What KIND of snack bars are good for diabetics?

Diabetes is a condition where blood glucose (sugar) levels are too high. There are two main types of diabetes – type 1 and type 2. In both types, following a healthy diet is important to help manage blood sugar levels. For people with diabetes, snacks can be tricky because many snack foods are high in carbohydrates, which can cause blood sugar spikes. The key is to choose snacks that are high in fiber, protein and healthy fats. These nutrients help slow digestion, which prevents blood sugar from rising too rapidly after eating. Additionally, snacks that rank low on the glycemic index (GI) are less likely to cause blood sugar spikes. The glycemic index measures how quickly foods cause increases in blood sugar.

This article will discuss different types of snack bars that can be good options for diabetics, based on their nutrient content and low glycemic impact. We’ll provide an overview of what to look for in a diabetes-friendly snack bar and provide examples of specific brands and products to consider.

What To Look For In Diabetes-Friendly Snack Bars

When choosing snack bars for diabetes, here are some key things to look for:

– Higher in fiber – Look for bars with at least 3-5 grams of fiber per serving. Fiber helps slow digestion and prevents blood sugar spikes.

– Higher in protein – Bars with 5 or more grams of protein can help you feel fuller for longer and prevent blood sugar fluctuations.

– Lower in added sugars – Bars with less than 15 grams of total sugars are better options. Also look for bars that use natural sweeteners like fruit or honey rather than added refined sugars.

– Lower glycemic index – Look for bars that contain nutrients like fat, fiber and protein that result in a lower GI. Bars with a GI of 55 or less will have less impact on blood sugar.

– Lower net carbs – Net carbs refers to total carbs minus fiber. Look for bars with about 20 grams of net carbs or less per serving.

– No trans fats or hydrogenated oils – These unhealthy fats can increase inflammation and insulin resistance.

– Higher in healthy fats – Bars with monounsaturated or omega-3 fats help slow digestion and provide anti-inflammatory benefits.

– Real food ingredients – Look for bars made from whole, nutrient-dense ingredients like nuts, seeds, fruit, oats and dark chocolate rather than processed soy or corn ingredients.

Keeping these tips in mind can help you identify healthier snack bars suitable for a diabetes diet.

Reviews of Specific Diabetes-Friendly Snack Bars

Here is an overview of some popular snack bar brands and products that can fit into a diabetic diet:

Lara Bar

Lara Bars are made with just a few whole food ingredients like nuts, seeds, fruit and spices. Here are some of their best options for diabetics:

– Lara Bar Cashew Cookie – With 9g fiber, 5g protein and 18g sugar per bar, this option contains cashews, dates, cinnamon and a touch of molasses. The fiber and protein help slow digestion.

– Lara Bar Coconut Cream Pie – This bar provides 5g fiber and 5g protein with 15g sugar. The main ingredients are dates, almonds, coconut flakes and coconut oil, resulting in a lower glycemic impact.

– Lara Bar Chocolate Coconut Chew – For chocolate lovers, this bar offers 4g fiber and 5g protein with 13g sugar. Ingredients include dates, almonds, unsweetened chocolate and coconut.


ThinkThin makes high protein bars with quality ingredients and probiotics. Here are two standout options:

– ThinkThin High Protein Chocolate Fudge – With 10g protein, 5g sugar and 15g carbs per serving, this bar helps control blood sugar. It provides a chocolate fudge taste using cocoa, coconut oil and natural flavors.

– ThinkThin Protein & Probiotics Chocolate Brownie – This bar contains 10g protein, 3g sugar and 16g total carbs with no gluten ingredients. The fiber helps slow digestion of the carbohydrates.

NuGo Slim

NuGo Slim bars are higher in protein and fiber with less sugar and carbs than traditional granola bars. Here are two diabetes-friendly flavors:

– NuGo Slim Chocolate Pretzel – With 10g protein, 8g fiber and no added sugar, this tasty bar contains pea protein, soluble tapioca fiber, cocoa and sweetened with stevia.

– NuGo Slim Double Dark Chocolate – This decadent option provides 12g protein, 10g fiber and just 1g sugar from cocoa. It uses stevia and soy protein to create a low glycemic treat.


GoMacro makes nutritious vegan bars using mostly organic ingredients. Try these bars that fit a diabetic diet:

– GoMacro Protein Pleasure Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip – With 11g plant-based protein, 5g fiber, stevia and monk fruit, this diabetic-friendly bar offers a sweet taste and balanced macros.

– GoMacro Macrobar Cashew Caramel – Containing 5g protein, 2g fiber and 9g sugar from fruit, this bar gets its taste from dates, almonds and cashews. The healthy fats help regulate blood sugar.


RxBar’s simple, whole food ingredients makes them a good choice for diabetics. Look for these options:

– RxBar Chocolate Sea Salt – With 12g protein, 5g fiber, 5g sugar and no added sugar, this bar contains egg whites, dates, almonds, cocoa and sea salt.

– RxBar Blueberry – This flavor offers 12g protein, 5g fiber and 7g natural sugar from blueberries. Key ingredients are egg whites, dates, almonds and blueberries.

