What is the reward for getting all 900 Korok seeds?

Getting all 900 Korok seeds in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a massive undertaking that requires a huge time investment, but the reward for doing so makes it worth it for dedicated players. Korok seeds are hidden all over Hyrule and collecting them allows you to upgrade your inventory space. Finding all 900 seeds takes dozens of hours of exploration, puzzle solving, and combat. So what do you get for tracking down every last seed in Hyrule? Read on to learn about the ultimate reward for this massive accomplishment.

Upgrading Inventory Space

The main reward for finding Korok seeds is that they allow you to upgrade your inventory space. Korok seeds are given to you by the diminutive Korok creatures that are hidden all over Hyrule. You can find them under rocks, in trees, at the tops of towers, and all sorts of other hidden locations. When you find a Korok, it will give you a Korok seed. You can then take the seed to Hestu, a massive Korok who acts as an upgrade vendor. Hestu can be found in multiple locations around Hyrule.

For every 4 Korok seeds you collect, Hestu will upgrade one of your item inventories by one slot. This means your weapons, bows, and shields inventory can be expanded by finding more seeds. With 900 total seeds in the game, you can fully upgrade all your item inventories to hold the maximum number of that item type once you find them all. This allows you to hold way more weapons, bows, and shields than you can with the default inventory sizes.

Max Inventory Sizes

  • Weapons: 27 slots
  • Bows: 27 slots
  • Shields: 27 slots

Having completely upgraded inventory sizes for your items is extremely useful. With so many more weapon, bow, and shield slots, you can carry a wide variety of item types to deal with any situation. You’ll never have to worry about managing your limited inventory space again. This makes collecting all 900 seeds worth it alone for dedicated players who want to maximize their item carrying capacity.

Hestu’s Gift

After you’ve found all 900 Korok seeds and fully upgraded your item inventories, the Korok Hestu will give you one final reward. Return to Hestu after upgrading everything and he will congratulate you for finding all of his fellow Koroks. For accomplishing this amazing feat, he will give you a very special gift.

Hestu’s gift is…drumroll please…his Korok Seed! Yes, the reward for finding 900 seeds is getting one more seed. But this is no ordinary seed. Hestu’s Korok Seed is made of solid gold, making it a unique collectible item. It’s a cool trophy item that shows off your accomplishment whenever you look at it in your inventory.

A Useful but Disappointing Reward

While some may see Hestu’s golden seed as an underwhelming final reward, it does have some practical use. You can still take the golden seed to Hestu and trade it for another inventory expansion. This means with the golden seed, you can upgrade one of your inventories to hold 28 items instead of maxing out at 27. It’s not a huge upgrade, but having 28 weapon slots, bow slots, or shield slots is better than 27!

Still, after spending hours combing all of Hyrule for 900 seeds, many players were disappointed by receiving a simple golden version of the very thing they’ve been collecting hundreds of. It doesn’t feel nearly as rewarding as a brand new item or ability. Nonetheless, the full item inventory upgrades and the flush of satisfaction at fully completing this massive undertaking make The Legend of Zelda’s most time-consuming collection quest worth it for many players.

Strategies for Finding All 900 Seeds

Finding every last Korok seed is a serious challenge, but there are strategies you can use to track them down efficiently:

Use Link’s Korok Mask

This mask, which you can buy from the NPC Kilton after freeing all four Divine Beasts, shakes and lights up when you’re near a hidden Korok. Very useful for finding those last few seeds!

Mark spots on your map

When you find a seed, mark the location on your map. This helps you keep track of where you have already found seeds.

Search methodically

Scrutinize your map region by region to avoid missing any hidden seeds.

Look carefully

Some seeds are very well-hidden. Look on, under, and inside every object in an area.

Consult online guides

Use online Korok seed location guides to help find ones you may have missed.

Is It Worth Finding All 900 Seeds?

Getting all 900 Korok seeds requires a huge time investment. For many players, it may simply not be worth it. Upgrading item inventories makes a big difference in gameplay, but you don’t need all 900 seeds to fully upgrade. Just 440 seeds gets you max weapon, bow, and shield inventories. Once you’ve hit max inventory upgrades, collecting more seeds offers diminishing returns.

Finding all 900 seeds takes most players between 40-60 hours if not more. Think about what else you could do with that much time! You could play through nearly the entire rest of the game in that time. Of course, if you are a hardcore completionist who wants to do everything there is to do in the game, then collecting all the seeds is worthwhile. Here are the pros and cons of getting all 900 Korok seeds:


  • Fully maxed out item inventories
  • The prestige and satisfaction of completing the most lengthy collection quest
  • Hestu’s Gift golden Korok Seed


  • Requires a 40+ hour time investment
  • Opportunity cost – You could do a lot of other things in that time
  • Diminishing returns on inventory upgrades after 440 seeds
  • Underwhelming final reward

Overall, it comes down to your personal preference and play style. If you really love exploring every inch of Hyrule and enjoy collection side quests, go for all 900. If you are focused on story progress and defeating Ganon, don’t worry about seeds beyond the first couple inventory upgrades. Play the game your way!


Getting all 900 Korok seeds in Breath of the Wild rewards your efforts by fully upgrading your item inventories to hold maximum amounts of weapons, bows, and shields. This provides a big quality of life upgrade by giving you tons more carrying capacity. After upgrading everything, the Korok Hestu will give you his Korok Seed made of solid gold as a final gift. While some view this reward as underwhelming, the sense of satisfaction and prestige from completing this lengthy collection quest is worthwhile for dedicated players.

Using strategies like the Korok mask, meticulous searching, guides, and map marking can make hunting down all 900 seeds more efficient. But it still requires a huge 40+ hour time investment. The opportunity cost and diminishing upgrade returns mean getting all 900 seeds may not be worth it for casual players. Ultimately, tackling this massive collection quest comes down to your play style and personal preference.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many Korok seeds are there in Breath of the Wild?

There are 900 Korok seeds hidden all over Hyrule in Breath of the Wild.

How many seeds do you need to upgrade your inventory fully?

You need 440 seeds to fully upgrade your weapon, bow, and shield inventories. This maxes them out at 27 slots each.

What is Hestu’s Gift for getting all 900 seeds?

Hestu’s Gift is a solid gold Korok Seed. It can be traded to Hestu for one additional inventory slot upgrade.

Where can I find Hestu to upgrade my inventory?

Hestu can be found in Korok Forest at first, then near stables around Hyrule, and again in Korok Forest after upgrading your inventories a certain amount.

Do the seeds carry over to New Game Plus?

No, Korok seeds and inventory upgrades do not carry over when you start a new game. You have to find them all again.

What is the fastest way to find all the Korok seeds?

Using Link’s Korok mask obtained by freeing all Divine Beasts, studying online guides, and methodically searching regions makes finding all seeds much faster.

Is finding all Korok seeds required for 100% completion?

Collecting all 900 Korok seeds is not required for 100% game completion. You only need 441 seeds to fully upgrade all inventories.

What happens if you miss a Korok seed?

Missed Korok seeds can still be found later on. Talk to Hestu to see how many you have left to find in each region.

Can you take back Hestu’s Gift and exchange it for more inventory space?

No, Hestu’s golden Korok seed cannot be taken back after it is given. It permanently provides one extra inventory upgrade.

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