What is the healthiest drink in Jamba Juice?

Jamba Juice is a popular smoothie and juice chain with over 800 locations across the United States. They offer a wide variety of blended fruit and vegetable smoothies, fresh juices, and bowl options. With so many choices on the menu, it can be hard to determine which Jamba Juice drink is the healthiest option.

Lowest Calorie Drinks at Jamba Juice

When trying to choose the healthiest drink item on the Jamba Juice menu, a good place to start is by looking at options that are lowest in calories. Calories provide energy, but consuming too many can lead to weight gain over time. Here are some of Jamba Juice’s lowest calorie drinks:

  • Citrus Squeeze (Orange Juice Blend) 16 oz – 100 calories
  • Lemonade 16 oz – 110 calories
  • Razzmatazz (Raspberry & Lime Juice Blend) 16 oz – 110 calories
  • Orange Dream Machine (Orange Juice Blend) 16 oz – 110 calories
  • Pineapple Sunshine (Pineapple Juice Blend) 16 oz – 140 calories

Jamba Juice’s citrus juices, lemonade, and juice blends that are under 150 calories per 16 ounce serving provide hydration and nutrients without too big of a calorie load. For a filling smoothie with around 200 calories, options like the Orange Berry Bliss, Strawberry Whirl, and Mango Magic are also relatively low in calories compared to other smoother options.

Smoothies and Juices with the Most Fiber

Fiber is an important nutrient that can promote digestion, heart health, and satiety. Getting adequate fiber can help reduce constipation while also helping you feel full. Here are some of the Jamba Juice smoothies and juices highest in fiber:

Drink Fiber (g)
Whole Food Nutri-Grain Bowl 17
Blueberry Blue Greens Bowl 13
Orange Kaleaminade 7
Avocado Greens Smoothie 7
Popped Pomegranate Pineapple Passion 7

The bowls from Jamba Juice provide the most fiber, with the Nutri-Grain Bowl offering a whopping 17g per serving. The fruit and veggie smoothies and juices also deliver 5-7g of fiber. Getting in a daily dose of high fiber options like these can support a healthy digestive system.

Smoothies with Essential Vitamins and Minerals

In addition to calories and fiber content, getting sufficient vitamins and minerals from your Jamba Juice order is also important for health. Here are some smoothies with high levels of key vitamins and minerals:

Vitamin C

  • Orange Kaleaminade – 120% DV
  • OrangeBerry Bliss – 100% DV
  • Orange Dream Machine – 100% DV

Vitamin A

  • Carrot Karma – 100% DV
  • Orange Kaleaminade – 100% DV


  • Caribbean Passion – 35% DV
  • Island Green – 30% DV
  • Mango Magic – 25% DV


  • Blueberry Blue Greens – 25% DV
  • Avocado Greens – 20% DV

Getting 100% of the daily value of vitamin C and vitamin A provides these immune boosting nutrients. Options like the Blueberry Blue Greens and Avocado Greens also deliver iron and calcium too. Drinking smoothies packed with vitamins and minerals is an easy way to help meet daily nutritional needs.

Lowest Sugar Drinks at Jamba Juice

Many Jamba Juice smoothies and juices contain added sugars from fruit juices, syrups, and other mix-in ingredients. While the sugars from whole fruits in the smoothies come with beneficial nutrients and fiber, juices and added sweeteners lack the fiber of whole produce. Here are some lower sugar drinks at Jamba Juice:

Drink Sugar (g)
Fitness Protein Berry Boost 16
Citrus Squeeze 20
Orange Dream Machine 24
Razzmatazz 28
Orange Kaleaminade 32

Sticking with Jamba Juice’s lighter juices and smoothies that use whole fruits and contain under 30g of sugar can help limit added sweeteners. Avoiding heavier mixes with sherbet, yogurt, or added syrups can reduce sugar intake.

Smoothies with Proteins and Healthy Fats

Getting a balance of protein, healthy fats, fiber, and micronutrients is important for a well-rounded smoothie. Here are some of Jamba Juice’s smoothies that contain protein and healthy fats:

  • Protein: Fitness Protein Berry Boost, Orange Dream Machine, Banana Berry
  • Healthy Fats: Avocado Greens Smoothie, Blueberry Blue Greens Smoothie, Peach Pleasure

Adding extras like whey protein, peanut butter, or avocado to your smoothie provides staying power to help you feel satisfied. The fiber from the fruits and veggies also promotes fullness. Aiming for at least 5-10g of protein and healthy fats ensures your smoothie delivers balanced nutrition.

Lowest Sodium Drinks

For those looking to limit sodium intake, choosing lower sodium options at Jamba Juice is wise. Too much sodium can increase blood pressure in some individuals. Here are the drinks with the lowest sodium levels at Jamba Juice:

  • Fitness Protein Berry Boost – 10mg
  • Caribbean Passion – 25mg
  • Orange Dream Machine – 25mg
  • Peach Pleasure – 35mg
  • Banana Berry – 35mg

Sticking to the lighter fruit and veggie based juices and smoothies keeps sodium levels down under 50mg per serving. Avoiding the bowl options, which can contain over 1000mg of sodium, is best for limiting salt intake.

