the Peach Green Tea Lemonade, the peach syrup is mixed with freshly brewed green tea, lemonade, and ice. The sweet peach pairs perfectly with the green tea’s natural earthy flavor and the lemonade’s tartness.

For the Iced Peach Green Tea, the peach syrup is combined with freshly brewed green tea and poured over ice. The sweet juicy peach blends with the mellow green tea for a perfectly refreshing cooled beverage.

The Monin Premium Peach Syrup provides the quintessential peach flavor in these and other Starbucks peach drinks. Its natural concentrated juice makes it the ideal syrup to use.

Benefits of Using Monin Peach Syrup

There are several key reasons why Starbucks chooses Monin for their peach syrup:

  • Natural flavor – Made from real peach juice concentrate, not artificial flavors
  • Consistent taste – The flavor is consistent across batches
  • Sweetness – It has the ideal peach sweetness to enhance drinks
  • Mixability – Monin syrups mix smoothly into beverages
  • Trusted brand – Monin is a proven, established syrup brand used globally

The natural concentrated juice gives Starbucks customers the pure, juicy peach taste they expect. And Monin’s syrup allows the peach flavor to be incorporated consistently across stores for the Peach Green Tea Lemonade, Iced Peach Green Tea, and other menu items.

Other Peach Syrup Options

While Monin is the primary peach syrup used by Starbucks, they may occasionally use others as well. Some other peach syrup brands they could use include:

Torani Peach Syrup

Torani is another popular brand of flavored syrups used in coffee shops and restaurants. Their peach syrup is made with natural flavors and pure cane sugar. It has a sweet, juicy peach taste that could work for Starbucks peach drinks if Monin is not available.

DaVinci Gourmet Peach Syrup

DaVinci Gourmet makes a premium peach syrup with natural peach flavoring and without high fructose corn syrup. It’s a high quality option Starbucks could use as an alternative to Monin.

Smucker’s Peach Syrup

Widely available Smucker’s peach syrup has a nice natural peach flavor at an affordable price point. Starbucks may use Smucker’s from time to time as a backup option if needed.

Starbucks Private Label Peach Syrup

Starbucks produces their own private label Monin-style syrups that meet the company’s specifications. They may use their internal peach syrup for certain locations or situations. However, most stores use Monin for the ideal consistent peach flavoring.

Peach Syrup Selection Process

Starbucks has a thorough process for selecting peach and other syrups for their drinks:

  1. Source high-quality syrups made with natural flavors and real juice concentrates whenever possible.
  2. Sample potential syrups extensively to find optimal flavors.
  3. Evaluate consistency across batches to ensure a reliable supply.
  4. Assess mixability into specific drink recipes like lemonade and iced tea.
  5. Confirm the syrups meet Starbucks standards for sustainability and ethical sourcing.
  6. Establish supply partnerships to ensure availability across store locations.

By carefully following this process, Starbucks finds the best peach syrup options like Monin to use in popular menu beverages. The flavors, consistency, mixability, and availability are all important factors when deciding on their peach syrup supply.

Starbucks Peach Syrup Drink Options

While the Peach Green Tea Lemonade and Iced Peach Green Tea are two of the most popular, Starbucks uses their signature peach syrup in a wide variety of delicious beverages. Some other drinks that feature peach syrup include:

Drink Ingredients
Peach Citrus White Tea Infusion White tea, peach syrup, lemonade
Peach Black Tea Black tea, peach syrup
Peach Tranquility Tea Herbal tea, peach syrup
Peach Oolong Tea Oolong tea, peach syrup

The peach syrup provides its fruity flavor and sweetness to complement the tea flavors in each of these beverages. Customers also enjoy modifying other Starbucks drinks by adding peach syrup, like peach vanilla lattes, peach Frappuccinos, and more.

Price of Starbucks Peach Drinks

The peach-flavored beverages at Starbucks are comparably priced to their other non-coffee drinks. Expect to pay around:

  • $3 to $5 for a Tall peach drink
  • $3.75 to $6 for a Grande
  • $4.25 to $7 for a Venti

These drink prices vary a bit by location but fall within typical ranges for Starbucks refreshed tea and lemonade options. The peach syrup itself adds minimal cost and is not the reason for pricing variances.

Making Your Own Peach Syrup

While Starbucks relies on Monin and other commercial brands for consistency, many people enjoy making homemade peach syrup too. Here is a simple peach syrup recipe if you want to duplicate the Starbucks peach flavor at home:

Homemade Peach Syrup


  • 5 fresh peaches, pitted and diced
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 cup water


  1. Add the diced peaches, sugar, and water to a saucepan.
  2. Heat over medium, stirring frequently, until boiling.
  3. Once boiling, reduce heat and simmer for 15 minutes until thickened.
  4. Remove from heat and mash peaches to release more juice.
  5. Allow to cool, then strain out solids and transfer liquid to a bottle.
  6. Store refrigerated for 2-3 weeks.

This easy homemade peach syrup can be mixed into tea, lemonade, coffee drinks, cocktails, and many other beverages for a refreshing homemade peach flavor. Adjust sugar amount to taste preference.


Starbucks makes delicious peach drink options like Peach Green Tea Lemonade with the help of Monin Premium Peach Syrup. This natural juice-based syrup provides the ideal sweet, juicy peach taste. While other syrup brands may occasionally be used, Monin is the primary choice for a consistent peach flavoring across Starbucks locations. Their careful selection process results in peach drinks that keep customers refreshed and satisfied.

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