What is the USSD code for FCMB?

USSD codes, also known as Unstructured Supplementary Service Data codes, are short codes used by GSM cellular networks to communicate with the service provider’s computers. USSD codes are commonly used for balance inquiry, airtime top-up, data bundles purchase, and other basic banking services like account balance checks.

FCMB, which stands for First City Monument Bank, is a major financial services provider in Nigeria with over 7 million customers. Like other banks, FCMB has designated USSD codes that customers can use to access their accounts and perform transactions on the go, without the need for internet connectivity.

What is USSD?

USSD is a protocol used by GSM networks to communicate with the service provider’s computers. USSD messages are up to 182 alphanumeric characters in length. Unlike SMS which uses store and forward mechanism, USSD transactions happen in real-time, making it more responsive.

When a user dials a USSD code, a session is opened with the bank’s computers. The bank’s systems then prompts the user to enter information or select options to proceed.

USSD sessions remain open, allowing an interactive two-way communication until the user ends the session or it times out due to inactivity.

USSD codes provide a simple and fast way to access banking services from basic feature phones without relying on mobile internet connectivity. The codes work on both prepaid and postpaid SIMs.

Benefits of USSD Banking

– Works on all types of phones including feature phones without mobile internet. SMS banking requires a smartphone with mobile internet.

– Provides real-time two-way communication for a responsive user experience.

– No need to download an app or register beforehand. USSD codes work instantly.

– Secure access using bank account PINs or OTPs. No passwords are stored on the phone.

– Works with all mobile networks and carriers.

– Low cost to use compared to mobile internet charges.

Common Banking Services over USSD

Some common banking services that can be performed using USSD codes include:

– Account balance inquiry – Check available balance in savings or current account

– Airtime top up – Instantly recharge prepaid mobile credit

– Data bundles – Purchase mobile internet data plans

– Funds transfer – Transfer money to own accounts or third parties

– Bill payments – Pay postpaid bills, electricity bills etc.

– Mini statement – Retrieve last 5 transactions on account

– Cheque status – Confirm if a cheque has cleared or not

– Block ATM card – Report lost card and block further use

– Loan eligibility – Check loan amount eligible for

– Change PINs – Set a new account PIN


FCMB has the following USSD code that customers can dial to access banking services:


This USSD code works on all major mobile networks in Nigeria including MTN, Airtel, 9mobile and Glo.

After dialing *329#, an interactive menu will be presented by FCMB system with options to select service required. Customers then have to enter their registered account number and PIN/password to proceed.

How to use FCMB USSD Code

Follow these simple steps to use the FCMB USSD code:

1. On your mobile phone, dial *329#

2. An interactive menu will be displayed. Press 1 to select your preferred language – English or any other language available

3. Select Banking Services option

4. Enter your 10-digit FCMB account number followed by #

5. Input your secure PIN when prompted and press #

6. You will see the main menu with various transactions possible

7. Select option for desired service like:

1 – Account balance enquiry

2 – Airtime top up

3 – Funds transfer

4 – More services

8. Follow prompts and input required information like amount, recipient details etc

9. Confirm transaction details and enter PIN/OTP when required

10. After successful transaction, you can select another service or end the session

Services on FCMB USSD

Here are some of the banking services that can be accessed using the FCMB USSD code *329#:

Account Balance Check

1. Dial *329#

2. Select preferred language

3. Choose Banking services

4. Input 10-digit account number and PIN

5. From main menu, select Option 1: Account balance enquiry

6. Your account balance will be displayed

Airtime Recharge

1. Dial *329# and log in with account number + PIN

2. Select Option 2: Airtime recharge

3. Input recipient’s phone number

4. Enter amount and confirm to proceed

5. Input PIN to authenticate when prompted

Funds Transfer

1. Dial *329# and log in

2. Select Option 3: Transfer

3. Input account number to transfer funds to

4. Enter amount and remark

5. Confirm details and input PIN to confirm transfer

Generate/Change PIN

1. Dial *329# and log in

2. Select option for Other Services

3. Choose Generate PIN or Change PIN service

4. Follow prompts to generate or set new PIN

5. New PIN generated or changed notification will appear

Block ATM Card

1. Dial *329# and log in with account

2. Select option for Card Management

3. Choose Block Card to block your ATM card

4. Last 4 digits of card number will be required

5. Confirm card block with PIN/OTP when prompted

Mini Statement

1. Dial *329# and log in

2. Select Option 4: Mini statement

3. Last 5 transactions on account will be displayed

Data Bundle Purchase

1. Dial *329# and log in

2. Select Option for Data Bundle

3. Choose data plan and confirm details

4. Input PIN to authenticate and complete purchase


1. Dial *329# and log in

2. Select Loans option

3. Check loan eligibility, repayment schedule, etc

4. Follow prompts and input required information

Utility Bills Payment

1. Dial *329# and log in

2. Select Bill Payments option

3. Choose Electricity bills, cable TV, etc

4. Input bill details, amount and confirm payment

Benefits of FCMB USSD Banking

FCMB customers enjoy the following benefits when using the USSD code *329#:

– Access bank services conveniently across Nigeria on any type of mobile phone

– Avoid data charges required for banking apps and internet banking

– Secure PIN/biometric authentication for transactions

– Instantly check account balance, airtime top up, funds transfer etc

– Purchase data bundles without internet on phone

– Block lost ATM card swiftly over USSD

– No need to call contact center or visit branch for basic services

– User friendly menu and prompts for ease of use

– Available in English and other local languages

Troubleshooting FCMB USSD Issues

In case of any issues while using the FCMB USSD code, try the following troubleshooting tips:

Session timeouts frequently

– USSD sessions time out after 30 seconds if inactive. Quickly enter any input to keep session alive.

– Try dialing *329# again and completing the transaction faster before timeout.

USSD code not working

– Check if you have mobile network coverage by making a test call. Move to location with better signal.

– Confirm that the SIM has sufficient airtime balance to complete the session. Top up airtime if required.

– Restart your mobile phone and try again. The mobile network may have had an intermittent issue.

Transaction decline or failure

– Verify account has sufficient balance for the amount transacted.

– Re-confirm recipient details entered are correct before confirming payment.

– Authentication PIN/OTP entered may be incorrect. Retry and carefully input credential requested.

– Contact FCMB customer service if issue persists.

Forgotten PIN

– Dial *329# and use the Forgotten PIN option to reset PIN.

– Visit nearest FCMB branch with valid ID to change forgotten PIN.

– Call FCMB customer service helpline for assistance with resetting PIN.


FCMB’s USSD code *329# provides a convenient and accessible way to perform basic banking transactions on-the-go without relying on internet connectivity. Customers can check balances, top up airtime, transfer funds to own accounts or third parties and even purchase mobile data bundles.

To access the service, simply dial *329# on your phone, input account number and PIN when prompted and follow the menu to select desired transaction. The interactive nature of USSD allows real-time communication and swift transactions.

With the ubiquity of mobile phones in Nigeria, FCMB leverages USSD technology to extend essential banking services to millions across the country without needing smartphones or apps. Using the USSD code supports financial inclusion.

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