Drinks to Support Immunity

Fueling up on certain nutrients can help support your immune system to fight off illness causing germs and bacteria. Here are some great options at Jamba Juice with immunity boosting benefits:

  • Vitamin C – Orange Kaleaminade, Orangeberry Bliss
  • Vitamin D – Carrot Karma, Island Green
  • Zinc – Wheatgrass, Avocado Greens Smoothie
  • Probiotics – Almond Milk Smoothies, Yogurt Smoothies

Getting 100% DV of vitamin C from the Orange Kaleaminade and Orangeberry Bliss covers your daily needs of this protective nutrient. Options with carrot juice, avocados, wheatgrass, and yogurt provide vitamin D, zinc, and gut-healthy probiotics too. Drinking these immunity-focused smoothies regularly can help you fight off sickness.

Drinks for Weight Management

If you’re looking for Jamba Juice options to help with maintaining a healthy weight, focus on drinks that offer fiber, protein, and nutrients without excess added sugars. Some good choices include:

  • Avocado Greens Smoothie
  • Blueberry Blue Greens Smoothie
  • Fitness Protein Berry Blast
  • Orange Dream Machine
  • Mango Magic

Smoothies with avocado, yogurt, whey protein, and greens provide satiating fiber, protein, and fat. Opting for nutrient-rich berries and citrus fruits gives you vitamins and minerals without spiking blood sugar levels. Finally, avoiding heavier mixes with added sherbet, ice cream, or syrups limits empty calories and excess sugar.

Most Hydrating Drinks

Staying hydrated is crucial for all aspects of health. Some juices and smoothies at Jamba Juice using water-rich fruits and vegetables can contribute to your daily fluid needs. Most hydrating options include:

  • Watermelon Wonder
  • Citrus Squeeze
  • Orange Dream Machine
  • Mango Magic
  • Razzmatazz
  • Strawberries Wild

Smoothies and juices focused on water-dense fruits like watermelon, oranges, mangos, and strawberries provide hydration along with key nutrients. Avoiding smoothies made with sherbet, yogurt, or ice cream limits the thicker texture and increased calories of dairy additions.

Smoothies for Energy

If you’re looking for a smoothie to power up your day, options that blend protein, healthy fats, and carbs can provide sustained energy. Some energizing choices include:

  • Peach Pleasure
  • Banana Berry
  • Caribbean Passion
  • Fitness Protein Berry Blast
  • Island Green

Having a balance of nutrients offers the right fuel to energize you for hours. Complex carbs from oats and fruit, fiber, heart healthy fats from avocado and nut butters, and proteins from yogurt, nut butter, and whey keep you feeling fueled and satisfied.

Best Smoothies for Athletes

Athletes and active individuals have higher protein needs to promote muscle recovery after exercise. Here are some top Jamba Juice smoothies to meet those higher protein requirements:

  • Fitness Protein Berry Blast – 20g protein
  • Orange Dream Machine – 20g protein
  • Banana Berry – 18g protein
  • Caribbean Passion – 12g protein
  • Peach Pleasure – 10g protein

Smoothies made with whey protein powder naturally boost the protein content, with options like the Fitness Protein Berry Blast containing a sizable 20g per serving. Combining yogurt, nut butter, and juice blends also builds a protein rich beverage to promote muscle repair and recovery.

Smoothies for Kids

Finding healthier smoothies for kids at Jamba Juice focuses on options made with whole fruits and veggies to provide nutrition. Some good choices include:

  • ABC (Apple, Banana, Carrot)
  • Orangeberry Bliss
  • Razzmatazz
  • Mango Magic
  • Peach Pleasure

Sticking with whole food ingredients like bananas, apples, berries, oranges, mangos, and carrots gives kids fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Avoiding overly creamy options with ice cream or sherbet limits excess added sugar and fat as well.

Best Smoothies for Meal Replacement

Some smoothies at Jamba Juice offer more balanced nutrition to potentially work as a meal replacement when you’re too busy to sit down and eat. Top options include:

  • Blueberry Blue Greens
  • Avocado Greens
  • Island Green
  • Whole Food Nutri-Grain Bowl
  • Aloha Pineapple Bowl

Choosing bowls and smoothies with greens, healthy fats from avocado and nut butter, proteins from yogurt and whey, and fiber from whole fruits and veggies gives you staying power. The balanced nutrition helps manage hunger and gives you an energy boost too.

Best Tasting Smoothies at Jamba Juice

While health and nutrition should come first when choosing a smoothie, the taste should still satisfy your preferences. Here are some of the best rated Jamba Juice smoothies for flavor:

  • Caribbean Passion
  • Razzmatazz
  • Orange Dream Machine
  • Mango Magic
  • Peach Pleasure
  • Banana Berry

Smoothies that use juices like orange, mango, and raspberry, along with banana and peaches deliver lots of flavor. Small amounts of sherbet and yogurt also boost the creaminess and sweetness. However, be mindful of added sugars in the heavier mixes.

Smoothies to Avoid

While Jamba Juice offers many healthy smoothies and juices, there are certain options that are high in sugar, calories, and fat that should be limited in a balanced diet. Some drinks that are less ideal picks include:

  • Cake Batter
  • White Gummi
  • Oreo Cookie Jar
  • Sour Patch Kids
  • Pink Star
  • Cotton Candy

Smoothies with candy, cookies, cake batter, and sherbet lead to excessive sugar and fat that provide empty calories without much nutrition. Sticking to mostly whole food ingredients is the healthier way to go.


When choosing a healthy Jamba Juice drink, keep an eye on sugar content, calories, and added sweeteners. Focus on options that use whole fruits and veggies to provide you with fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Adding extras like nuts, yogurt, protein powder, and avocado boosts staying power. Avoid the heaviest smoothies with cookies, candy, cake batter, and ice cream that spike sugar and fat without nutrition. Keep nutrition as the priority over flavor to find the healthiest Jamba Juice drinks to power up your day.

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