Other Notable Brands

Here are some other snack bar brands that offer diabetic-friendly options:

– Kind Bars – Look for their Kind Protein bars with 11-12g protein. The Dark Chocolate Nuts and Sea Salt bar has 5g fiber and 9g sugar.

– One Bars – The One Bar Maple Glazed Donut contains 12g protein, 8g fiber and just 3g sugar substitutes.

– Pure Protein bars – Their Chocolate Deluxe bar has 20g protein, 2g fiber and 1g sugar.

– Quest Bars – Look for options like Quest Hero Bar Peanut Butter Brownie with 14g fiber, 3g net carbs and less than 1g sugar.

– No Cow Bars – No Cow Bar Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough has 21g protein, 13g fiber and uses stevia and erythritol as sweeteners.

Tips For Incorporating Snack Bars Into a Diabetic Diet

Here are some tips to keep in mind when using snack bars for diabetes management:

– Read labels and aim for bars that align with the diabetic nutrition guidelines outlined earlier

– Stick to one snack bar serving and avoid overeating

– Combine snack bars with other foods like non-starchy veggies or a protein source

– Time carb intake by having bars as mid-morning or mid-afternoon snacks when blood sugar tends to dip

– Avoid bars with highly processed ingredients, artificial sweeteners or hydrogenated oils

– Drink water with bars to help digestion and blood sugar control

– Pair bars with exercise to optimize blood sugar lowering effects

– Test blood sugar before and after eating different bars to see individual responses

– Start with lower glycemic index bars if experiencing frequent blood sugar spikes after meals

– Discuss nutrition plans including snack bars with your dietitian or diabetes educator

Snack bars can be a convenient option for people with diabetes looking for portable, nutritious snacks to help maintain stable blood sugars. By selecting bars with whole food ingredients, fiber, protein and healthy fats, they can be incorporated into a balanced diabetic diet. Monitoring individual responses and avoiding overconsumption is important to achieve the blood sugar management benefits.

Overview of Healthy Snack Options for Diabetics

In addition to snack bars, here is an overview of other healthy snacks suitable for people with diabetes:

Fresh fruits

Fruits like apples, berries, grapefruit, stone fruits and melons make good snacks in moderation due to their fiber and nutrient content. Opt for whole fruits over dried or juice.


Snacking on veggie slices, crudité, roasted chickpeas or edamame offers nutrients without spiking blood sugar. Some good options include bell peppers, carrots, celery, jicama, radishes, snap peas, broccoli and cauliflower.

Nuts and seeds

Almonds, walnuts, cashews, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds provide protein, fiber and healthy fats. Stick to a 1⁄4 cup serving and avoid heavily salted varieties.


Cheese increases satiety due to its protein and high fat content. Opt for 1-ounce portion of low-fat, high-protein cheeses like cottage cheese, string cheese or laughing cow.


Choose plain, unsweetened Greek yogurt topped with nuts and low-glycemic fruit like berries. The protein and fat helps slow digestion.


Hummus paired with veggie slices gives a nutrition boost of plant-based protein, fiber and nutrients. Look for lower sodium options.

Hard boiled eggs

Eggs provide protein to help stabilize blood sugar along with vitamins and minerals. Enjoy a hard boiled egg alone or slice it into a salad.


The healthy fats in avocados like oleic acid may improve insulin sensitivity. Enjoy 1⁄4 or 1⁄2 an avocado with a spoon or mashed onto toast.


Air-popped popcorn is a whole grain snack that’s low glycemic when consumed in moderation. Top it with a small amount of olive oil and spices instead of butter.

Following a consistent meal schedule with balanced snacks like these along with regular activity and medication adherence can promote optimal blood sugar control for diabetics.

Sample Menu With Diabetes-Friendly Snacks

Here is a sample one day menu with diabetes-friendly snack ideas:

– Scrambled eggs with sautéed peppers and spinach
– Side of berries
– Coffee

Mid-morning snack:
– 1⁄4 cup mixed nuts

– Grilled chicken sandwich on whole grain bread with lettuce, tomato, avocado
– Small green salad with vinaigrette
– Sugar snap peas

Afternoon snack:
– ThinkThin High Protein Chocolate Fudge bar

– Baked salmon
– Quinoa pilaf
– Steamed broccoli
– Side salad with balsamic vinaigrette

Evening snack:
– GoMacro Macrobar Cashew Caramel bar
– Herbal tea

This sample menu incorporates balanced meals with lean protein, complex carbs, fiber and healthy fats. The snacks provide nutrition for blood sugar regulation between meals, without excessive carbs and sugars that can spike blood glucose. Following a similar diet pattern can give diabetics flexibility while managing glycemic response.


Choosing snack bars for diabetes management requires attention to ingredients, nutrients and glycemic impact. Look for bars high in fiber, protein and healthy fats while being mindful of added sugars. Combining snack bars with foods like non-starchy vegetables, nuts, eggs and yogurt can promote blood sugar control between meals. Popular diabetes-friendly snack bar brands include Lara Bar, ThinkThin, NuGo Slim, GoMacro, RxBar and Quest. Check that bars fit into your individualized carbohydrate budget and be cautious of overconsuming snack bars. With the right food choices, snacks can provide benefits for blood sugar regulation in people with diabetes.

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