What is the fastest way to get Stardew Maple Syrup?

Getting maple syrup in Stardew Valley can be a time-consuming process, but there are a few tips and tricks you can use to speed up the process and start producing large quantities of maple syrup from the maple trees on your farm.

Tap Maple Trees As Soon As Possible

The first step is to begin tapping your maple trees for sap as early in the game as possible. Maple trees become tapable with syrup starting in the Fall of year 1.

As soon as you hit Fall, equip your tapper and tap any maple trees on the farm. Maple trees are most commonly found in the forest biome on your farm but can occur in other areas as well.

Tapping the trees will allow you to begin collecting maple syrup sap immediately and accumulate a stockpile over the next seasons.

Plant Maple Tree Seeds

While the farm usually starts with a few naturally occuring maple trees, planting maple tree seeds is an easy way to increase your supply.

Maple tree seeds can be purchased from the following places:

  • Pierre’s General Store – Sold randomly in the Fall
  • Traveling Cart – Occasionally sold on Fridays and Sundays
  • Seed packets inside geodes and artifact troves

Once obtained, plant the maple tree seeds on your farm during the Spring. Maple trees take the entire 28 days of Spring to mature, so plant them as early as possible.

The ideal time to plant is on Spring 1 to allow the maximum amount of growth time.

Plant the saplings with space between each one to allow them room to grow. Tapping overlapping tree spaces will slow down production.

Maple trees continue producing sap year round once fully grown, so planting early allows more seasons of production.

Place Tappers on All Maple Trees

To efficiently collect sap from the maple trees, you need to place a tapper on each one.

Craft tappers at your workbench from copper bars and wood. You need 1 copper bar and 4 wood per tapper.

Carry several tappers in your inventory and tap every maple tree on your farm as soon as the new season starts.

This allows you to immediately start collecting the syrup sap each season. Maple trees produce 4 sap per season.

As you expand the number of maple trees on your farm, craft additional tappers to keep up. Having a tapper on every mature maple ensures you optimize sap production.

Check Tappers Frequently

Once your tappers are placed, check them often to collect any ready sap.

Tappers accumulate sap every day, so visiting them frequently allows you to gather the sap before the next day’s production and avoid wasting any yield.

Making a daily route to visit the maple trees ensures they are emptied and you collect the sap as soon as possible.

The sap will be processed into syrup more quickly rather than waiting and collecting a large batch all at once.

Process Sap in Kegs

To process maple syrup from the collected sap, use kegs.

Craft kegs at your workbench from wood and copper bars. You need 15 wood and 1 copper bar per keg.

Place the kegs in a shed or barn to protect them from weather deterioration.

Load the sap into the kegs whenever you collect it. The kegs take 4 days to process 40 sap into 1 maple syrup.

Check back on the kegs frequently to retrieve the finished maple syrup and start a new batch.

Having multiple kegs processing simultaneously allows higher syrup output so craft enough to keep pace with your sap collection.

Upgrade Tools to Increase Efficiency

Upgrading your axe and pickaxe to copper or higher increases tapping speed and sap collection.

With the copper axe, tapping each maple tree only takes 1 hit instead of multiple hits.

The copper pickaxe allows tapping maple trees from any adjacent side instead of only the front.

Investing in these upgrades early will save energy and time spent gathering sap each day.

Additionally, upgrading the watering can makes quickly watering the growing maple tree seeds or saplings more efficient.

Use Speed Boosts

Certain speed boosts can reduce the time spent collecting sap each day.

Food items like Triple Shot Espresso provide a speed boost over a period of time.

Specialized boots like the Mermaid Boots increase your character’s overall movement speed.

Using these can help you quickly move between maple trees when collecting and tapping.

You can also use Warp Totems to immediately transport to the area with maple trees instead of manually walking there.

Get Help from Companions

Having a companion such as your pet dog or spouse provide assistance can make gathering sap faster.

Your pet will collect and process items around the farm automatically.

Assign your spouse certain tasks through the “Ask to work on farm” dialogue option.

Take advantage of this help so you don’t need to do all the collecting yourself.

Use Automation

In the late game, expensive automation options exist to automate harvesting maple syrup.

Junimo Huts available at the Wizard’s tower can be assigned to automatically harvest ready produce.

Auto-grabbers purchased from Marnie will automatically milk assigned animals and gather animal products.

These can help reduce time spent on repetitive harvesting tasks.


Producing maple syrup quickly in Stardew Valley involves tapping maple trees early, expanding your maple tree count, collecting sap frequently, processing sap simultaneously in multiple kegs, using speed boosts and help, and late game automation.

Following these tips will allow you to tap into the profitable maple syrup business on your farm at a rapid pace. With a sizable maple tree grove and enough kegs, you can become the leading maple syrup provider in Pelican Town!

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